Noise and filth are two of the biggest complaints the general public have against dog owners. Allow the dogs to greet for a few seconds and keep walking. The most simple alternative to walking on pavement would be to walk on grass or soil. But the sidewalk is for all walking creatures. Going for a walk can provide your dog with more than just a bathroom break. I took him to the vet. It will depend on the neighborhood rules and regulations as far as walking on the grass. Being in control of when and where your dog eliminates means you can take your dog to public places without worry. I know I do!!! As long as your dog doesn't enter their yard they have no cause to speak to you. Why is tobacco legal but marijuana is illegal? Learn how to read other dog walkers: Not everyone out there is in full control of their dogs on the walk, and the walkers who aren’t in control are also the ones most likely to cause some sort of incident, whether it’s dogs barking at each other, jumping on or snapping at people, or getting loose. That old man was just feeling crotchety that day!!! A dog that constantly walks onto private property may be unpopular in your neighborhood, and there are hazards present on other people's property. If your car got repoed once and you’re late on your payment again, can they legally open your garage to get your car out so they can repo it? I purchased a lot with a dilapidated house that we demolished to build on the land? Alternatives to Walking on Pavement . Does she legally have the right to tell me not to walk my dog on that particular bit of sidewalk under just a unfounded suspicion? She can prohibit you from letting your dog stray into her yard, but nothing about the sidewalk. No, a sidewalk is public space of the road right of way. My father recently passed away I was promised inheritance for caring for him but have found out his entire estate has been left to my mum...? Nashville ICU nurse shot dead in car while driving to work, NBA star chases off intruder in scary encounter, White House signals no rush on coronavirus stimulus, Cyrus says marriage was 'last attempt to save' herself, Children's museum sparks backlash for new PB&J cafe, Pence tells Georgia voters election still undecided, Report: Ex-NBA star sued by weed consultant, Capitalism 'will collapse on itself' without empathy and love, David Lander, Squiggy on 'Laverne & Shirley,' dies at 73. As the owner of a new puppy, you may be unsure as to whether you can take your puppy on walks before they have been fully socialised, and when vaccinations should take place. If there's only a choice between walking on concrete or asphalt, concrete doesn't absorb as much heat as asphalt, so it should be cooler. Never walk your dog in the heat of the day. How can I stop my female dog from marking on the sidewalk during our walks? Stay On The Sidewalk. How many times stronger is dog’s sense of smell comparing the humans? I was just driving home from the store and I about ran over the neighbor's dog. When he lets go of his toy to get to the treat, give your command of choice and then give him the treat. Even if your dog is relaxed, you can walk to another dog in an arc-shaped path. If she wants to call the police, let her. I thought that's what the sidewalk was for. This lady always walks her dog in the street, for whatever reason. Put the treat up to his nose so he can smell it. Dogs’ paws can be just as sensitive as humans’ feet. She cannot prohibit you (and your dog) from walking down the sidewalk. If she complains at you again or does something more (like file a complaint or something), you then have proof to show her that your dog hasn't touched her yard. It can give them physical exercise , mental stimulation , and a chance to keep tabs on the neighborhood. You have a right to use it as long as you don't do anything illegal on it. Still have questions? I appreciate the answers. How much exercise do you need? How long is the training. They used to have electric fence that they installed right along the edge of side walk and his next door neighbors drive way. I've been walking my dog for as long as I can remember and an old man said the sidewalk is for people only. ? The next day at 4am my dog woke us panting and limping. The neighbors dog came out of no where and attacked my dog. Nashville ICU nurse shot dead in car while driving to work, NBA star chases off intruder in scary encounter, White House signals no rush on coronavirus stimulus, Cyrus says marriage was 'last attempt to save' herself, Doctors are skeptical of pricey drug given emergency OK, Children's museum sparks backlash for new PB&J cafe, Report: Ex-NBA star sued by weed consultant, Capitalism 'will collapse on itself' without empathy and love, David Lander, Squiggy on 'Laverne & Shirley,' dies at 73, Pence tells Georgia voters election still undecided, Trump's niece: 'Traitorous' uncle belongs in prison. I have two outside cats on my property and had to put someone's dog down once because they let it go without a leash and it was messing with the cats. No matter if there is pyshical contact or not, he sould have no right to lie about dogs and sidewalks to you! That lady can't do anything. Here’s what happened: I was walking my (large) dog as I always do in my neighborhood in the north slope. The mail lady ran over my light up reindeer. They would probably take offense at your dog leaving anything in that space nevertheless. I've been walking my dog for as long as I can remember and an old man said the sidewalk is for people only. She's trained to always heel at the left of me and not pull on the lead, further more I always pick up after her every time she goes and even went to the extent to visibly hold the plastic bags in open as I walk. Over time, you can also practice following another dog or walking parallel to him until your dog can do it calmly. who woud win in a fight  german shepherd or a great dane? The sidewalk is public property. What the heck is wrong with that old man to tell you that you had no right to take your cute little dog onto the sidewalk! That means if you see someone balk at your dog you yield the sidewalk to them immediately. When his happens, I quickly get her to the boulevard so that she can finish. Yes, you can walk them on the sidewalk as long as they're on a leash & you clean up their poop behind them. Every if she does sue you, she has only circumstantial evidence that your dog did get into her yard. Anytime someone spouts off at me like that, I just calmly tell them that they should contact their city councilman to see about getting an ordinance in place that would allow them to make such a demand. 