<> Asphalt Shingles: Pay particular attention to shingles on the ridge, hips, and at roof edges; they get the hardest wear. For reaching a more … Commercial real estate inspections, property condition assessments, and environmental site assessments. endobj COMM-013 Transition Checklist For Commercial Properties (2 Of 2), COMM-013 Transition Checklist for Commercial Properties (2 of 2).xls (0.2 MB) COMM-014 Approved Vendor List 05.2018 Sunday, 28 … Tools and resources from AmeriSpec for commercial … 1 0 obj <>>> <> endobj 20 0 obj 3 0 obj Look for: Flashing: Flashing is usually made of thin metal, such as copper, aluminum, or galvanized steel. And when it does the owner is hit with high repair bills and great inconvenience. endobj Inspection by professional exterminators is essential in such cases. 13 0 obj Check for: Wooden Supports: Wood destroying insects and fungi can cause considerable damage to the wooden supports of exterior ceilings and decks. 25 0 obj The ComSOP is the industry-accepted commercial inspection guidelines that CRE professionals can use as a commercial property inspection checklist … BUSINESS HOURS . You will not become a client, and Joseph P. Stengel Jr. will not become your lawyer by reviewing or downloading any information contained in this web site.Telephone consultations are not subject to the attorney-client privilege and are offered solely for educational purposes. City/State/Zip: City/State/Zip: Brick, NJ 08723 Telephone #: Telephone #: 732-920-5400 Inspector (Print): CHISHOLM SMITH Contact Name: PM TEAM X411 Asset Number:-100570014 Property … 30 0 obj �'5�&�$l���&�*���.+�0�*|#m���(- A�#B~��n�.k�%0��ӵ�#��,�L%����6��|����xN�1�����|uQ�n�ܤ��6-��p��3�D`LCU�ف�U/��6]w��).��m~���ᴎ�Ճ�@1w���F�v�JEbd���ܙ��r�َӐ1����dH�Q1����c��9��y�U'�C��;�k� l�ihu>���,p�����r!4�w��q,E�D����rTG]��ܡ��`i��%��ŽQf\�u'%ݪ�7����탌+u��_sZj̮��}RB���yjtcVB%�p�R�y�����:VXʪ}��b D)�T�*����ݻ�4q'�� ,���4U���n��3�#VD��B��O"��]"!.���T>��-�X`K����`F ��� &�����@�W_��U�8^v���&bC�^-���M �U]���H��#�'��'9�u]�]f5'}�YB�v3m�`��-ĭ���VR\�ޝ�Uҽ�hHp�q���EVG��r�U����>8�(8��1��;H�]I�xg� e���nj�����Q�@��ʰ%�\T=>#�γ���SҶK7D3�'U=��|RشUg���j�EU�Z�v�—�ș��>���B�/5 hw5�o��ߘ y2y������h�,��.��B��'RxN$��F�(װ0x�+�5^������ق6��ӌ-96J���eT�{_�/��`>)^���z��w�У��� �r�c��=A� mS�'��O���.�)j,b��T���n>��+#+���H�3��x�n䝬��k(l�6'+Yu�N*�2`��N�VNU�fh=�+�-�-$�y_��D�FG�`�E�N��E_� j�[��خQ��ɀEdk̵;�"�#��"�pJ�1Rd� p�����b�s���c�k�=ֻ���z7�"ñ�]�>�݁��+�qޕ���k�����F �c9�0/��aX�@D*e�@D)9��tr �ׁg�@D�������:(�!D�D ������m�K#Ȉ� ������ڟ�o�'�;��Rx� <> Commercial Building Inspection Report Form And Commercial Property Inspection Report Your commercial property will be inspected by qualified professionals who have experience in these processes. Check for: Membrane Roof: A further development and evolution of a built-up roof is a membrane roof composed of rolls/sheets of materials such as synthetic rubber, thermoplastics, or other man-made materials. Download, print or share any of your commercial inspection reports as perfectly formatted PDF documents with your company logo and colours. <> <> <> There must be a valid reason for the inspection. intact/good cinder fair fair Rooftop Carrier 2 90 ton units good cinder and wood front panel good concrete slab fair pitched tar roof with rubber modified over the offices Commercial Property Inspection … Form 4242 Commercial Checklist and Guide 20200101 Page 1 of 4 . endobj The principal reason for developing this building inspection form is to advise building owners on the maintenance of their properties. commercial property inspection checklist date condition / comments walls trim wainscot paint paper floors baseboard windows glass doors locks / hardware ceiling lighting lighting switches electrical … Inspect your doors and windows to ensure that weatherstripping is properly installed and all sources of infiltration are in check. To help with that we have produced this ‘Industrial Property Inspection Checklist Form’, that covers many of the issues (you can add a few more if you wish). Check for: Landscape: Check all landscape features on a regular basis, and prepare for inclement weather and seasonality as needed. <> 6 0 obj Painting: Inspect all finished surfaces for: Decorative Elements: Ornamental elements also undergo wear and tear. Holes in the roof from guy cables, TV antennas etc. endobj <> 29 0 obj The following are the major house inspection items that are normally found in the home inspection checklist. The following checklist will be useful in inspecting buildings on a regular basis to determine maintenance needs.

commercial property inspection checklist pdf

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