The ability to monitor vital signs, treat injuries, or recognize drug interactions may also be necessary. You can get 100% plagiarism FREE essay in 30sec, Sorry, we cannot unicalize this essay. During my time working in New York as a patient care technician, I was able to capitalize on my ability to adapt, perform, and succeed under pressure, as well as identify how these strengths aligned with my passions and my professional goal of becoming an Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner. Their stories grasp my heart: stories of travelling the world, or their tribulations with their past careers, or their adoration for their new grandchild, or as simple as knowing which patient takes one cream and one Splenda in their coffee. Employees may also participate in research projects, submit reports to physicians, and assist in training medical students. She told me the patient we saved on my first day gave each staff member who served as her angel that day a metal angel. I am an ASN student going into my third semester of nursing school and have just recently gotten a couple of job offers at a local hospital for work as a Patient Care Technician. Pssst… PCTs help perform basic care for patients, such as assisting them in using the restroom, serving meals or changing bedding. Qualified professional with seven years of experience desiring a position with ABC company as a Patient Care Technician that will benefit from excellent communication skills and technical knowledge. In an effort to support their work load, patient service technicians are responsible for taking care of basic medical needs and tasks such as checking and documenting a patient's vital signs, updating charts and assisting patients with eating, bathing and bathroom needs. Talk to our experts for the examples of smart goals in healthcare workers. She wanted each of us to have one watching over and protecting us. Additionally, my experience as a clinical research intern at an adult-only specialty practice allowed me to further identify how my skills aligned with my passions to pursue higher education and maintain a career focus within Adult-Gerontology Primary Care. Physical: A patient care technician should have good physical strength since they need to help patients with sitting, standing, moving around a lot. 3. 4 Commitments Every Great Patient Care Technician Makes. These are the 5 skills that every Patient Care Technician should know. The Code of Ethics is intended to assist Patient Care Technician/Nursing Assistants to maintain high levels of ethical conduct and provide protection, safety, and comfort to … The goal of the Patient Care Technician (PCT) program is to prepare students for patient care practice in an entry-level setting. Many employers read this portion of your resume before anything else, and it will have a great deal to do with your chances of landing a job. I adapted my communication style to effectively explain the details of the study and diminish confusion to the patient. Patient care technicians should be able to keep precise record and update charts on patients on a regular basis so doctors and nurses get the updated information and can give good care. This is a job where you’ll be taking care of patients in any number of contexts. For Patient Care Technicians, salary varies widely depending on state. They also monitor patients for side effects from any of the medications the patients receive. As a rider and captain, I knew raising funds would be challenging. Completes appropriate documentation in accordance with hospital guidelines.

12. One day my boss handed me a metal angel. Patient Care Technicians can have particular duties and responsibilities that are unique to this job. I was in the surgical intensive care unit shadowing a nurse, because the patient care technician I was formally assigned to shadow, called off earlier that day, subsequently making me the only technician within the unit. Through patience and careful listening, I was able to establish trust and an open, safe environment for the patient to communicate their concerns. My work allows me to connect with individuals beyond their disease, every experience I share with a patient is personal and unique. Dedicated to helping job seekers find work during the pandemic. During an emergency, you could speak with a patient before their primary care physician does. Each day, I focus on the patient and their family, I gain insight to their perspective and concerns, and I work to provide unbiased and holistic care. we can write an original essay just for you. The resume objective should state if … Patient Care Assistant Resume Objectives. With only the aid of a scribbled map on a sticky note from the nurse, I ran to grab the ultrasound machine, I called the operator for a stat x-ray, and brought a chest tube from the cardiothoracic intensive care unit. 4. demonstrate a commitment to continu… You can order Unique paper and our professionals Rewrite it for you. A patient care technician (PCT) is mainly focused on working closely with patients, in conjunction with nurses. However, two short hours into my first shift, everything changed. Anticipating the needs of each patient As my time as an undergrad student comes closer to an end and nostalgia begins to set in, I am reminded of my first day as a patient care technician. This year, I wanted to serve as a leader in my community relating to my profession. uses cookies. Participates in the orientation, training, and evaluation of new staff.

