Goals: This course will focus on the interactions between different countries and peoples from around the world beginning with the French Revolution and ending with the modern day. APRIL 10.NDUSTRIALISM THE AESTHETICS OF I ISBN: 9780415998734. 3rd ed. History 104-1: Introduction to the Modern World Fall 2009 Tues. and Thurs. History as a discipline has three aspects its content, its organising principles and its methods of - Mr. Mercante. THE SHAPING OF THE MODERN CITY Urban Studies V3545, Fall 2009 Section 1 (Mellis): Tuesday, 11:00 – 12:50, Lehman 421 ... majors to the history of American city, with a particular emphasis on how history and the historian’s ... of Sugrue or Self plus one of the complementary books listed in the syllabus… ... New York, NY: Routledge/Taylor & Francis, 2009. Caribbean History Syllabus ♦ RATIONALE . History and its Theory 2. Grade 11 History Syllabus 2010-2011. We will begin by raising some questions about what things mean and how things mean. Modern History HSC Notes - World War One - Concise World War I 1914-1919 War on the Western Front The reasons for the stalemate on the Western Front o Schlieffen Plan - Subdue France in 6 weeks then face Russia- Assumed Russia would be slow to … Evolution of Ideas and Institutions in Ancient India 3. Mr Mercante. M.A. Thursday, August 6, 2009. noon-2 Office hours: Wed. 10:30-12:30 Office phone: 496-7544 Office phone: 496-7475 Throughout the year, you will use a variety of skills (for example: complex reading, note-taking, research, political cartoon analysis, etc.) I am looking forward to an exciting, challenging and fun year with you. Maratha Polity Optional courses (any one) 1. Goals: "G. K. Chesterton once quipped that 'America is the only nation in the world founded on a creed.'" The Making of the Modern World 1789-1989. So begins the introduction to George Grant's anthology of American political culture, The Patriot's Handbook. (History) Part II Semester III and IV Syllabus (To be implemented from June 2009) COURSE STRUCTURE SEMESTER I (list given for reference) Core Courses 1. Jill Yamasawa ms.yamasawa@gmail.com Modern Hawaiian history Course Description In MHh, you will learn and think critically about the causes of the overthrow, sugar, plantation life, Pearl Harbor, race and racism in Hawaiʻi, the sovereignty movement, land issues, and contemporary Hawaiian issues and Hawaiian literature. College Preparatory US History. 3. Grade 10 History Syllabus 2009-2010. V. SCHEDULE OF MEETINGS AND TOPICS APRIL 3.ISTORY OF INTRODUCTION: FROM THE HISTORY OF THINGS TO THE H DESIGN Although human beings have been making things for a bit more than 2,000,000 years, "design" per se is a relatively recent attitude. • LEAVING CERTIFICATE HISTORY SYLLABUS • 6 A. The syllabus builds upon skills gained at Cambridge IGCSE or Cambridge O Level and develops lifelong skills including understanding issues and themes within a historical period. Introduction: history and the historian B. Documents-based Study C. Research Study SYLLABUS FRAMEWORK Syllabus framework – diagram Early Modern field of study 1492-1815 • This field of study comprises 12 topics. 3:00-4:14 LILY G126 Teaching Assistants: Erica Morin David Schlosser eamorin@purdue.edu jdschlos@purdue.edu Office: REC409 Office: REC419 Office hours: Mon. Cambridge International AS and A Level History is a flexible and wide-ranging syllabus covering modern history in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Syllabus Lecture Notes and Videos ... An investigation into the history, culture, and aesthetics of music and technology as deployed in experimental and popular musics from the 19th century to the present. This syllabus has been guided by a particular view of the nature of history as a discipline, the educational needs of students, and the desire to promote the development of an ideal Caribbean person. Holmes, T. Electronic and Experimental Music. Modern World History Syllabus 2009-2010 Welcome to AHS and Honors World History!
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