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Get a sneak peek by watching course trailers for a better idea of which classes to enroll in and see real research and academic work made by students like you. Visit these pages when you're planning to enroll in courses. As noted biographer, David McCullough, said in his lecture at Baylor, "history is an extension of life." We do this in part by preparing students for graduate studies and careers in law, public policy, government, education, business, and many other fields. If your course is cross-listed, consult the original department. Fall/ Winter/ Spring/ Summer Courses. Courses that speak to your moment. Winter 2021 History Courses This winter, the Department of History will be offering over 20 courses open to all students. Faculty Research Interests Manisha Sinha, a former M.A. Faculty information can be viewed in … Our department offers a full, rich curriculum in undergraduate and graduate education. Courses (European History 510) Courses (American History 512) Courses (African, Asian, Latin American, and Comparative History 516) Contact Us. degrees, annually servicing over 80 graduate majors. Graduate courses generally fall into two categories: colloquia (reading courses) and seminars (research courses… History has much to offer: courses, the Major, Minors, and the student organization, the Cornell Historical Society. : Apocalypticism in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, History of Public Health, Medicine and Disease, The History of Medicine in Western Society, Natives and Newcomers: Immigration and Migration in U.S. History, The Western Tradition and Contemporary Issues: From Ancient Greece to the Global Present, Introduction to the Discipline of History, The United States Constitution and American Society to 1877, The United States Constitution and American Society since 1877, The American Revolution and the New Nation, From the New Era to the New Frontier, 1921-1963, Native American History from European Contact to Removal, 1560-1820, Native American History from Removal to the Present, Black Americans During the Progressive Era, African American History Through Contemporary Film, Central America and the Caribbean since Independence, History of Medicine and Public Health in Latin America, Women, Gender, and Sexuality in the History of Christianity, Paul and His Influence in Early Christianity, Gnostics and Other Early Christian Heresies, Creating Medieval Monsters: Constructions of the "Other", History of the Italian Renaissance, 1250-1450, History of the Italian Renaissance, 1450-1600, Magic and Witchcraft in Early Modern Europe (1450-1750), Revolutionary and Napoleonic Europe, 1750-1815, People on the Move: Migration in Modern Europe, Religion and its Critics in Modern Europe, European Thought and Culture, 19th Century, European Thought and Culture, 20th Century, Nationalism, Socialism, and Revolution in Africa, History of US - Africa Relations, 1900 - Present, From Rubber to Coltan: A Long History of Violence and Exploitation in Central Africa, Intellectual and Social Movements in the Muslim World, Mongol World Empire: Central Eurasia, 1000-1500, The Silk Road: Commerce and Culture in Eurasia 200 BCE-1498 CE, History of Early Modern China: 14th-18th century, Jewish Life from the Renaissance to the Early Enlightenment, Messiahs and Messianism in Jewish History, 19th Century European International History, 20th-Century European International History, American Military History, 1902 to the Present, Asian American Women: Race, Sex, & Representations, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender History in the United States, 1940-Present, Medieval Women: Power, Piety, and Production, Women and Gender in Early Modern Europe: 1450-1750, Women in Modern Europe, from the 18th century to the Present, Trans-National History of World War II in Europe, Religion and Law in Comparative Perspective, History of Capitalism in Comparative and Global Perspective, Coca-Cola Globalization: The History of American Business and Global Environmental Change 1800-Today, Science and Society in Europe, from Copernicus to Newton, Science and Society in Europe, from Newton to Hawking, Explorations of Science, Technology and the Environment in East Asia, Environmental History of Ancient Greece and Rome, Race, Ethnicity, and Nation in Global Perspective, The U.S., Europe, and the Second World War: Intersections in 20th Century History, Shanghai, 1750 to 2050: History, Culture, and Language, Global Hotspots of the Early Modern World: Buenos Aires, Between France and Morocco: Inclusivity and Diversity in the Francophone World, Honors Seminar in Modern European History, Seminar in Russian, E European and Eurasian History, Seminar in Russian, East European and Eurasian History, Embedded Honors Seminar in International History, Seminar in World/Global/Transnational History, Seminar in the History of Environment, Technology, and Science, Seminar in the History and Theory of the State, Special Topics in African American History, Combined Undergrad and Grad Group Studies, Special Topics in Early Modern European History, Special Topics in Modern European History, Special Topics in Russian, East European, and Eurasian History, Special Topics in World/Global/Transnational History. Group C | U.S. History History 3342 | Social and Intellectual History of the United States, 1607-1865 History 3365 | US Early Republic, 1788-1828 History 3368V | US Social Justice and Reform History 3369Z | Immigration and US History History 3372 | Texas History: A Survey History 3373B | U.S. Women's History since 1877 History 3380 | The Desegregation of the South from 1944-1970 Special Topics in the History of Environment, Technology, and Science, Special Topics in the History and Theory of the State, Special Topics in the History of Ethnicity, Race, and the Nation, Special Topics in the History of Colonialism and Empire, Introduction to Quantitative Methods in History, Studies in Early American History to 1877, Graduate Readings in the American Revolution and Early Republic, Graduate Readings in the Early Republic & Antebellum America, Graduate Readings in Civil War and Reconstruction, African Americans During the 19th Century, African Americans During the 20th Century, 19th-Century African American Political Thought, The Civil Rights and Black Power Movements, Graduate Reading Seminar in Ancient History, Late Medieval Paleography and Diplomatics, Studies in Renaissance and Reformation History, European Thought and Culture, 19th-20th Century, Studies in Russian, Soviet, and Eurasian History, Introduction to Graduate-Level African History, Comparative History of The African Diaspora and Enslavement and Emancipation, Comparative History of the African Diaspora