13. My dedication and drive will lead me to excel as I continue my education and pursue my career as a nurse practitioner. We can custom edit this essay into an original, 100% plagiarism free essay. Seeking a Patient Care Technician position with ABC company that will allow the use of strong interpersonal and diagnostic skills. It was that unknown moment, it was the sweat and adrenaline, it was the single look into her eyes, it was the diligent focus of our team- it was that moment when everything changed. 4. This angel hangs in my room, serving as a constant reminder of my progression and development since that first shift. Assisting patient with everyday needs. In congruence to providing optimal healthcare, rather than a reactive method, I will continue to utilize a proactive, holistic approach, ultimately educating my patients how to take control of their diagnosis. This role encouraged my growth as a leader and further challenged me to break out of my comfort zone. Basic Care and Procedures. 2. establish and maintain a professional and mutually satisfying relationship with patients. Patient Care Technician Program. Head over to LiveCareer’s Resume Builder for more help with writing a resume objective. Some of the essential duties that may be expected of a patient care technician include: Help patients with mobility issues get into wheelchairs. If you’d like this or any other sample, we’ll happily email it to you. The second rule is to read the job post. Improve patient safety in the delivery of health care by understanding and applying the patient safety goals. The average hourly pay for a Patient Care Technician is $14.25. I believe this will grant me the ability to provide safe, compassionate, and up-to-date care to each patient. To export a reference to this article please select a referencing style below: Sorry, copying is not allowed on our website. It is at this crossroad, I discovered the amount of humility and commitment it would take to continue my future nursing career. My collaboration skills and networking capabilities allowed me to exceed my own expectations as a team leader and captain for Pelotonia. Available from:, Recieve 100% plagiarism-Free paper just for 4.99$ on email, *Public papers are open and may contain not unique content. Students who find writing to be a difficult task. A patient care technician certificate program combines classroom lectures, lab work and clinical experiences. When writing your objective, mention details pertaining to these skills and duties. 1. Through my leadership and guidance, my team of riders were able to raise thousands of dollars for the cause. Patient care technicians generally have the same job duties as certified nursing assistants. Patient care technicians are responsible for helping patients in hospitals, medical offices, and long-term care facilities. The overall goal of the patient care system is to model ethical and responsible professional behavior while providing dental treatment to a diverse patient population which meets the standard of care. In pursuant effort to achieve this goal, I plan to work as a patient care associate until I am eligible to sit for the NCLEX before transitioning to work as a staff nurse at The James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute. Duties include explaining test procedures, summarizing technical data, collecting medical information of patients, calibrating equipment, and measuring patients for testing details. 2. Patients should not have to wait for extended periods of time for requested or required care. By continuing we’ll assume you board with our cookie policy. A goal of providing high quality patient care in these areas is a fundamental objective of the role. Make sure to include the company name in order to show genuine interest. I was told our team was going to initiate a massive blood transfusion protocol; however, our patient would be awake and aware the entire procedure due to low blood pressure and inability to take pain killers. 3. inform patients of their oral health care needs and treatment options. We provide you with original essay samples, perfect formatting and styling. According to anonymous employees surveyed on, PCTs on average may make between $10-$20 per hour.Alaska is the top-paying state for starting PCTs, offering roughly $16 per hour.Nevada, the third highest state, offered somewhere around $12 per hour.Of course, these are averages, so there will be some … Works with and assists physicians and nurses and provides technical support for patient care; Reports on the condition of the patient to the appropriate supervisor and other staff members; Cleans and stocks carts, rooms, and changes linen, as required This innovative, three-day event, encompasses bike rides up to 200 miles, various volunteer opportunities, and the rewarding chance to connect with cancer survivors. It reminds me to act with courage to face the unknowns, to stay curious and rise above the challenges I face and continue to serve as a catalyst for change to improve the lives of others. Patient Care Technician Duties and Responsibilities. A patient Care Technician (PCT) works beneath directions of a rn and is accountable pertaining to direct patient care. Nurses and doctors are often overloaded with responsibilities. Attention! 2020 © We will occasionally send you account related emails. Often there are discrepancies between the desires, needs and concerns between these groups. Without hesitation, I asked the nurses and doctors in the room what I could do. Through the use of these invaluable skills, my mind and soul were enlightened with the vulnerable nature of my field; I discovered the stories beyond a patient’s medical chart. Specific goals are to: 1. inform patients of the patient care process within the School of Dentistry. Everything was a new or unknown concept- the employees, the layout of the hospital, the new equipment I would be working with. I ran through the hospital, back and forth to the blood bank, sweat down my back, with only that thought running through my mind. © 2020, Bold Limited. Patient care technicians (PCT’s) — also called patient care associates — tend to ill and injured individuals and assist with critical day-to-day care. Empathetic and knowledgeable professional seeking employment with ABC company as a Patient Care Technician that will utilize six years of experience with technical equipment and patient care. My firsthand experience, both as a patient and the healthcare provider, has demonstrated the critical role nurses play in the relationship between the patient, their family and the healthcare team. These academic and professional goals are