Description Description. Interestingly enough, move the frequencies up by a factor of a thousand or more, from 20 KHz to 20 MHz, and you're talking PC video and switches and the wiring associated with them can actually cause visible filtering and reliably perceptible degradation. You could of course have a mediocre Hi-Fi system with cloth ears be closed-minded and stubborn – in which case you won’t hear any difference. EtherRegen Switch>AQ Diamond>Melco S100> fiber > Taiko Extreme Server> Sablon usb > Aqua xHD Shunyata Sigma Interconnects Power Dedicated lines. Even “well-designed” gear is susceptible. The Melco S100 is actually only around usd300 cheaper. You’re probably the most emotional troll I’ve ever seen! But what are you talking about. The sonic differences between cables aren’t subtle. Like Platos’s cave, one sitting in the cave wouldn’t know the outside world is three dimensional and in color. Also, realize that your tastes may change over time. I applaud your ability to write absolute utter nonsense for 5 pages straight and still making it sound like an article. It’s well known that even if a cable measures the same, they could still sound different. Thanks for your help. I also include some D Link and Netgear consumer switches into the mix. All Media that pass through this audiophile switch, experience a significant improvement in sound and video quality. Otherwise why should he follow your guesses at his expense ? If their switch is anything to base expectations of future products on, keep your eye on for this company. They’re usually (not always) the close-minded, introverted, dismissive, cynical types, who treat their textbooks as gospel. Why am I going on about this? Way to stand up to these idiots, Jay. One @ $219.00 and the other at $1190.00 I had (maybe still have?) NEW. Anyway, in the realm of analog hi-fi, I think there’s still plenty of wiggle-room for some crazy-complex electrical interactions masquerading as some kind of witchcraft. They all are susceptible, to a varying degree. Streaming audio is encoded and buffered, which makes insusceptible to latency. Many don’t realize that a digital signal is still an analog signal – and it’s not perfect. As a little background, I have been dabbling in digital audio playback for a while now. By the time I get to my reference banjo and harmonica recordings I have eliminated nine out ten pieces of equipment. *at about the same time as that Fabian guy, funnily enough . BUT that’s OK! Good luck with your audio company! Although it was easier to dismiss these notions, I decided to just hear it for myself. OK, you’re probably a bachelor in engineering, but not in networks. Many years ago I did it for someone else and it sounded like shit, but he HAD to have it that way (they were stubborn), but it also had to sound great that's how I discovered the Bryston after much casting about. If cables sound different to the vast majority of people (whether or not they want to spend money on that difference) the simpler explanation is that we’re not measuring comprehensively, rather than all the people are wrong. Now available in our Onlineshop ->> . No? Chord Electronics Poly 2 Firmware – Tidal, Qobuz, and Roon. I consider myself fairly open to various opinions, but I’m very skeptical now. Required fields are marked *. They also demand double-blind and null tests for everything. Pang suggests that two of the $1190.00 switches takes fidelity to an even higher level. If this guy has a degree in engineering, then I’m the queen of England. The beefier amp suggestion is appreciated and it's probably where I'm going. You obviously have a faulty music player. My audiophile journey started when I was 16, and I bought gear with money earned from my afterschool job at a supermarket. Enjoy being the Queen of Measurement Morons. How can this be a audio switch, it doesn’t even support IEEE802.1BA standard. Just not cables or components. Have you measured his DAC or the same model ? Vinyl Collection Vol 2 (2011, 24bit/192kHz) – Stockfisch. I know that you are not looking to start an argument dbowker, nor am I but have you tried putting a speaker switcher in a decent system? The network industry has turned a blind eye to high-end audio. in Wall Speaker Selector Switch - Home Audio 2-Channel A/B Dual Channel Speakers Controller Pod Box - Control and Activates (2) Pair of Indoor or Outdoor Speakers - Pyle PVCS2 4.4 out of … QED SS21 2-Way Audiophile Speaker Switch quantity. This article is about as ignorant as it gets for audiophile writers. I bought my first music server about 5 year ago. Audio Bacon himself. How will this "box" effect audio quality? My Ethernet network is 1,000 Mbps (around 200 concurrent HiFi audio streams) My wireless 802.11ac wireless network has a theoretical 1,300 Mbps, probably actual of around 400 Mbps (around 80 concurrent HiFi audio streams). I’ve never read such nonsense in my entire life! The sound going directly from the satellite to the DAC has better blacks and more laid back. There is no such thing as an “audiophile switch”. Besides, it’s a fact that even if a cable were to measure the same, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will sound the same. What's the point of buying a nice integrated and nice speakers if you going to put junk in the middle? Have to agree with you here. But the thing that matters is whether they will degrade their output as a result of it. LOL. A system will only sound as good as it's worst piece. You demean yourself needlessly to this charlatan, all because your brain is playing its usual tricks on you. I am listening to my GPS-controlled OXCO putting IEEE1588-2008 packets on the wire, and using that as sample clock steering. These audiophile computer speakers cost $177 and can be a perfect choice if you are looking for an audiophile PC speaker under $200. And measurable.). I hate that’s it true, because it’s expensive, but it is. UberBuss. A perfectly acceptable solution if the outdoor speakers aren't used ofter but a bit of a pain if they are. This is used by Fritzbox and almost all other manufacturers who automatically connect the port to another switch. This is a 14 gauge copper stranded speaker wire, that has a PVC jacket to keep it insulated. Speakers are one of the bedrocks of any audio or home theater system, but that’s especially true if you’re building one that’ll last you years (or even forever).. An A/B switch on the front panel allows you to power all your speakers with either of two source amplifiers. Paul Pang offers two Audio Grade Switches. UDP, it can contain glitches… but that’s not how most of this media is streamed…. Speaker switch - Met deze handige audio switch kun je twee luidsprekers (4 tot 16 Ohm) aansluiten op één luidsprekeruitgang.Je kunt elke set luidsprekers onafhankelijk aan- of uitschakelen. There is a whole discussion on this ethernet switch stuff and They also demand double-blind and null tests for everything. Yeah, I said it. I see you were idle enough to reply to me in the middle of Boxing Day of all days too*… what a poor lonely man you must be. Bespoke Audio Ultimate Silver TVC passive preamp, Bent Audio AVC-1 full-balanced autoformer passive preamp, Totaldac xlr version D1-Drivers x2, MC2 S1400 monoblocks, Magico S5 speaker, CAS with MSB Select DAC, MSB Select Transport, PLiXiR and Furman isolation transformers. If you are in this category – just go buy a good flat screen TV and start a new hobby instead . Hello, can you make the test with a real Switch like HPe vs Cisco , please ? In my experience, as a broadcast network engineer doing several orders of magnitude more complicated things than essentially copying a file over a short cable, (like transfering 100+ channels of real-time live sound 600km over dedicated networks and playing some of them back in surround, which of course requires path delay alignment in the microseconds range to be believable) the cable and the switch are negligable. Somehow the very material through which the signal travels has no effect on that signal? Add to cart. However, other than the flexed circuit board, all the parts could be bought at a parts store and built at home quite cheaply. And I pity you for the obvious fact that you have so little way of actually tweaking audio to your liking that you worship ethernet switches and USB cables. Hifi needs a connection maximum of around 5 Mbps to stream. Mr. WTH ? I have NO IDEA why BUT I heard some large differences between the switches. We could all agree, if a product sounds good to us, it doesn’t matter how a piece of equipment measures. Related products. This reclocking video- and audiophile gigabit 8x network SWITCH improves all video and audio formats to unbelievable intense experiences. The big attraction here is … Photo from UpTone Audio website. A rebranded cheap switch and call it audiophile doesn’t make the product better, even if it costs 10 times more than normal. $119.99. Do you have scientific proof that Mr. Bacon’s music player is incorrectly designed ? Description Description. My next project, after the m-scaler arrives, is to run fiber with a converter from the sotm switch to the sms200 ultra neo. $19.99 shipping. Do you even know how a digital signal travels through a cable or switch? About The Forum Updates. Biggest shit I have just read about audiophile equipament! What a pitiful “audiophile” you are. All Media that pass through this audiophile switch, experience a significant improvement in sound and video quality. Add to cart. Maybe you could figure out why for all of us? A follow up review comparing the Pang modded switches to the SOtM and Cisco switches would be most welcome. Russound has a wide variety of speaker selectors for most applications. The human ear is discerning enough to hear these minute mistimings in music – especially in the form of transients. He doesn’t “voice” his cables and designs them strictly on measurements. I prefer numbers and I’ve cultivated quite a binary mindset. This is /engineering/ — it is not voodoo. Hi Jay, I am running a wifi mesh. They either haven’t heard it for themselves or choose to be ignorant. If you don't want to spend what the Bryston costs the best options would be to A: switch the speaker cables every time B: Use a cheap receiver to power the