YOU ARE $49.00 AWAY FROM FREE USA/CANADA SHIPPING! Check out our entire suite of free newsletters here. The following month, Austrian Angy Eiter logged the first female ascent of La Planta de Shiva, a 5.15b at Villanueva del Rosario, Spain. Hayes was bombarded by well-wishers and interview requests, an experience she calls humbling and overwhelming. Margo Hayes and Paige Claassen send Kryptonite 5.14d It was considered the first of the grade in North America gripped June 27, 2020 Margo Hayes and Paige Claassen have made the first and second female ascents of Kryptonite, a 40-plus-metre route first climbed in 1999 by Tommy Caldwell. Browse their baby registries. She was raised in Central America, North Africa, the Middle East, and Connecticut as a Guatemalan-American business … Applause, hoots, and hollers erupted in the canyon about half an hour later. “Necessary Evil took me about nine days and Kryptonite took me about 20,” he said. “The ER doctor said that it looked like a football injury.”, Hayes unpacks her bag for a day of climbing. Your subscription to our award-winning print magazine or donation will help us continue down a path that is uncompromised, and keep the website free for climbers like you. your own Pins on Pinterest. Margo Hayes and Paige Claassen are the first women to climb Kryptonite, usually cited as the first 5.14d in the U.S. By Michael Levy | Between trying to frequent emptier crags to maintain their social distance, and looking for a sufficiently difficult challenge in Colorado—but not in Rifle’s more crowded narrow canyon, where both have climbed some of their hardest pitches—the Fortress was perfect. Subscribe to our newsletters to stay up-to-date on the latest outdoor news. . Uncut – November 2020… The bag she is unpacking is actually her mother's bag, which Cathy Hayes used to travel the world when she was young. Hayes offers me only a vague glimpse into her future, perhaps out of self-preservation as much as it is to avoid projecting self-importance: She’d like to continue her college education, advocate for the environment, pursue aesthetic lines, and possibly even bolt her own route as an expression of gratitude toward the climbing community. Hayes' grandfather, Dr. James Morrissey, led the first successful climb of the Kangshung Face on Mt. “Finishing Kryptonite was definitely a dream come true!” Claassen said. All sorts of good options here: long, short, bent gate, straight gate, wire gate… the list goes on! Scattered among our crumbs lay an assortment of watercolors; when I ask if she painted them herself, Hayes explains that it was her first time dabbling in the medium. Height Margo Hayes. Though she demurs a bit when I ask about it, it’s clear that Hayes is also quietly eyeing the 2020 Olympic Games, the first to feature a climbing competition. From the 2008 debut to 2020's acclaimed Song For Our Daughter ... Margo Price has released a video of her covering ... Chris Hillman and Isaac Hayes. Instead, Hayes preferred to run wild outdoors, challenging her sister to near-constant races and roping friends into various competitive schemes conjured in her mother’s garden. Margo Hayes on Kryptonite. Facebook Wikipedia. Her father was a Yosemite Valley regular who introduced both of his daughters to the sport; her mother would also rope up from time to time. By Mary Murphy • 5280 August 2019 When she was six, Margo Hayes confided to her diary her most precious dream: to become an Olympic gymnast. “The hold left after the break was significantly worse than the hold that broke off, making the setup for one of the crux moves significantly harder. “It’s like you’re chasing this running carrot—it doesn’t stop moving.”. Media Contact: Sgt. In 2013, she earned the North Face Young Gun Award, which honors up-and-coming climbers. Instead of discouraging this kinetic energy, Hayes’ parents sent her to Boulder’s CATS Gymnastics. On her seventh day on the route, she too sent. MARGO HAYES & MARGO HAYES's baby registry. The young athlete became her biggest challenge. Public Affairs/ Public Information Officer (915) 212.4035 . She can do anything.” Hayes counts her mother as one of her greatest role models. Magazines. El Paso, Texas . “It’s a responsibility, but it’s also an honor,” she says. Everest and her father spent time climbing in Yosemite Valley. The Fortress of Solitude. Margo Hayes, native to Boulder, Colorado, thrives on both the thrill of competition and the serenity of climbing in nature. Rock Climbing Workout Teenage Boy Fashion Bouldering Wall Actrices Hollywood Body Poses Badass Women Athletic Women Climbers Deporte. When I heard that a hold had broken, I was a little bit worried that I may not find a way through it. The 20-year-old rock climber was the first woman to climb a 5.15a grade route (on La Rambla in Catalonia, Spain) in February of last year — and she’s already repeated that