Conversion and Dilution for Fertilizers & Pesticides, Protecting Groundwater and Surface Waters, Table 25: Information about Fungicides and Bactericides, Fungicides and Bactericides Alphabetical Listing by Trade Name, ‹ Table 25: Information about Fungicides and Bactericides, The Center for Agriculture, Food and the Environment. REI 12h, Group 3, Quadris (azoxystrobin): A strobilurin fungicide with broad spectrum activity. Procure (triflumizole): Powdery mildew on brassica, cucurbits, and leafy vegetables. REI 24h, Group 2, Nordox 75 WGOG (cuprous oxide): Copper fungicide. University, A fungal disease in plants can be misdiagnosed easily. REI 4h, Group 33, Revus (mandipropamid): For use against downy mildew on peppers, brassica, bulb crops, cucurbits, and leafy vegetables. REI 0-1h (see label), Group NC, OxiPhos (phosphorus acid + hydrogen peroxide): Preventive bioicide. REI 4h, Group 11, Spirato (fludioxonil): For greenhouse use only on plants and transplants of listed crops. REI 4h, Group 49, Orondis Ultra (oxathiapiprolin + mandipropamid): Phytophthora diseases and downy mildew in several crops. A fungistatic inhibits their growth. any product. The symbol OG   indicates a pesticide that has been listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) as approved for use in organic production. REI 12h, Group M1, Nu-Cop (3L, 50DFOG, 50WPOG, HBOG) (copper hydroxide): Copper fungicide. REI 12h, Group 9, Vivando (metrofenone): For powdery mildew. REI 12h, Group 9, Serenade (ASOOG, OptiOG)  (Bacillus subtilis QST 713): Biological protectant fungicide. REI 12h, Group M5, EcoSwingOG (extract of Swinglea glutinosa): Preventive biological fungicide for Alternaria leaf spot, Botrytis, and powdery mildew on many crops. REI 24h, Group M6, Super Tin 80 WP (triphenyltin hydroxide): For early blight and late blight of potato (restricted use pesticide). REI 24h, Groups M3, Rovral 4 F (iprodione): For Alternaria, Botrytis, Rhizoctonia and Stemphylium diseases; sclerotinia diseases; in broccoli, carrots, dry bulb onions, potatoes; white rot of garlic. Fungicides. Updated 2016. REI 48h, Groups 22 & M5, GEM 500 SC (trifloxystrobin): Broad spectrum fungicide. REI 12h, Groups 3 & 7 & 11, Ultra Flourish (mefenoxam): A fungicide active against Pythium, Phytophthora, and downy mildew. REI 4h, Group U6, Triathlon BA (Bacillus amyloliquefaciens D747): Microbial fungicide that can be used in the greenhouse. REI 4h, Group BM02, Omega 500 (fluazinam): Phytophthora disease, downy mildew, leaf spots, Sclerotina and Sclerotium diseases; late blight and white mold of potatoes. REI 12h, Group 7, Mural (azoxystrobin & benzovindiflupyr): Broad-spectrum fungicide for foliar applications for greenhouse-grown vegetable transplants grown for resale to consumers - cucurbits, fruiting vegetables, tomatoes. If you have questions about this, or any pesticide-related topic, please call NPIC at 1-800-858-7378 (8:00am - 12:00pm PST), or email us at REI 1h, Group NC, M-PedeOG (insecticidal soap): Insecticide/fungicide labeled for greenhouse use. REI 12h, Group 7 & 11. REI 24h, Group 3, Trivapro (benzovindiflupyr + azoxystrobin + propiconazole): Labeled for corn diseases. REI 12h, Group 11 & 3, Quintec (quinoxyfen): Fungicide for control of powdery mildew in cucurbits. REI 48h, Groups 4 & M5, Ridomil Gold MZ 72 (mefenoxam + mancozeb):  Broad spectrum fungicide containing 8% metalaxyl and 64% mancozeb effective against both lower and true fungi. Cadmium chloride and cadmium succinate are used to control turfgrass diseases.
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