outdoor speakers and use the NAD to run the good speakers. This domain requires many configurations to be absolute – and measurable. Consequently, the best tools are your own ears and an open mind – not an oscilloscope or LCR meter. They proudly boast about how this product was made in the USA, the branding even has an American flag on it. There is lots of other stuff out there from companies like niles, sonance, et al. This is AES67, QLAN, Dante, etc. LOL, geez, don’t get your panties in a bunch, Joseph! The company used a memory foam called Poron around the tweeter to … From the DAC-forward, there’s a complex system where each component up to & including the electromagnetic thing moving the air has it’s own butterfly-effect on the net result. I have tried running a SoTM CAT 7 cable directly from the Orbi Satellite to the Direcstream DAC’s BridgeII and also tried running it via the SoTM switch. There is an alternative to the wildly expensive SOtM switch. Or enough knowledge to know for certain when your ears are simply fooling you. With the dense wood cabinet, bass boost switch, and bass reflex design so you can enjoy tight and accurate low-frequency sound. In this case, one wafer (or level) on the switch is dedicated to the right signal (both positive and negative), and the other to the left (+ and -). Once I plugged the TLS OCXO switch in – I realized just how much of an impact an audiophile switch could make in a system. due to circumstances I have to use a wireless bride to connect to my innuos so if I add the SOTM switch between my wireless bridge and the innuos, will it improve the sound quality? This switch allows two pairs of speakers to be run from an amplifier with only one set of outputs, or two pairs of speakers from the one speaker cable. "Audiophile" Speaker Switch/Selector for Emo Amp? Sometimes there are differences but not with every piece and very rarely on power cords, your article on that was 10 min of my life I’ll never get back. The brands may be unfamiliar, but each speaker a stand out winner. Jay’s response of “You guys obviously aren’t audiophiles.” is the perfect red-flag for cult’ish, mob thinking over a quest for objective truth. Could be summed up “I like brand x and it doesn’t sound like brand y.”. Calm down. Equally, use best power cables you can afford, then speaker cables and then IC. Speaker selectors are a simple to use, efficient, and cost-effective means of expanding the audio system in your home or office. SpeakerCraft Multi-Room Speaker Selectors allow the operation of multiple pairs of speakers when using one amplifier or receiver.Once the speakers are connected to the selector, individual pairs may be turned on or off as desired using the push buttons on the front of the selector.One pair, all pairs, or any assortment of pairs may be played. I need to switch between Mpc, ns10 and ns 1000 monitors connected to a Bryson 4b st pro amp. Is it worth the price tag? So it's still a pricy audiophile switch but since it doesn't have an external clock input so owners may save some money because of that. It’s just physics – easy stuff. Put your money in record players and loudspeakers instead. Almost like the Captain Marvel of ethernet switches. Before IC’s, tube and discrete circuit amps were uniformly measured and evaluated by wattage and THD. I suspect a lot of audiophile digital gear is indeed poorly engineered. Like you said, for a little more you could get a whole new amp. In order to connect the audio room switch, you need to plug the connection cable in to the router´s first port only. Either your mind is playing tricks on you or there’s something wrong with your system.” Be wary about those who say the latter. You also get an aux input and a USB input for charging. The network switch is a largely unnoticed device, but its function is essential to the quality of the transmitted media data. The Top 10 greatest audiophile speakers The very best sounding speakers for less than $3,500 per pair. And yet, where is your proof of whatever stupid degree you even supposedly have? What a load of BS. Regardless, an astute engineer (and human being) always uses the right tools, for the right job. It's like someone asking about phono amps- what makes sense for a system that already costs $10k with a $3k turntable would not be the "right" answer for a guy who just got a Rega P1. QED SS21 2-Way Audiophile Speaker Switch quantity. Agreed. However, I’m not sure how fruitful that would be. Otherwise, it would be clearly audible. Damn fools everywhere. English Electric 8Switch for sale. The only degree you have is a degree in absolute bullshit! The “job” here is to figure out whether this audiophile product makes an audible difference. And I can safely say a lot is known about what measurements are important. Your digital cables (USB, Ethernet, coaxial, optical), modem and router, the hard drive on your computer, and even the type of Internet Service Provider (ISP) you have (coax vs fiber) – all contribute heavily to what you hear. A continuity tester is all I use for audio cables. “Audiophile” gear has a long history of not being designed to be robust