Next version is ready for production and assembly.


It got a little bit wider. I think it is looks better if it is a little bit wider than the BeagleBone Black and thinner rather than the same size and thicker.

New HW features:

  • It will be using the BeagleBone Black (BBB) instead of the old white one (BBW).
  • Added ADC to measure RSSI-level.
  • Added some more termination restors
  • Added GPIO connector (good for debugging)

Composite Drawing


There are 3 modules under development. Alm3GPS, Alm3Audio and Alm3TNC. These applications uses network sockets to communicate.

  • Alm3GPS takes data from the GPS uart end exports it to a socket
  • Alm3Audio is a uart to socket server for audio data stream.
  • Alm3TNC is a APRS terminal controller running KISS mode only at this time. Uses Alm3Audio to receive and transmit.

My idea is that is shall be possible to tap in to the communication between the different programs and use the data in other applications. Therefor network sockets are used to communicate between the modules.

First example is a windows C# application that can be used to listen to the received audio.

aprx program ( is used as a APRS igate  and interfaces with the Alm3Audio via a network socket.

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