Whether you are a history enthusiast, nature and art lover, or just a soul looking for an adventure in a calm yet lively atmosphere, then Rabat is the destination for you. It is, however, no less steeped in history, once serving as a haven for the ruthless Barbary pirates, while its neighbouring city, Salé, dates back to Phoenician times. Sidi Mohammed Soussi 10105 (BP 45). Interestingly, all the Moroccans can be found in the section of the market that sells imported western style clothing from Asia and all the tourists can be found in the 'traditional' section. Visit the giant cemetery of Rabat. The largest university of Morocco, Mohammed V University, is located here as well as the Hassan II Agriculture and Veterinary Institute. Rabat City of Morocco – Rabat, the white imperial city is the capital of Morocco and after Casablanca the largest city in the country. This city also serves as the capital of the Rabat-Salé-Kénitra administrative region (one of twelve) and hosts all of the foreign embassies located in the country. Mobile Internet : Phone companies offer mobile internet services that plug into the USB port of your computer (currently, there are no mac-compatible devices.) Nice court yard and wifi that works. NOTE The website frequently says this hostel is full when it it not, it is very big so turning up on the day you are likely to get a bed regardless of what the website or hostelworld say. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Rabat, a green city. . The museum was founded in 2014 and is located in the new city, just next to the central train station. 10 minutes walk to Medina. Alternatively, more than one SIM card can be bought and changed in and out of the phone, if users need more than one phone number. One of the country’s four imperial cities, it is located on the Atlantic coast at the mouth of the Wadi Bou Regreg, opposite the city of Salé. Most visitors spend four to five hours exploring the zoo’s environment and its animals. Four large dorm rooms with 16 bunks each ensure that groups large and small can bunk down here. 235, 10 000, Rabat, Km5,5 Route des Zaers, Villa Chems Souissi, Rabat 10 100, +212 5376 38964, Emergencies: 00212 678689063, 40 Rue de Tunis PO Box 329,Quartier Tour Hassan, Rabat. On the same street as of the embassies of Mali and Mauritania. The overgrown plants and colorful flowers decorating the ruins give the landmark its unique and calm, beautiful atmosphere. Board rentals with wetsuit and instruction are 150MAD for 1.5 hours. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Practically within the city centre, next to some of the most recognized monuments within Rabat: the Hassan Tower, and the mausoleum of the late King Mohamed V. 5 star hotel located close to the Royal Palace and a park, considered by some the best (and one of the most expensive) hotel in the city, Set in an exotic orange grove hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the city, quite expensive, Villa Yasmine, located in a quiet recently build suburb on the outskirts of Salé. It was supposed to be the biggest mosque in the world after the Samarra mosque in Iraq, but was not finished after the Caliph’s death. Wana, Meditel, and Maroc Telecom are the most common. Main airline users include Royal Air Maroc (Brussels, Paris-Orly, London-Gatwick, Madrid, Marseille) and budget Ryanair (Beauvais, Charleroi, Girona, London-Stansted, Madrid, Marseille, Rome-Ciampino). Other places worth visiting on the Northern Atlantic coast are Asilah and Larache. Well worth a walk through. The main market streets are Rue Souika and Avenue Mohammed V. Chellah - old city founded by Carthaginians, conquered by Romans and later passed under Arab rule, just to be abandoned and settled again by unbelievable numbers of birds, namely storks. RabatAround a million people reside in the capital city of Morocco, Rabat. Oujda. This breeding ground bubbles with bird life in spring, including stork nest on the top of old minaret. The Exotic Gardens, “Les Jardins Exotiques,” are just 13 kilometers north of Rabat and 20 minutes from Kasbah of the Oudaya, in the town of Bouknadel. More than 1.8 million people were housed in the conurbation of Sale, Temara and Rabat. Morocco World News: Championing Free Speech and Thoughtful Debate Through Journalistic Excellence. Sure advantage because it is silent and fast! The Beach and the cornice around the Casbah, offering great photo ops to the citadel. Head to Oudayes Surf Club along the beach and try out some surfing. It is normal for people in Morocco to share taxis with other people, so you might not go directly to your destination. For science and archaeology lovers, Rabat’s Natural Science Museum is one of the city’s must-visit places. In Rabat, nature has found a home right in the heart of the city. 2.1km Mausoleum of Mohammed V Mausoleum. They supply a lot of the souks and markets in many cities with pottery, and this is a great chance to see them work the kiln and get the pottery from the source. price/night: £80. edit (Medina/Downtown) and Agdal. Visiting Rabat’s giant cemetery might sound a bit creepy. The Tourist Police is also stationed there. Agdal has a lovely assortment of shops along the streets including Mango, Strativarius, Aldo and Jules. The national zoo contains over 1,500 animals total, including hippopotamuses, African elephants, Nile crocodiles, hyenas, flamingos, giraffes, monkeys, snakes, and so many more.
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