Jump to full list of Brazilian tales. Variations: Anaconda, Boi-úna, Cobra Grande, Cobra-grande, Eunectes murinus, Mae-d’agua, Mae-do-rio, Mboia-açu (“Large Snake”), Mboiúna; Mru-kra-o (Kayapo); Vai-bogo (Desana) Boiúna or Cobra Grande is one of the most widespread and polymorphic myths of the Amazon basin. Reading these Brazilian folklore stories, you’ll see that many of them are origin stories, explaining how the night was formed or how an animal got their coloring. The book is organized into sections that cover the different sources of the folktales -- myths and tales of indigenous peoples, stories transplanted from Portugal and reshaped and adapted to their new land, and stories brought from Africa by the forced migrants, the slaves. Borreguita (which means "little lamb") is taken by her owner to feast in a field of lush, red clover. A folktale is a traditional story which has been passed down from person to person over the years. Notes: The second book by Elsie Spicer Eells contains an additional 12 Brazilian folktales. When the old couple used up their last ear of corn, they decided to eat the rabbit and started heating water to cook him. Curupira. En Español. Bordering all but two of South America's other nations and by far Latin America's largest country, Brazil differs linguistically, historically, and culturally from Spanish America. One was the research I did for our last class, which was on language policy in Brazil. Publicado Oct 17, 2014. Some stories are true and others are fiction. Beware! This “melting pot” atmosphere contributed to many of Brazil’s traditions, including folklore. All Rights Reserved. No one loves ghost stories more than Latinos. What is special about these folktales? Fairy tales from Brazil; how and why tales from Brazilian folk-lore by Eells, Elsie Spicer, b. In Europe, most folktales revolve around the number three, possibly as a nod to the Christian doctrine of the trinity, which says God exists as three separate entities -- the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The boy and the violin set out on a journey bringing joy and laughter to creatures big and small who hear the beautiful strains of the instrument. Plus, get practice tests, quizzes, and personalized coaching to help you succeed. Brazil is a country in South America. Brazilian Folktales A rich brew of more than 40 traditional Brazilian tales—from creation stories and stories of enchantment to animal and trickster tales—draws on the varied cultural traditions of indigenous peoples, people of African descent, those of European (and particularly Portuguese) descent, and mixtures of these groups. About: Brazilian folklore are the artifacts of a culture that have been passed down from elders to the young, with stories retold countless times. Fairytalez.com is the world's largest collection of fairy tales, fables and folktales. People of Brazil include indigenous people, Portuguese, and other settlers. Join now to publish your own tales, get feedback from readers, and enter writing competitions. This website uses cookies so we can provide you with the best user experience. The tale: There are many tales of this creature: a huge, rough-coated black hound with fiery red eyes and slavering jaws. study folktales from places throughout the region — Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Vene-zuela, Bolivia, Brazil, and British Guyana. Brazilian folk tales represent the people, places and beliefs of the culture, and are a patchwork of things including deities, spirits, and more.
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