and Post-Emancipation, Colonial, & Post-Colonial Reality, African Women: History and Socioeconomic Change, East Asia and the Modern/Contemporary World, Introduction to Graduate-level East Asian Studies, Studies in Modern and/or Contemporary Chinese History, Studies in the History of Women and Gender, Introduction to the Field of Women's and Gender History, Studies in the History of Children, Childhood and Youth, Graduate Readings in Environmental History, Graduate Readings in the History of Technology, Graduate Readings in the History of Science, Graduate Readings in the History of Medicine and Health, Graduate Readings In Power, Culture and State, Comparative Historiographies and Theories in Race, Ethnicity, and Nation, The History of the Idea of Race in Europe, History of Literacy/Literacy Past and Present, Colloquium in the Philosophy of History, Historiography, and the Historian's Skills I, Colloquium in the Philosophy of History, Historiography, and the Historian's Skills II, Graduate Colloquium on Historical Writing, Prospectus Writing & Professional Development, Seminar in Early American History to 1877, Seminar in Renaissance and Reformation History, Seminar in the History of the Islamic World, Seminar in Environmental History, Technology and Science. Undergraduate History courses are listed by fields of concentration for the major here. If you need a meeting time or location for a class, check my.harvard.edu. Course Schedule. HISTORY IS HANDS ON, with opportunities for methods courses, internships, archival research, thesis writing and publishing. Applications will be reviewed as they are received. Select a broad range of courses covering most of the globe, most periods of human history, and most areas of human experience (gender, politics, economics, sexuality, law, war, etc. Courses For the most updated list of courses offered and more information including course times, locations, and enrollments, please see SIS or Lou's List . Undergraduate students may take all courses numbered 50–699. Professor Delmont Named Special Advisor to President Hanlon Historians inform modern discussions about the future of science and technology, medicine and public health, politics, society, culture, gender, race, war, and diplomacy. Courses The course offerings for the current year are available on this website, listed by level, for the 1000, 2000, 3000, and 4000 -level History courses. Our graduate studies program specifically offers students degrees in four broad fields: United States History, World History, European History, and Public History. Learn More Master of Arts Program in History. Framework and Requirements The Department of History at Rutgers University–New Brunswick is dedicated to the close study and teaching of history from all periods and places. History Department Rutgers University–Camden 429 Cooper St. Camden, NJ 08102. Read More ); Learn to do history: Frame a question. Welcome to the Department of History. For a general description of courses at various numerical levels, see the General Description of Undergraduate History Courses. Special Topics in the History of Religion. For a general description of courses at various numerical levels, see the General Description of Undergraduate History Courses. - Marcus Tullius Cicero. NOTE: The History Department only has course locations for HISTORY classes. Courses As announced by the President of Columbia University in April 2020, the 2020-2021 academic year will be comprised of three semesters: Fall 2020, Spring 2021, and Summer 2021. Undergraduate courses listed by course numbers can be found here. To see a complete list of courses across topics, time periods, and regions of the world, click on this article. For the most up-to-date information, please consult the UW Time Schedule.For a listing of all courses potentially offered, see the Course … The History Department offers a BA, a combined BA/MA, a minor, an MA in History, an MA in History and Public History, and a PhD. student from Stony Brook History, and now James L. and Shirley A. Draper Chair in American History at the University of Connecticut, published an evocative New York Times editorial about racial politics in the 2020 election. ... Department of History University of Washington 318 Smith Box 353560 Seattle, WA 98195-3560. Our faculty have earned national and international recognition for their scholarship as well for teaching. HISTORY HAS YOU COVERED for every need: Tier 1 & 2 writing, Race & Inclusion, Global Perspectives and Public Service. Courses. Two Yale seniors and a 2020 graduate have been named Rhodes Scholars in the first-ever virtual selection process, necessary due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether you are interested in working in government, private industry, non-profits, or academia, AU's Department of History offers a stepping stone to a promising career. The Department of History at Texas State offers M.A., and M.Ed. Introductory courses are numbered below 200. Meet our award-winning faculty and see what's happening in the department. If you still have a question, call The History Department main line at 617-495-2556. Our courses will sharpen your skills, expand your mind, and teach you about the world even if you do not become a history major. Faculty and Staff Resources The History Department is pleased to announce that the M.A. Note that students may take higher-level courses to meet lower-level course requirements (e.g. The renowned faculty of the Baylor University Department of History take McCullough's words as a challenge to not only teach the facts of history, but to turn them into lessons applicable to life. History Department Section of the Undergraduate Bulletin, General Description of Undergraduate History Courses. Together, we are shaping the way history is understood today and practiced tomorrow. HERE IS THE BASIC COURSE SCHEDULE If you have trouble finding the Zoom or online information for your course, please check your course Blackboard page or email … History Graduate Admissions. The GW History Department offers rigorous academics, award-winning faculty and access to the National Archives, the Library of Congress and the Smithsonian. program for professional history educators (ONLINE) applications for admission in the Fall 2020 semester open February 1, 2020. Undergraduate students may take all courses numbered 50–699. View Courses. Speaker: Shmuel Feiner, Professor of Jewish History, Bar-Ilan University; Chair, The Historical Society of Israel Chair: Derek J. Penslar, William Lee Frost Professor of Jewish History, Harvard University; CES Resident Faculty & Seminar Chair, Harvard University The 18th century was the first modern century in Jewish history.

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