• If a vacancy is offered to you and not taken up, you will automatically forfeit your place on the waitlist and waitlist fee. Broadwater specimen carp lake is around 12 acres in size and set in the stunning surroundings of Packington estate. If you get through successfully, we will ask you for your name and membership number, if you are not a member we will not be able to accept your application. Nuddock Wood Lake is a 50 year old mature sand pit. Irchester Lakes - prob a waiting list , heard good things about this complex of late. Chris manages Netherby Clay Pits carp Syndicate where he has been one of the Syndicate Controllers since 1996. The old part of the lake has depths to 15 foot and there are some sharp drop off’s in the margins where the old lake previously was. The day ticket lake is 3 acres in size It holds approximately 300 carp, with 11 different 30’s, there is a lot caught near the … 12. Contact Us. Here at Embryo, the waiting list is the waiting list! Stanwick Lakes do syndicate waters , other than Roman which is on the complex ( Deadmans Shoes ) they do Kislingbury I think they are called x 2 lakes. Our venues have proven very popular so lots of them have waiting lists in operation. With carp to 30lb+ and a hugely bright future. 250+ Carp Lake record 40lb. A mature gravel pit on the outskirts of West London. For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript. Although superb of course, but that's the point.. Once a syndicate is full of members, that's it.. it's shut up shop.. the are no email mailing lists like clubs have! If you would like to become a member of a Carp Syndicate you’ll find that there are some great Syndicates in the Staffordshire area. Additionally on the initial open date our records will be checked to ensure you meet the ‘Horseshoe permit criteria’. Make sure you check out the availability of tickets on each page to avoid disappointment. Kingfisher Lakes has been established to provide carp anglers with a choice of venues to fish in the North Eastern and Western regions of England. We run a transparent waiting list, meaning there is no favouritism. These venues (unless stated) are run as individual syndicates split into weekday and weekend rota’s. THE COVE The Cove is a ten acre gravel pit that offers fantastic carp fishing for anglers of all abilities in a beautifully landscaped environment. Two picturesque lakes situated just outside the village of Yaxley in Peterborough. Cawcutts offers some spectacular fishing just to the north of Cambridge. There’s lots going on, and you can bring the family as well. * Please ensure a valid email address and phone number is given so we may contact you. Make sure you check out the availability of tickets on each page to avoid disappointment. A couple more syndicate places just became available. Farriers is a 32 acre lake which regularly produces large mirrors and many commons over 40lb and double-figure Pike for winter fishing. Two beautiful, rich lakes situated alongside the river Thames in the heart of the Oxfordshire countryside. The larger of the two lakes at the mill is a syndicate lake of 9 acres, the second lake is for day ticket FISHING and is just under 3 acres in size. The lake has 13 good size swims to choose from but is limited to only 10 anglers, giving all anglers plenty of open water to fish and plenty of space on the bank; most swims will accommodate a 2 man bivvy. Lofts Lake is a mature gravel pit set in the picturesque countryside of Maldon in Essex. A lake that contains many beautiful old Leney mirrors full of character that date back to the 1970’s and hundreds of long, hard fighting commons. Price £240. Farriers is a 32 acre lake which regularly produces large mirrors and many commons over 40lb and double-figure Pike for winter fishing. Grendon, do Hope Lake, waiting list again. Would much rather fish a syndicate where people obey rules and respect the fish/environment. Consisting of a range of depths with many man-made underwater features to find. Carp syndicate in Kent. To join Farriers you will need to firstly apply for a space on the waitlist - see the tickets page for more information.

