One of the most popular new foreground plants of recent years, Staurogyne sp. Od Staurogyne repens se odlišuje delšími a užšími listy. Get Latest Price. Le foglie sono generalmente semplici, opposte decussate, intere … Staurogyne sp. Product Description. In May 2008, Staurogyne repens was presented as new aquarium plant (back then as Staurogyne spec.) Staurogyne ‘Porto Velho’ is een voorgrond plant net als de welbekende Staurogyne repens. [1],[2]. Staurogyne Sp Port Vehello Plant. ‘Porto Velho’ is an attractive and versatile species that will likely remain so well into the future.Although it is more established in Japan, it is a relatively new entry into the United States, where it first appeared in specialty aquarium shops. Dit kan een mooi contrast opleveren wanneer beide planten in hetzelfde aquarium gebruikt worden. Please check back at a later stage. 'Porto Velho' Staurogyne sp. De planten zijn daarentegen absoluut niet hetzelfde. Zajímavosti: Rostlina byla nalezena v brazilském státě Rondonie - kde je Porto Velho hlavním městem, (Hygrophila sp. Porto Velho staat bekend om zijn langere en dunnere bladeren. during the Interzoo trade fair by Tropica. The leaves are pointy and narrow with a greyish green tone. Staurogyne 'porto vehlo' jest mało znaną w Polsce odmianą Staurogyne. Porto Velho La famiglia delle Acanthaceae è composto da circa 250 generi con 2500 specie di piante erbacee, arbustive o lianose. Staurogyne Porto Velho has its place in the European aquarium hobby but is still generally rare within other countries. One of the most popular new foreground plants of recent years, Staurogyne sp. Staurogyne sp. 'Porto Velho'. Tipiche di climi tropicali, Indonesia, Malesia, Africa. Staurogyne sp. Staurogyne sp. “Porto Velho” has only been known in the European hobby for a few years, and it is still quite rare. Diese südamerikanische Pflanze hat eine mäßige Wuchsrate, wächst unter Wasser kriechend und bildet schmale, lanzettliche, lang zugespitzte Blätter. Recently, this plant has also been offered erroneously as Staurogyne sp. Buy Staurogyne Porto Velho Potted aquarium plant. La Staurogyne Porto Velho est très similaire à la Hygrophile Sp Roraima. "Porto Velho" ist in Europa erst seit einigen Jahren im Hobby bekannt und noch recht selten. Néanmoins, pas au point d’en faire une plante de premier plan, … Cette très belle variété a aussi tendance à s’étendre et à couvrir le sol. Porto Velho is an attractive and versatile species that will likely remain so well into the future. Under brighter lights, a touch of violet can be seen and will encourage its creeping habit. This South American plant grows moderately, develops a creeping growth form underwater and forms narrow lanceolate leaves with a long, pointed tip. Staurogyne repens Kuntze var. Porto Velho with Roots + Free, See Description, Live Aquarium Plants: Pet Supplies Its coloration is a … 'Porto Velho') - a ve státě Roraima. Staurogyne sp. Staurogyne sp. Porto Velho is an attractive and versatile foreground plant that can grow in almost all light conditions. 'Porto Velho' Price: $1.50. Spowodowane jest to małą dostępnością tej rośliny w naszym kraju, gdzie często jest mylona z popularną odmianą Staurogyne repens. Hailing from South America, Staurogyne Porto Velho is a beautiful aquatic plant that features narrow leaves with a pointed tip. Cependant, on remarque des différences au niveau des feuilles. Weight: 0.10 LBS Rating: ( 2 product reviews ) Shipping: Calculated at checkout : Sorry but this item is currently unavailable.
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