Douay Rheims Bible119:10 With my whole heart have I sought after thee: let me not stray from thy commandments. 135 Bible in Basic English119:154 Undertake my cause, and come to my help, give me life, as you have said. American Standard Version119:168 I have observed thy precepts and thy testimonies; For all my ways are before thee. 22 Bible in Basic English119:90 Your faith is unchanging from generation to generation: you have put the earth in its place, and it is not moved. King James Version119:8 I will keep thy statutes: O forsake me not utterly. Psalm 119:017-024 םיִלִּהְתּ Hebrew text from Saffa (no copyright) Transliterated Hebrew from Saffa (no copyright). Latin Vulgate119:169 thau ingrediatur laus mea coram te Domine secundum verbum tuum doce me. 1 ALEPH. Hebrew Transliterated119:86 KL-MTShVThYK 'aMVNH ShQUr UrDPhVNY 'yZUrNY.   I hope in your word. American Standard Version119:64 The earth, O Jehovah, is full of thy lovingkindness: Teach me thy statutes. Young's Literal Translation119:65 Teth. Douay Rheims Bible119:97 MEM O how have I loved thy law, O Lord! Latin Vulgate119:53 horror obtinuit me ab impiis qui dereliquerunt legem tuam. King James Version119:46 I will speak of thy testimonies also before kings, and will not be ashamed. PSALM 119 * A Prayer to God, the Lawgiver Aleph 1 Blessed those whose way is blameless, who walk by the law of the LORD. Hebrew Transliterated119:8 'aTh-ChQYK 'aShMUr 'aL-Th'yZBNY 'yD-M'aD. Young's Literal Translation119:37 Remove mine eyes from seeing vanity, In Thy way quicken Thou me. Hebrew Transliterated119:7 'aVDK BYShUr LBB BLMDY MShPhTY TShDQK. Hebrew Transliterated119:27 DUrK-PhQVDYK HBYNNY V'aShYChH BNPhL'aVThYK. Noah Webster Bible119:139 My zeal hath consumed me; because my enemies have forgotten thy words. Young's Literal Translation119:86 All Thy commands are faithfulness, With falsehood they have pursued me, Help Thou me. Hebrew Transliterated119:171 ThB'yNH ShPhThY ThHLH KY ThLMDNY ChQYK. Noah Webster Bible119:32 I will run the way of thy commandments, when thou shalt enlarge my heart. American Standard Version119:19 I am a sojourner in the earth: Hide not thy commandments from me. QOPH. 83 41 Darby's English Translation119:65 TETH. 82 King James Version119:100 I understand more than the ancients, because I keep thy precepts. Darby's English Translation119:43 And take not the word of truth utterly out of my mouth; because I have hoped in thy judgments. 2 Young's Literal Translation119:90 To all generations Thy faithfulness, Thou didst establish earth, and it standeth. World English Bible119:165 Those who love your law have great peace. Old Testament Hebrew-English Holy Name King James Version with Strong's numbers. *Psalm 119 is the longest Psalm and is set out in an alphabetical arrangement with 8 verses for each of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Lam 1- 4 In chapter 1 and 2 each Hebrew consonant covers 1 verse which consists of 3 stanzas. King James Version119:92 Unless thy law had been my delights, I should then have perished in mine affliction. Darby's English Translation119:46 And I will speak of thy testimonies before kings, and will not be ashamed; Douay Rheims Bible119:46 And I spoke of thy testimonies before kings: and I was not ashamed. The double-minded have I hated; but thy law do I love. 46 Darby's English Translation119:51 The proud have derided me beyond measure: I have not declined from thy law. 27 I hope in your word. Darby's English Translation119:150 They have drawn nigh that follow after mischief: they are far from thy law. it is my meditation all the day. Bible in Basic English119:57 CHETH The Lord is my heritage: I have said that I would be ruled by your words. when wilt thou execute judgment on them that persecute me? Hebrew Transliterated119:133 Ph'yMY HKN B'aMUrThK V'aL-ThShLT-BY KL-'aVN. 128 Darby's English Translation119:116 Uphold me according to thy ùword, that I may live; and let me not be ashamed of my hope. 106 Noah Webster Bible119:42 So shall I have with which to answer him that reproacheth me: for I trust in thy word. World English Bible119:157 Many are my persecutors and my adversaries. Bible in Basic English119:139 My passion has overcome me; because my haters are turned away from your words. Young's Literal Translation119:61 Cords of the wicked have surrounded me, Thy law I have not forgotten. Young's Literal Translation119:6 Then I am not ashamed In my looking unto all Thy commands. Latin Vulgate119:124 fac cum servo tuo iuxta misericordiam tuam et praecepta tua doce me. American Standard Version119:68 Thou art good, and doest good; Teach me thy statutes. Psalm 119 (kuf yud tet) Ashrei temimei darech, haholchim beTorat Adonai. American Standard Version119:176 I have gone astray like a lost sheep; Seek thy servant; For I do not forget thy commandments. I say, "When will you comfort me? 86 1 American Standard Version119:80 Let my heart be perfect in thy statutes, That I be not put to shame. Latin Vulgate119:57 heth pars mea Domine dixi ut custodiam verbum tuum. Young's Literal Translation119:102 From Thy judgments I turned not aside, For Thou -- Thou hast directed me. King James Version119:31 I have stuck unto thy testimonies: O LORD, put me not to shame. 69 105 Mizmor Kaf Gimmel (Psalm 23) is one of the most comforting and well-known of all of the Tehillim, revealing the middot (attributes) of God as the Good Shepherd. World English Bible119:174 I have longed for your salvation, Yahweh. by guiding it after your word. Young's Literal Translation119:148 Mine eyes have gone before the watches, To meditate in Thy saying. Darby's English Translation119:126 It is time for Jehovah to work: they have made void thy law. YODH. In ISA it is an optional setting. 147 THE FORM OF PSALM 119 The Hebrew psalter contains a number of acrostic, or alphabetic, psalms. 44 The superscription of Psalm 51 alludes to the Biblical event of David’s affair with Bathsheba. תְּהִלִּים. Young's Literal Translation119:159 See, for thy precepts I have loved, Jehovah, According to Thy kindness quicken me. Douay Rheims Bible119:100 I have had understanding above ancients: because I have sought thy commandments. King James Version119:45 And I will walk at liberty: for I seek thy precepts. King James Version119:90 Thy faithfulness is unto all generations: thou hast established the earth, and it abideth. Young's Literal Translation119:155 Far from the wicked is salvation, For Thy statutes they have not sought. World English Bible119:173 Let your hand be ready to help me, For I have chosen your precepts. Noah Webster Bible119:54 Thy statutes have been my songs in the house of my pilgrimage. Noah Webster Bible119:102 I have not departed from thy judgments: for thou hast taught me. Latin Vulgate119:107 adflictus sum usque nimis Domine vivifica me iuxta verbum tuum. Noah Webster Bible119:2 Blessed are they that keep his testimonies, and that seek him with the whole heart. Bible in Basic English119:54 Your rules have been melodies to me, while I have been living in strange lands.
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