West Horndon is the location for some record breaking carp fishing – the lake record here for carp is 38lb, and there are plenty of good sized stock to fish over Faraway and Tillingham Lakes. • YOU MUST ensure your membership is valid whilst on the waitlist, any lapse of membership will invalidate your place on the waitlist. The waitlist will open at 9am on (2021 date to be advised), applicable ONLY for members that have held a Horseshoe PERMIT for the last two consecutive periods/years minimum (i.e. This is vital to maintain the bio-security of our waters. Where a waiting list is in operation, you can view it at the bottom of each venue page. 19 talking about this. Plans are already underway to install an Otter fence around the perimeter of the lake. • If accepting the permit, you will be asked to pay the permit fee at the time to secure your permit place. Both lakes are stocked with stunning scaley carp and are included on the syndicate ticket. Hand picked stunning carp. Permits and access codes will only be sent on receipt of the forms and photos. Renovating the family farm ponds. Permit prices are subject to change each year, members will be contacted directly with the years prices and how to renew. We offer five outstanding venues, from day ticket to syndicate waters, that cater for every carp angler's needs. A hidden carping oasis in the middle of a business park with a fantastic stock of stunning carp. The postcode for SATNAV users is GL7 3 5RL, the lake is off Wickwater Lane. Why not follow our social media pages to see recent captures from these venues! This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. The opportunity then arose to set up Cottage Marsh Carp Syndicate on a separate site to the farm and I jumped at the chance! Welcome to Ringstead Carp Fishery. Weekday rota – 10am Monday – 10am Friday. If you would like to be placed on the waiting list then contact us today on 01342 822212 or email bren.carp@hotmail.co.uk • Once all available spaces are filled, all remaining people on the waitlist will move up the wait list order for the following year, a new confirmation with your waitlist position will be emailed to you. Each of these Syndicates offers exclusive access to its members. Passionate about angling, the environment and the positive benefits it can bring to people, Chris established his own Fishery Management Consultancy and Angling Coaching and Guiding business in … The 8.6 acre lake is located on a picturesque 16 acre site in North Lincolnshire. Weekend rota – 10am Friday – 10am Monday. You can only join one rota or the other, not both. Cowland’s has a multitude of features which makes it an interesting place to fish. One ticket covers both lakes. ** On calling your name will be checked on the database to ensure you meet the above criteria, if you do not your application to join will not be accepted and you will be asked to call back the following week (see below). You will receive an email confirming your place and waitlist position. Over the years they have continuously produced some of the biggest carp and catfish seen in the UK. A peaceful and mature 45 acre gravel pit, set in the heart of the Bedfordshire countryside. A fantastic syndicate with an amazing head of fast growing, big carp that's really going from strength to strength. Two lakes on a beautiful complex to the west of Hull. • Vacancies will be offered from mid May in order of the waitlist; we will contact you by phone/email to confirm a place is available. A former brick pit; deep and clear with dark, scaly carp, set in a vibrant country park. Note: The waitlist fee is non-refundable under any circumstances. ... Lake situated in the Costwold Water park was acquired on long term lease by the Carp Society and opened in 1997 on a syndicate basis limited to 85 anglers. The annual permit season runs from 16 June - 15 June yearly (this date will change for 2020/2021 due to the Covid-19 closures and is limited to approximately 85 Anglers. The current lake record is held by Pete Foote is a 50lb 14oz common caught Oct 2016. The rules are common sense with angler’s enjoyment and fish welfare in mind. Approximately 25 acres in size and surrounded by a nature reserve, Lofts Lake is one of the most peaceful and tranquil Essex carp syndicates you're ever likely to fish. All invitations to join our waters are sent out via email so if you are on one of our waiting lists (lists can be viewed at the bottom of each venue file page), especially close to the top, please keep an eye on your emails around March/April time and don’t forget to check your junk mail folder, just in case it slips into there! Essex Carp Syndicate. • Each applicant will be asked to pay a non-refundable waitlist fee of £150. Stanford Hall Fishery consists of 2 carp lakes. ** Please ensure you have a valid Carp Society membership before calling, if you do not your application will not be accepted. Opening in early 2016, Cawcutts was Embryo’s second water to fully open. We also offer open access to our syndicate waters during April and May which is often a prolific time, meaning you could have the chance of catching some of the best and biggest carp in the UK. Giving the experienced angler plenty of options when trying to find the fish. Weekday rota – 10am Monday – 10am Friday. If you have any specific requirements please get in touch with us and we’ll find the best way (where possible) to accommodate these. These venues (unless stated) are run as individual syndicates split into weekday and weekend rota’s. The first challenge, will be to find out what surprises the fishery has in store. Imagine a quiet, 10 acre estate lake that dates back to the 1600’s fringed with large Oaks, Norfolk reeds and large expanses of lily pads. carp syndicate places available essex 1 No nuts of any description, no shelf life boilies (FROZEN ONLY), No maggots or worms until 1st. 15 Acres 12 Swims. About The Syndicate. The bottom of the lake has many features including gravel patches, silty gullies, raised plateaus and hard