feat this past September with an ascent of Biographie/Realization. Looking for something else? To start the route, you must climb up to a little ledge at the base of the cliff, which is where we hang out. Hayes climbs into the crux sequence of La Rambla, 9a+, in Siurana, Spain. The practitioner's primary taxonomy code is 225100000X with license number 732 (OK). Even as a grade-schooler, Hayes developed her own training routines and maintained a lofty set of goals, meticulously stored on checklists taped around her room. Hayes began competing almost immediately, eventually winning a spot on USA Climbing’s national team. 1. “I have to be the best coach in the world to meet Margo’s standards of how she manages herself, because everything has to be on point for her,” she says. The first part of the route is a 5.12, and then there is a mid-sized hole in the wall where people tend to rest. Saved by Marina Orgaz. “Yes, she’s humble, and she’s been humble through the process, but she knows what she’s doing.”. “As I watched Margo cruise Kryptonite on her send, it looked like an entirely different route than I’d been trying,” Claassen said. View the profiles of people named Margo Hays. (Photo: Greg Mionske), What you don’t see in the film is how difficult it was for Hong and his filmmaking partners to coax Hayes into opening up about any deeper intentions she had for those two climbs or to acknowledge their historic impact. Last Friday, Julia Chanourdie became the fourth woman to climb 5.15, with her completion of Supercrackinette (9a+/5.15a). She joined Team ABC, a renowned youth climbing program in Boulder, where she was coached by Robyn Erbesfield-Raboutou . Victim: 27 –year old Malcolm Xavier Perry . So much so that she almost declined when Hong asked if he could use footage from the climb to create a short film. Our editorial and design team—and all of our contributors—are climbers just like you who love the sport and want to share all the great things it has to offer. “I have grown up considering Rifle as a home crag,” Hayes said, “but I hadn’t ever made the hike up to the Fortress. Margo Hayes Is on the Verge of Making Her Olympic Dreams a Reality The Boulder native will try to earn at trip to Tokyo 2020 at the IFSC Climbing World Championships this month. It was a recent event that Claassen had more details about. “I’ve been fortunate enough to have so many great people to look up to that I feel like I’m giving back a little bit to the community that has given so much to me.” But Hayes is also quick to acknowledge the efforts of her contemporaries and those who have come before with a humility that’s both effusive and genuine. Margo Hayes is on fire. Originally a gymnast who trained at CATS Gymnastics in Boulder , Hayes began climbing at age 10 . By Beckett Aizeki | March 17th, 2020 . Hayes, 22, and Claassen, 30, have scored many notable ascents in recent years—Hayes became the first woman to climb 5.15a and has gone on to send two others routes of the grade; Claassen sent two 5.14d’s on U.S. soil in Algorithm and Shadowboxing—but Kryptonite is a special one because of the history. The two women Margo Hayes and Paige Claassen made the first and second female ascent of the Kryptonite route (8c + / 9a) at Fortress of Solitude. Find Margo Hayes's phone number, address, and email on Spokeo, the leading online directory for contact information. MARGO HAYES & MARGO HAYES from registered at for their baby shower registry with a due date of . “I am not sure whether it is 5.14d because I have never climbed anything that hard before.”, In the same interview, Caldwell gave the following breakdown of the 100-foot route: “It has a couple of V9 boulder problems with hard climbing in between. “It was really hard for us to get her to say, ‘I came to Spain to send La Rambla,’ or ‘I went to Spain to climb my first 5.15,’” says Hong. 29. It’s long and full of many different types of moves. They seem nearly flawless. Cardwell ticked Kryptonite in December 2015, and Hong followed suit in February 2016. Even though Hayes says she didn’t target La Rambla to make a statement about women climbers, she’s conscious of her new status as a role model. Margo Hayes is a provider established in Custer City, Oklahoma and her medical specialization is physical therapist. Offender: 23 –year old Richard Mustapha Sennessie Ahead of the 2020 Olympics, which is now one year away, here’s a look at 15 athletes who could become rising stars for Team USA next summer: ... Margo Hayes, climbing. Hayes mentally prepares herself before stepping on to the wall for an attempt. On a late-November morning at Movement Climbing and Fitness in Boulder, Colorado, she has already swept the bouldering area and is now logging circuits on the MoonBoard, a ten-foot wall set at an ab-quivering angle and littered with microholds.
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