stepping stones to reach my dream of working in internal medicine at an outpatient office that specializes in endocrinology. Read on! Patient care technicians monitor the patient's vital signs and keep track of information, such as blood pressure. Demonstrate understanding of major trends, issues, goals, and initiatives taking place in the pharmacy profession. A patient care technician resume must show the registered nurse, primary care physician, or other supervisory medical staff that you have the skills and motivation to be a great PCT. As I gained more experience at The James, I identified the key role of diversity not only with my patients, but with my coworkers as well. Visit PayScale to research patient care technician hourly pay by city, experience, skill, employer and more. Monitoring vital signs or EKG signals and patient condition. Training Direct offers a Patient Care Technician program. If you fit this description, you can use our free essay samples to generate ideas, get inspired and figure out a title or outline for your paper. Like most other jobs in this field, being a patient care technician is not the ideal job for someone who is squeamish. It is critical in the field of medicine to continue challenging providers to expand their knowledge and further research in order to provide optimal, personal care to patients. Courses address basic skills, such as … I recruited a team of students who were willing to go beyond a simple donation and commit their time and efforts to riding and volunteering with me for Pelotonia. One is for a PRN position as a Medsurg tech and the other is a full-time days position in the ICU. Smart goals in healthcare - While all healthcare marketers want to achieve success, not everyone has the knowledge and expertise to follow through. Your Patient Care Technician resume objective is important. Responsibilities usually primarily include observation and monitoring a patient’s condition for longer periods than is … According to the BLS, employment for this group is expected to grow at a faster-than-average rate. By clicking “Send”, you agree to our Terms of service and Privacy statement. After 50 units of blood were administered, I stood in the room sweating, heart racing, focused, and began to realize I helped pilot a miracle as our patient’s status began to improve. Our patient fighting ovarian cancer began hemorrhaging. We’ve got you covered. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) includes patient care technicians in the medical assistant occupation group. Patient Care Technician responsibilities include: Keeping patient rooms tidy and sanitized. This position requires unwavering focus, strong emotional intelligence, and effective, meaningful communication. As a Michigan Patient Care Technician, you could be someone's first line of defense against a developing illness. Career Options. Are you interested in getting a customized paper? What this entails depends on the patient as well as the technician’s workplace. With adrenaline overpowering my body, I knew that I would do anything in my power to save this woman’s life. If you are seeking employment as a Patient Care Technician, your resume objective should illustrate your qualifications by highlighting your skills and experience. A patient care technician is a paraprofessional who assists patients with basic nursing, preparatory and non-intensive procedures, general hygiene, mobility, and other elemental care tasks. You perform critical work, and this work requires commitment. On my first day as a patient care technician, it became overwhelmingly clear just how extensive this job would be. This essay has been submitted by a student. Click here to read more. I partnered with a fraternity and local businesses to organize a successful, day-long fundraiser with discount incentives at various locations close to campus. A Patient Care Assistant does many of the duties that nurses perform, often directly under nurse supervision. A resume sample for Rehabilitation Technician should focus on activities like ensuring patient care, providing support to therapists, completing administrative tasks, answering to patient inquiries, educating patients and their families, and completing other tasks as required by Rehabilitation Technicians. Emergency Room Technician Duties and Responsibilities. This position often requires knowledge concerning the operation of medical equipment and computer systems. S/he receives directions from RN and physicians to execute particular nursing interventions to get treatment goals. When I accepted this position, I was nervous, but I wanted to be challenged by these unknowns and further explore my passions within the healthcare field first-hand. Here are several examples of effective resume statements for this position: 1. In a medical setting, the Patient Care Technician Resume mentions these duties and tasks to be carried out on daily basis – providing quality care to patients, measuring vital signs like temperature, body weight and height for recording purpose; maintaining patient information, providing patient information about post follow-ups and other treatment processes, providing administrative support to the healthcare unit, … This became a key component of feedback for our team to improve our study. But if you’re trying to decide whether this is the right career path for you, then it might help to know about the basic skills that every patient care technician (PCT) should possess. They primarily work under the supervision of a nurse but may occasionally work under the supervision of a provider such as a physician. 2019 Aug 27 [cited 2020 Dec 5]. During my time working in New York as a patient care technician, I was able to capitalize on my ability to adapt, perform, and succeed under pressure, as well as identify how these strengths aligned with my passions and my professional goal of becoming an Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner. Seeking a Patient Care Technician position with ABC company that will allow the use of strong interpersonal and diagnostic skills. Other duties include: Checking patients' blood pressure, heartbeat and pulse regularly. If you go to medical school, you can pursue work as a radiologist; many of these professionals earn more than $300,000 per year. Working with this cutting-edge research, I gained understanding as to how nurses are able to bridge the gap between patients and providers through patience, creative problem-solving and effective communication. Here’s a quick overview: 1. As I researched different opportunities in Columbus, it became an apparent choice to pursue Pelotonia, a fundraiser that has raised over $157 million for cancer research. They may also monitor vital signs and provide emotional support to patients and families. Empathetic and knowledgeable professional seeking employment with ABC company as a Patient Care Technician that will utilize six years of experience with technical equipment and patient care. All rights reserved Gradesfixer ™, “What Is It To Be A Patient Care Technician.”, What Is It To Be A Patient Care Technician [Internet]. Patient Care Technicians work in a variety of healthcare establishments to assist providers with the care and evaluation of patients. 