and tolerant, interface-wise, probably because there are observable problems with constraining bandwidth in the analog domain. As discussed, they just have a different personality. Revel, by contrast, provides this table below in their speaker manuals on the recommended gauge wiring to use. I see lots of folks applying that same type of thinking to the even MORE complex digital system on the other side of the DAC… so many that really want to believe that the same principals apply to the packets, frames & serial-streams of binary data. Any product recommendations are welcome. You stated my my view to the letter, with 1 exception. Audiophile Parallel Speaker Switch enables safe connection and independent switching of two pairs of speakers (in parallel) from a stereo amplifier using high quality gold plated banana plugs or spade connectors The TC-7212 is an audiophile grade, high power 2 zone speaker selector switch which utilizes top quality internal circuitry, gold plated luxury input/output jacks which can accommodate up to 4mm banana sockets, UL, VDE approved silver plated brass contact switches to ensure best power transfer while not compromising your sound quality like all the low cost speaker switches online. You can use the custom labels to indicate what room the speaker selector is connected to. Focal’s use of materials is what makes the 826 an easy audiophile speaker to recommend. Thanks for the Bryston suggestion, but to be honest it looks like its a bit more than I require. I’m saying the cable itself indeed changes the sound at the output due to how it modulates noise and interacts with the connected components. How does this compare to the TLS you reviewed in Sept 18? As a network engineer, all of this SCREAMS bullshit to me as well. The day you stop being a robot and hear the difference with your own human ears – I will forgive you for your ignorance. Also, you could have figured this out all by yourself just by looking at the picture in the link you posted. And god forbid I ask the real question – have you heard the component in question? Is it an expensive solution? I’d start with getting a good oscillator for the DAC, one that is stable and has negligable jitter. Thanks for the great article, Jay. Have you checked the manufacturer’s website for specs ? Thus it makes no difference.” and “There can’t be a difference (gives a scientific reason). He also misses that moving your head even an inch or two makes a real difference in the response reaching your ears. 100% of these Measurement Morons aren’t even real audiophiles. I can tell anyone dont waste your money on this switch and buy a switch that is PTP aware if you play real time low latency audio. Audiophile Ethernet Switch The Linear Solution and their audiophile switch do exist. Admittedly this switch did not have the SoTM EVOX conductors. But this is digital data. Going even by your stated degrees… not a thing! r/audiophile: r/audiophile is a forum for discussion of the pursuit of quality audio reproduction of all forms, budgets, and sizes. Assuming healthy ears, those are the only two possibilities. Category: Speaker Switch Tag: Cables Brands: QED. The conductors use strands arranged in concentric layers, where each layer spirals in the opposite direction to the one below it. Good luck with yours . .but honey we NEED a new integrated so we can run the outdoor speakers too.". I have an obsession with the enjoyment of all things media - specifically in the realm of music and film. Your email address will not be published. It is decoded and clocked properly on the receiving side. If their switch is anything to base expectations of future products on, keep your eye on for this company. I’m looking to connect two sets of speakers to my setup (to play separately) and after seeing so much consideration put into selection of interconnects and speaker wire, wonder if there should be concern about the switch gear as well. I should have been slamming $14 worth of OTS hardware into sleek “audiophile” chassis for all you chumps instead. Please stop misinforming people about something you have no experience with. I’ve taken measurements of some very expensive Litz interconnects that have exhibited very high non-linearities. The rest is in the listening. If a switch is faulty or the network is faulty, there will be audio drop-outs. Maybe you should offer to replace the clock for him with a money back guarantee? 10/30/2019. If we went about trusting our eyes and ears about everything as you do about audio, we would literally still be cave men believing the earth is flat. They’ll sound different. In my humble opinion, no point reviewing a switch before the rest is in order. NEW. I’ve written quite a bit about why it isn’t just 0’s and 1’s here, here, and here. An audible improvement in clarity, detail, and spatiality was achieved by placing a Cisco SG110D-08 Ethernet switch ($100 list price, $36 street price) between my two channel stereo system's digital music player and NAS, thereby isolating them from the wireless access point they were previously connected to.
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