This presentation will span four floors of the gallery featuring a large, site-specific mud work, text works and flint sculpture. Richard Long. Richard Long (artist) Sir Richard Julian Long, (born 2 June 1945) is an English sculptor and one of the best-known British land artists. 1967. The result is both one single unit and an assemblage of individual parts. Les interventions de Richard Long sont le résultat de déplacements, de l'homme et de la matière, dans le paysage, proposant ainsi une lecture de l'environnement, de son parcours à travers lui. La nature est à la fois sa matière et son support d'expression. Nevertheless, the artist Richard Long, who has lived there his entire life, has continued taking the long walks that are part of how he makes his art. Born in Clifton, a suburb of Bristol, England, as a young boy Richard Long played alone in the surrounding hillsides and lush nature of the Avon Gorge. ", "The speed of the hand gestures is important because that's what makes the splashes, which shows the wateriness of the mud, and water is the main subject and content of these works, they show its nature. Sir Richard Julian Long, CBE, RA is an English sculptor and one of the best-known British land artists. Progression of Art. ", "One thing I like about my work is all the different ways it can be in the world. This primal quality runs throughout his art, even pieces designed for a gallery or museum setting are crafted from elemental materials of stone, sticks, muds, or else are simply photographic or textual records of his experiences. Richard Long was born in 1945, in Bristol. Richard Paul Long étudie à Berlin, pour ensuite étudier la sculpture à la Saint Martin's School of Arts jusqu'en 1965. Furthermore, in rejecting artistic media and techniques in favor of minimalist rearrangements of natural materials, he harnesses unassuming materials to create meaningful statements. Richard Long. All Rights Reserved |, Tate Museum: Artist, Artworks, and Biography, James Cohan Gallery representing Richard Long, Art: At the Guggenheim, Works by Richard Long, Long discussing his artwork and practices - "Richard Long in conversation edited, with Stephen Snoddy, Director of The New Art Gallery Walsall 15 April 2014", Educational resource on some of his works. 1945) set off to hitchhike home to Bristol. Using his walks as art, Richard Long's excursions into nature and his minimally invasive marks on the landscape have broadened the definitions of sculpture to include performance and conceptual art. He was nominated in 1984, 1987 and 1988, and then won the award in 1989 for White Water Line. This work was executed directly onto the wall, painted with actual mud that Long transported from his hometown of Bristol to the museum in Ontario, Canada. Il travaille déjà à l'échelle du paysage. Expanding on the gestural chaos of Abstract Expressionism, Long moves his work further from traditional definitions of art by rejecting art materials or permanency. about place, locality, time, distance and measurement. Made while still a student at St Martin's School of Art in London, Long broke with the expectations of sculpture and demonstrated that an impermanent mark in nature could be a meaningful gesture. ", "My photographs are facts which bring the right accessibility to remote, lonely or otherwise unrecognizable works. The New York Times / Ceci fait partie de l'article Wikipédia utilisé sous licence CC-BY-SA. June 27, 2003, By Michael Brenson / The photograph creates a tangible marker of this action, but the piece itself was a temporary intervention in the landscape, quickly erased by the natural processes of growth and regeneration. He lives and works in Bristol, the city in which he was born. Sir Richard Long (knighted in 2018) is an inspiration to many artists. All that cosmic energy is there in my work. RICHARD LONG. UK, Wakefield, Longside Gallery UK, Warwick, Mead Gallery, Warwick University 2013. From that … Find an in-depth biography, exhibitions, original artworks for sale, the latest news, and sold auction prices.

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