Nvidia has some good, economical options for an entry-level graphics card, but which of the GeForce GTX 16 Super Series GPUs is the better buy? Alongside the GeForce RTX 30 Series, the company also announced a new technology called Nvidia Reflex. For the most part, because of the cost difference, the GeForce GTX 1650 Super GPU is likely the better buy, but for those who want a little more oomph, Nvidia's 1660 Super would be the way to go. The Best GTX 1650 SUPER Graphics Cards in 2020, The Best GTX 1660 SUPER Graphics Cards of 2020, GTX 1650 Super cards with custom coolers are now retailing at only $199, Best Selling Nvidia Graphics Cards in 2020. Nonetheless, the GTX 1660 Super proves to be a very capable card, as it allows you to play a number of first-person shooter and racing titles in 1440P resolution with maximum settings at more than 60 FPS on average. However, choosing between one of them heavily depends on your personal needs and financial capabilities. It’s a … To efficiently mine Monero (XMR) cryptocurrency, you’ll need some powerful PC hardware. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 SUPER Our Verdict: Upgrading from GTX 1650 SUPER to GTX 1660 SUPER is not recommended as it is less than 30% of improvement in performance. Asus TUF GeForce GTX 1650 Super Gaming OC vs Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1650 Super WindForce OC. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Why is Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1660 Gaming OC better than Zotac GeForce GTX 1650 Super Twin Fan? Coming in with a $229 price. GTX is getting Super-fied. GTX 1660 Ti vs. RTX 2060: Is ray tracing worth the price? For more information, see our disclosures here. However, of the GeForce GTX 1650 Super and the GTX 1660 Super, which is the better entry-level graphics card to go with? In many popular titles, such as Battlefield V, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019), Fortnite and Grand Theft Auto V, the GTX 1650 Super easily manages to render more than 60 FPS on average with all settings set to ultra. Both cards are perfect for 1080P gaming, but the GTX 1660 Super is a much better choice if you like to push your frame rates and image quality to the maximum. In that sense, the GTX 1660 Super is a much better choice, as it performs a lot better, and has enough powerful hardware for running upcoming PC titles. Outside of work, some of his interests include sleeping, reading and binging TV shows, especially K-dramas, sci-fi and Anime. Both cards offer great price to performance ratios, so you won’t make a mistake with buying any of them. Here is our list of the best models you can buy right now. Required fields are marked *. Newer titles like Metro Exodus, Control and Divison 2 don’t perform very well, however, most of other games run at a very stable frame rate. At 1440P, the GTX 1650 Super struggles a lot to provide satisfactory results, while the GTX 1660 Super again impresses with its great performance. In general, a reasonable upgrade is between 30% and 50% or more to justify the purchase of … By Hassan Mujtaba. And then with the next console gen starting, if the 1660 Super is pushed all the way down to 50-60 FPS, the 2060 would only be at 60-70 FPS, so it wouldn't be good enough either. Furthermore, the specs for the 1650 Super and 1660 Super are mostly similar with one of the main differences being video memory. In this comparison, however, the GTX 1660 Super is a clear winner, as the card manages to provide rock-solid framerate, with minimum amount of instability, and with great image quality. With a lower TDP, the 1650S requires a less demanding thermal solution and therefore runs a lot quieter. GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER GeForce GTX 970; GPU Name: TU116 (TU116-300-A1) vs: GM204 (GM204-200-A1) Fab Process: 12 nm: vs: 28 nm: Die Size: 284 mm²: vs: 398 mm²: Transistors If you take a look at our specs sheet above, both cards feature the same number of transistors, however, the GTX 1660 Super comes with 128 more shading units and with extra 2GB of VRAM. So, what's the difference between the two cards and which is the better buy? Since both GTX 1650 Super and GTX 1660 Super offer great performance at 1080P resolution, in this article we’ll examine which one is a better choice, depending on its price. He also watches the odd serious show or movie to keep his largely pointless film theory degree marginally relevant. Asus TUF GeForce GTX 1650 Super Gaming OC. Due to the smaller bandwidth, the GTX 1660 Super has more than 1 TFLOPs of extra compute power compared to the GTX 1650 Super, since it can process more data in a smaller amount of time. Pairing each card with a FreeSync or G-Sync capable monitor will further put their capabilities to good use, so don’t hesitate to get one. Both cards have great