0 0. The specific purpose of the walk dictates where he needs to be, but otherwise you're free to choose the best side for you and your pup. Vets in the US, where paw burns are common in many areas due to high summer temperatures, came up with a test to check when it’s safe to walk dogs on a pavement. Just ignore the fool when you walk by. Doctors are skeptical of pricey drug given emergency OK. How do you think about the answers? Let the dog chew on the toy you're holding, but don't release it. I let my neighbors play in my front lawn, I let neighbors behind me cut through my lawn along the edge of my property to reach their house (which is behind my own), etc. It can be at one end of a parking lot or on a distant sidewalk. If I could change my route just to avoid the frustration, I would. How difficult is it to find another job after being fired for refusing counseling? I was walking my dogs earlier today and a lady started yelling and cursing at me telling me i should walk my dogs in the street. Your dog’s age, breed, and health are all … sorry about that. I know some people won’t have anything but large dogs while others prefer ? in state of tennessee, can you sue person for there tv? She is from a shelter and was spayed when I got her about 3 years ago. I always let my dogs walk on the grass between the sidewalk and the street. There are also popular dog paw protection waxes that can be used before walking dogs in winter which protects their paws. Walking a 150 pound dog takes control, even if they are well-behaved. Sidewalks are public property. What does size preference in regards to dogs say about a person? The sidewalk is for public use. Dogs need exercise so if it's too hot to walk on the pavement then you might wonder how else you can provide the necessary energy exertion for your dog. Going to a medical appointment or providing care to a vulnerable person. Can I Walk My Puppy Before They Are Vaccinated ? First of all it creates control. How do you think about the answers? But … But, even if your dog loves being outside in winter weather – and temperatures aren’t too dangerously low to allow for a quick walk – dog owners should still follow a few simple precautions to stay safe: He asked that right after my dog barked, but there was no physical contact. You can sign in to vote the answer. Would you like to walk along the sidewalk and step in dog poop It's a matter of courtesy toward other people. I have a neighbor that lives in back right corner of my house. The only rules that apply to that are leash length restrictions. But her annoyance with your dog walking past her house on a PUBLIC sidewalk is unreal. But, if you or a member of your household are showing symptoms of COVID-19 or have tested positive, then, your pets will be impacted. Yes, you can. No. (which a busy road, ... You should be-able to walk your dog on the sidewalk, maybe she just doesn't like dogs, or doesn't want it on her yard. I have a springer spaniel that I walk everyday, twice a day, same route. I have one of those really big goofy friendly dogs that never causes any problems and most people stop and pet him on a daily basis. I don't let them go onto someone's lawn. He must of been jokin around or maybe in a mood! The only issue would be if you did not pick up your dogs poo, almost all countys have an ordinance mandating you have to pick up after your dog. She is deathly afraid of walking down the street on the sidewalk and in the alley. I've had many many people walking through our neighborhood walk along the edge near the roadway, simply because (as I said) there is no sidewalk, and some of the roads are semi-busy. Most healthy medium or large dogs can walk for 30-minutes if the temperature is above 20 degrees F. Smaller dogs should limit the walk to 15 or 20 minutes if temps are between 20 to 32 degrees F. If it’s below 0 degrees, no dog should be out for a walk. Generally, leash training your dog should lead to the dog running with about 1/3 to 1/2 of it's body behind your lead leg on the side the dog is on. PetSmart pet trainers are given training in dog training, does this training take place at the store? Why does the same idiot keep posting the "can I sue" questions. While it’s likely that you’ll have to trim your dog’s nails fairly regularly, taking your dog on walks outdoors can help cut down on the number of trimmings a dog needs. You can sign in to vote the answer. Can I sue? You and your dog are just as entitled to use the sidewallk as anyone else. Let me explain. But she has no problem getting in the car and once we are at the park, you would never be able to tell she has the problem because she runs in the woods like she's king of the forest lol. no, but if your dog goes onto their property it becomes a problem. So into a major argument this weekend because my dog pissed in front of someone’s house on the sidewalk. Practicing this consistently will teach your dog to let go of an object when you give your command. WHO has guidelines. My dog is a cockapoo, about 5 years old. "If you're outside walking by yourself, you're not exposed; if you're out walking the dog by yourself, there's no risk… it's when you have contact with other people that you need to be concerned. No. Keep Your Dog on a 6’ Leash. If you cross into her yard (which legally may not even be hers anyway) then she could have grounds to make a formal complaint. A suggestion though, just to keep peace, when someone approaches, put yourself between the human, and your dog, and don't think of anything else except moving forward as if no one approached at all. Sidewalks are public property. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. My favorite leash is a simple leather leash, you can read my … Get your answers by asking now. As long as the dog is leashed and not a danger to others, you can walk on the side walk. Lydia S. 1 decade ago. If it was we would be trespassing when we walked. The CDC also recommends the following for your dog walks: Walk dogs on a leash, maintaining at least 6 feet from other people and animals Do not let pets interact with people or … I really really love my dog and I am sure you love your pet just as much as I do. Walking your pet on the left side teaches your dog that you are the dominant member of the “pack.” Many alpha dogs love to pull their owners and this can be both frustrating and allow your pet to dominate you. This can lead to various issues in the future. If you've read any dog training book, you know that your dog should walk on your left -- but why? Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. You can walk your dog on any sidewalk providing the dog does not impede passing pedestrians. The incident lasted only 10 seconds or so. Of course, every dog is different. These surfaces do not heat up as much as the hard pavement and are typically safe to walk on. Even New York City doesn't try & enforce that one!!! Can I sue? That means they’re equally as likely to get burnt walking on a hot surface as their owner would be. Another option is to walk your dog earlier in the morning before the pavement gets hot. Still have questions? That feeling, that energy, (moving forward) will influence your dog, too. If left untrimmed, a dog’s nails will become long, impede a dog’s ability to walk comfortably, and even contribute to arthritis. Using a retractable leash is not only dangerous for you and your dog but also does not allow you to have any control over your dog. If he says it again, ask him to show you where the law says no dogs on the sidewalk. I thought the bites were superficial so I did not run him to the vet. Of course you can walk your dog on the sidewalk. The old man must have just been feeling bad or down, or had just failed his business meeting or something. If he’s zigging and zagging while he’s walking, that’s an accident waiting to happen. Depending where you live in most places you have to walk him in the street where cars drive the sidewalk is for people. Keep walking where you want. My dog started limping so I took him to an emergency vet? Ms. Owen suggests that you instead designate a place on your property where your dog can relieve himself. Taking your dogs to the sidewalk is very good for them! I would never take the chance on hurting them by burning their paws on hot pavement, so I never walk them in the heat of the day. My dog is 4 years old and we've had her since she was a puppy, we did rescue her however. wow I'm not paying attention to my typing. Considering he was old, I thought he was dropping some knowledge that I didn't know of yet. If the air is cold, or it is winter, and there is a little sun, your dog make be cold, so taking him to the sidewalk, which is slightly warmed at times, will make him feel warmer and better. But I can't because of where my house is placed (near a gated community). Sidewalk is a part of the street, her yard starts where the sidewalk ends. If there is a grass strip between the sidewalk and street that is also public space as well. A lady across from where we were walking keeps complaining that dogs are going in her yard and blaming my dog on it since "it's the largest dog she sees walking near her house". However, I would recommend that you start using your phone to video yourself as you walk by the house. I know its pretty sarcastic answer but its the truth! Not enough to prove anything in court. The mail lady ran over my Christmas Little Drummer Boy. Sure, they’re the source of the problem, in a very literal sense, but the scourge of unscooped sidewalks is not a problem to lay at the feet of our canine friends. There are no laws saying that you cannot walk your dog on the side walk, at least not in any country that I know of. However, she really is just marking and does not need to pee. I think the old guy just wanted someone to talk too, or maybe he hates dog poo on sidewalks. Get your answers by asking now. Remember, … OF COURSE YOU CAN! And it's the law. If you cross into her yard (which legally may not even be hers anyway) then she could have grounds to make a formal complaint. No. In my experience in ranges from 8 feet to 5 feet, depending on the city. Generally homeowners have to keep the sidewalk clean and mow the grass strip. So why do I walk my dogs on the left? You may not require your dog to heel, but getting your dog to walk on a loose leash and stay on the sidewalk, without veering off onto lawns or the street, can be taught to keep your dog safe and your walks more pleasant. There's a sidewalk we walk on that goes past her house. Even if you pick up after your dog, others may resent seeing your animal in the act of using their lawn or sidewalk as a toilet. The dog should be checking in with you visually every so often. I was walking my dog, on a leash, on the sidewalk with my 5 year old son. And, while you may think they look silly, dog boots will protect your dog's paws from hot and rough terrain.

can i walk my dog on the sidewalk

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