3. Patient care technicians are often members of medical teams that spend the most time with patients; it is important that they be empathetic, attentive to a … These skills proved to be crucial when working with patients and establishing a trusting relationship. I realized that I wanted this feeling of selflessly and unexpectedly saving a life other than my own for the rest of my life. Take the time to make sure your statement emphasizes your accomplishments. 5. My short-term goal is to earn my Master of Science in Nursing, and I plan to use it as a foundation for my desire to continually broaden my education and knowledge within the health field. Patient Care Technician Resume Objective. So, what are effective goals and how can you achieve them? I was able to expand upon this journey and discover more about my attraction to nursing while working full-time at The James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute as a patient care associate. 11. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student. My time at The Ohio State University and my firsthand experience within the field of medicine has laid the necessary foundation of education, skills and pure passion to pursue my dreams of becoming an Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner. This is not an example of the work written by professional essay writers. If written properly, it will give the recruiter a glimpse of your personality. Patient Care Technician Resume Objective Example, Personal Care Assistant Resume Objective Example, Psychiatric Technician Resume Objective Example, Resident Care Aide Resume Objective Example. Analysis Of X And Y Generations In Light Of Specifics Of Representative Conduct In Professional Workplace Essay, Study On Job Hazard Analysis In Material Handling At Various Construction Projects Essay, Individual Assignment On Education And Job Performance Essay, Evaluation of Job Satisfaction of Class III and Class IV Workers Institute Essay, Builder in North London; transforming a dream into a reality Essay. Demonstrate understanding of non-traditional roles of pharmacy technicians. All rights reserved. This is how I found my passion in geriatric healthcare. What the Patient Care Technician Resume Objective Should Tell Prospective Employers. EKGs or Electrocardiograms measure electrical activity in the heart which tells the doctors how the heart muscle is functioning. I was responsible for connecting and inspiring a community of over 7,000 students to contribute to the cause and actively get involved. While my experiences within the health field continue to broaden, my excitement to purse my professional and personal goals exponentially grow each day. A straightforward, well-written objective will illustrate your value to the company you desire to work with. Some of the duties are related to their character since this job requires a higher level of patience and compassion. Identify and describe emerging therapies. Sample Patient Care Technician Resume Objectives. As a clinical research intern at Endocrinology Associates, I had the opportunity to conduct several clinical trials for conditions such as Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Home — Essay Samples — Life — Job — What Is It To Be A Patient Care Technician. This leadership role has allowed me to excel as an undergraduate student who wanted to make a difference within my field. Each employee has a unique personality and skill-set that creates a collaborative, well-functioning environment. this essay is not unique. I collaborated with a preceptor, nurse practitioner, doctor and my peer research interns to recruit qualifying patients. I took on the role as Greek Life captain on my campus for the fundraiser. Looking for a Patient Care Technician position with ABC company that will enable the application of skills including critical thinking, equipment operation, and active listening. Want us to write one just for you? The first rule is to write it in your own voice. Each story is distinct from another yet are all brought to a level playing field by cancer, a nondiscriminatory, unforgiving disease. If you don’t have any of these skills, you can always learn. They provide direct patient care in hospitals, long-term care facilities and assisted living facilities. Qualified professional with seven years of experience desiring a position with ABC … If you’re interested in pursuing a career as a Patient Care Technician, then Training Direct is a great place to start. Pelotonia, combined with my past experiences, connects with my passion to serve as an advocate for my future patients through a holistic approach towards treatment and healthcare. Patient Care Technicians Perform EKG’s A patient care technician needs to be able to perform EKGs accurately in order to obtain an accurate picture and an accurate diagnosis. Safe and competent patient care practice requires that graduates demonstrate competencies in knowledge, skills, and attitude guided by adherence to ethical and legal principles. 2. Diagnostic medical sonographers use sonography instruments to run tests that determine if patients have specific ailments. CNAs should also have a goal of paying attention to changes in patient behaviors, symptoms or vital signs that require the immediate attention of an advanced medical professional. It has been my exposure and opportunity to work with these nurses that has recently drove my passion to go above and beyond my job title’s requirements. Demonstrate understanding of the pharmacy technician's role in the medication-use process. Having trouble finding the perfect essay? GradesFixer. Ensure patient rooms are clean and sanitized; Change patient bed linens and provide new bedding, blankets, and pillows; Collect urine and blood samples for testing; Monitor and record patient daily activities; … Experienced and motivated individual desiring employment as a Patient Care Technician with ABC company that will utilize extensive knowledge of diverse medical systems and patient care.

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