price to performance ratios, thus choosing one of them might prove to be a difficult task. With Nvidia's announcements this week, these cards' performance will improve. ... Asus GeForce GTX 1660 Super Overclocked 6GB Dual-Fan Evo Edition VR Ready HDMI DisplayPort DVI Graphics Card … It has substantially more CUDA cores than the 1650, as well as a higher clock speed and 50% faster memory. However, if you are building a new gaming PC, then both of these card prove to be valid choices. The GTX 1650 Super is a very solid graphics card for 1080P gaming with medium to high settings. Asus Phoenix GeForce GTX 1650 Super OC Nvidia Geforce GTX 1660 Super The graphics card contains two graphics processing units (GPUs). Based upon 11 different sources and more than 150 data entries, we have conducted a meta-analysis of various GTX 1650 Super and GTX 1660 Super benchmarks available online, and calculated total averages in order to compare performance of these two graphics cards. All benchmark data was based on PC systems with Intel Core i7-8700K or i9-9900K processors, which featured at least 16 GB of DDR4 RAM, and a Windows 10 operating system running on an SSD drive. Why An Apple Watch Is The Perfect Holiday Gift For An iPhone Owner. Nvidia’s top value offering prior to the 1650S was the $70 more expensive 1660S which is around 18% faster but also 40% more expensive than the 1650S. It is cheaper than RX 5600 XT, and also has GDDR5 memory of 6 GB. From the chart above, we can see that GTX 1660 Super performs significantly better compared to GTX 1650 Super at 1080P resolution. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It can still reach 70 FPS at 1440p in terms of efficiency, and is very playable at 1440p for most games. The Turing-based GTX 1650 Super and GTX 1660 Super both prove to be great graphics cards for 1080P gaming. Your email address will not be published. The GTX 1660 Super’s performance in 1440P provides a lot of satisfaction. 86.4 GPixel/s vs 55.68 GPixel/s In fact, it is a quite capable 1080P graphics card, as it’s able to deliver stable 60 FPS with medium to high settings on. Earlier this week, Nvidia unveiled the GeForce RTX 30 Series line of GPUs. In terms of raw performance, the GTX 1650 Super is almost on par with the AMD RX 580, while the GTX 1660 Super offers similar performance to GTX 1070. With a lower TDP, the 1650S requires a less demanding thermal solution and therefore runs a lot quieter. The GTX 1660 Super could also make better use of 8GB of VRAM, instead of 6GB, however, due to its wide memory bandwidth and high-speed GDDR6 memory, the card is still fast enough for providing an enjoyable 1080P gaming experience. For example, the 1650 Super has 4GB of GDDR6 VRAM, while the 1660 Super has 6GB. Best Holiday Gifts For A Tesla Owner In 2020, Best Wireless Headphones For Watching Movies (Updated 2020), How To Uninstall & Delete Apps On A Mac (Two Different Ways), JBL Charge 4 Cyber Monday Deal: Great Bluetooth Speaker For $120, Apple Silicon M1 Chip Explained: Everything You Need To Know, Audio Spaces: Twitter's Experimental Live Conversation Feature Explained, Best 3D Printers Under $500 (Updated 2020), Why Google Killed Off Inbox When It Was So Much Better Than Gmail. 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While the GeForce GTX 1650 Super is a solid mid-range 1080P graphics card, the GeForce GTX 1660 Super is able to deliver ultimate 1080P gaming experience. In graphically more demanding titles, however, the performance is clearly unsatisfactory. The card performs similar to AMD’s RX 580 and Nvidia’s GTX 1060, which is enough for playing games in 2020. RTX 3060 Ti Vs. RTX 2080 Super: How Much Better At Half The Price? Your email address will not be published. Similarly, the 1660 Super has more NVIDIA CUDA Cores (parallel processors). Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 Vs. RTX 2070: GPU Upgrades & Improvements, GeForce RTX 3090 Vs. RTX 3080: Nvidia's BFGPU & Flagship GPU Compared, Why AirPods Pro Are A Great Holiday Gift For iPhone Owners, MacBook: How To Factory Reset Before Selling Or Upgrading, How To Unpair An Apple Watch From An iPhone, M1X or M2 Is The Mac Apple Silicon To Wait For, Here’s Why, Facebook Vanish Mode: Using Instagram & Messenger's Disappearing Messages, How Drones Will Be Used To Deliver 5G Internet To Consumers, Tesla Truck Release Date: When Cybertruck Is Coming & What To Expect. If you already own an Nvidia GTX 1060 or AMD RX 580 graphics card, then upgrading to GTX 1650 Super or GTX 1660 Super will be quite useless. GeForce GTX 1660 Super Vs. 1650 Super: Best Entry-Level Nvidia Graphics Card? The GTX 1660 Super clearly outperforms GTX 1650 Super, even at the 1440P resolution, however, performance gap here is a bit smaller.

1660 super vs 1650 super

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