clay areas. Guest tickets are available (£15 per 24 hours), but must be pre-booked via the management. Existing permit holders will have the chance to renew their permit and any remaining places will be offered to those on the waitlist in order. Roughs lake is a peaceful lake set on the edge of the Fens. Successful applicants; we will then confirm your place and take a £150 non-refundable waitlist fee. • The offer will only be valid for 72 days (including weekends). From 2018 you will not be able to defer your application. carp syndicate places available essex The average size of fish is 16-23lb although the current lake record stands at 32lb.10oz. Only proper (large) carp unhooking mats, cradles and weigh-slings to be used. Farriers is located within the Cotswold Water Park, near South Cerney in Gloucestershire. ALL YEAR TICKET ENQUIRIES FROM FEB 2021, ALL WINTER TICKETS SOLD OUT. The vacancy will be offered to the next available person on the waitlist and your waitlist place and fee will be automatically be forfeit. We have fish available for the 2020/2021 winter restocking season. A stunning fishery in the heart of the Oxfordshire countryside. You can only join one rota or the other, not both. Permits are non-transferable & non refundable. Weekend rota – 10am Friday – 10am Monday. Jane & Nigel Roberts would like to welcome you to ‘Ringstead Carp Fishery’. Embryo's venues are run with the future and members enjoyment at the heart of it. A mature gravel pit on the banks of the River Thames, just to the south of Abingdon, Oxfordshire. Places are limited and expected to sell fast, so please check through the criteria and terms. The member numbers on each venue/rota are tailored to ensure the lakes are never overly busy, but equally never empty. Cawcutts Lake. We offer current permit holders the chance to renew, and any available places are then allocated in order from the waitlist. We estimate a good stocking of 250/300 carp with an average weight of 30+lb. Members will have the chance to fish for uncaught carp on this 20 acre estate lake. Unfortunately the syndicate is now full. The lake holds around 300 carp with the average size being around the 20lb-26lb mark, and some impressive catches of fish between upper doubles to mid-twenties have been taken by syndicate members. The lake record currently stands at 46lb 14oz (Sept 2019) with 20+ other fish over 30lb. A picturesque water holding some incredible fish. Please call 01342822212 or email bren.carp@hotmail.co.uk for enquiries 11. The biggest mats, cradles and slings available are encouraged on our fisheries. The waitlist will be re-opened on a second day (spaces permitting) and is open to all members of the Carp Society on (2021 date to be advised) from 9am to fill any spaces left. Can I Refuse My Neighbours’ Party Wall Application? There are also at least 25 different 40lb fish present, needless to say there is a waiting list in operation and places are hard to come by. Introducing Cawcutts Lake. Being situated in the Cotswold Water Park Farriers is a natural setting and is fully Otter fenced, providing not only security to the fish but the angler as well. Visit Google Maps for directions and click on the directs arrow for the easiest route. Farriers Lake situated in the Costwold Water park was acquired on long term lease by the Carp Society and opened in 1997 on a syndicate basis limited to 85 anglers. A waiting list is in operation. All of our venues are run with the members and fishing experience at the forefront of what we do. Available for hire ALL YEAR ROUND on a three, four or seven night basis, the price is for hiring the lake and exclusive hire for up to four anglers. Clear water is a private syndicate based in Mountnessing Brentwood and home to the Unknown of Stunning Virgin Carp, The Lake is 3 acres in size and has 10 pegs presented evenly around the perimeter all hand crafted from treated sleepers and finished off with wood chippings for a … The lake at Cleasby is very much a sleeping giant. * Only one place will be allocated per call, we will not accept multiple applications for friends and family. Don't worry about 'em, they're usually expensive, and would be hard.. Some members have access to the lakes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. May 21, 2018 / Brendan / Carp Syndicate / 0 comments. Fishing is available on an annual season ticket basis. Our portfolio is ever expanding so keep your eyes peeled for new additions. • You will then be sent confirmation and a permit form which must be returned to us with two passport photos (or email photo) by the date on the letter. Unfortunately the syndicate is now full. Five Stunning Venues. A few places have become available on 2 Essex carp syndicates. There are a lot of carp present in Cowlands with untold twenties, around thirty 30lb plus carp topped by a couple of mid forties. Syndicates are hard to find and take time to get into.. pubs, and tackle sops best bet! The RISE is a mature lake of 10 acres and the MILL is made up of two carp lakes. • If you are unable to respond by phone during working hours, you can confirm acceptance by email and we can arrange a mutual time to process the payment. The sky is the limit regarding the fishing, we have a stocking policy in place with fish stocked late 2017 and more on order ready to stock late 2018. There are two lakes on site and the first we come to is Tillingham Lake or the Front Lake as it is sometimes known. This fee is separate from any permit fees on a successful placement. Available on a ring and reserve basis only. wellingborough lakes consists of three private syndicate carp fisheries located in northamptonshire. Permits will start from 16 June (Date to change due to Covid closures) so it is important that we receive acceptances quickly therefor. On the dates (above) please call the office on 01367 253959 from 9am, please do not call before, calls will only be answered from 9am.

carp syndicate places available

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