Bigger and formidable baddies have yielded against some of the Avengers (one on one). Strange tried to bind Thanos but Thanos got free within seconds using Power Stone. For all you know he was trying to trick Strange into bringing out the Time Stone so he could take it BEFORE Strange could even USE it! Actually, the answer is a lot more complicated than what most people think. Seeing that many were assured that Thanos wouldn’t … The Russo Brothers were asked about this in Iowa City High School Q&A they did this spring.. The entire movie will last 5 minutes. He didn't just match strength for strength, he out-manuvered the hulk and used his own aggression against him. Strange use the Time Stone. This answer is based purely on my knowledge of the Marvel Cinematic Universe only. ... so Thanos figures he didn’t use when actually he already had. But like it was mentioned in the Doctor Strange movie , Saving Tony stark using the time stone would cause : “Temporal manipulations can create branches in time. Posted by 4 months ago [Avengers: Endgame] - Why didn't Dr. Strange is capable of traveling across timelines as he was the one in possession of the Time Stone. Dr Strange jobbed to Maw when he had the stone, and didn’t use the Time Stone against Thanos because there was no outcome of them winning while using it. He’s the villain. Strange has been shown to be capable of using the time stone to reverse time for a single object, leaving the rest of the world unaffected. Loading ... Dr Strange CURSED THE TIME STONE!!! Doc Strange goes back to when Thanos was a boy and turns him into a house plant boom problem solved. In the MCU, the Time Stone allows the user to travel through and freeze time. Doctor Strange also could’ve used his stone to reverse time at multiple instances during the movie or used it to trap Thanos in a time warp like he did with Dormammu. Wong tells Strange about the dangers of using the Eye, including the possibility of time loops and paradoxes. They had to lose the battle in order to win the war. The writers won't come up with a way to prevent it and Dr Strange will just use the Time Stone to easily defeat Thanos. Doctor Strange didn't trap Thanos in a loop using the Time Stone in Avengers: Infinity War, but why?In Stephen Strange's MCU debut, he beat Dark Dimension ruler Dormammu by trapping him in a neverending time loop, dying over and over until the demon agreed to his bargain and left Earth alone. Strange movie, I recall there being something about how the loop was Strange imposing our type of time on Dormamu, who wasn't accustomed to such a flow. Dr. Anthony Fauci explains the purpose of masks and why the American public wasn't immediately told to wear masks when the coronavirus pandemic first took hold in the U.S. The plan was never supposed to work. The original, famous Reddit recap simply related. Strange Didn't Cut The Gauntlet Off Thanos With A Portal The Cosmic Wonder. Gawd can someone please use to the time stone to go back in time and stop this thread from being created. Two reasons why the ending to 'Avengers: Infinity War' just didn't work. Strange grab the timestone and revive Tony that way. He didn’t turn back time because what we witnessed on screen was the one “successful” timeline Strange saw. I think vision is still alive and still in possession of the mind stone. I don't see any reason to think that using the Time Stone just on Tony would reverse the Snap. also I think Rick gets decapitated in season 9 Why didn't Dr Strange go back in time and just kill Thanos as a boy? Maybe that's why the god of mischief didn't end up getting a haircut from Stan Lee like Thor. "Why didn't Dr Strange use the time stone to defeat Thanos? 2 years ago In Doctor Strange, the titular hero (played by Benedict Cumberbatch) uses his new found magic skills in many different ways, but certainly one of the most interesting is how he learns to control time. That’s my humble opinion. There is no evidence in the movie that the Eye can be used to reverse time for a single object, so using it to fix his hands would require reversing time all the way back to prior to the accident. Why did no one use time stone to save Iron Man’s life in EG? We won’t find out until A4. When Dr Strange uses the time stone to reverse the effects of Kaecilius’ attack on the Hong Kong sanctum we see Kaecilius is … They didn't even need to have someone use the full gauntlet, they could easily have had Dr. Well, because Strange knew it wouldn't work. Why does everyone take Thanos at his word? So many what if's with Infinity War Also I don't think Thanos has the full Infinity Gauntlet and here's why. 3. Infinity War entrusts Doctor Strange with the Time Stone, as we explain what happens and why it happens. @Kwola-T Perhaps there he was aided a bit by Dormamu's default nature of being outside of our normal flow of time. OK, so, TL;DR: Doctor Strange possibly peered into the future before Thanos's Black Order came to New York, started a time loop, Groundhog Day'd the events of Infinity War 14 million times without us knowing, and made sure that Bruce Banner and Tony Stark knew how Infinity Stones worked and that Thor had enough time to build a big ax. Why didn't Captain Marvel just use the Gauntlet? People say it would undo the snap but thats not true since Scarlet destroyed the stone/vision and the reversal Thanos did had no effect on her. At this moment, the Time Stone was hidden by Dr. It was by using the Eye of Agamotto and Time Stone that he became even more powerful. Strange. As such Doctor Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) single-handedly pinned down the lord of Chaos, Dormammu in his standalone arc, and he did so in the most absurd way possible.. Q: In IW, Thanos used the time stone to reverse the time so he could the already dead Vision, and it didn’t cause any time parallax. And There's PROOF - Duration: 5:33. Why the fuck doesn’t Dr. Doctor Strange doesn’t fight Thanos in the Avengers: Endgame, and here’s why. Everything that happened, happened because it was supposed too. Close. Strange use the Time Stone on Tony at the end to reverse his injuries just like he reversed the Apple from being bitten? Clearly if they've been plotting to keep the stones safe from Thanos, they've failed. Benedict Cumberbatch’s magical hero has become one of the most powerful characters in all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Previously there were no hints that distance is a factor - in Dr Strange he is able to open one to an alternate universe so surely opening one to somewhere in his own galaxy or universe should be no problem. The apple whether it exists or didn’t would not affect the reality greatly. [Avengers: Endgame] - Why didn't Dr. That’s why viewers are sure it must have been absolutely necessary for him to give Thanos the Time Stone at the end of Infinity War. When asked why strange gave the time stone, he highly alluded to the “this is the only way” and him seeing the future scene so that basically confirmed that strange gave the stone to achieve the victory. Why doesn't Strange just open a portal and jump through as he demonstrated he could do on earth earlier in the film, and again later when they are on Titan? Strange use the Time Stone on Tony at the end to reverse his injuries just like he reversed the Apple from being bitten? 560. Strange did use the Stone to go forward in time where he saw 14 million different futures. This is why Doctor Strange never bothered to use time stone against Thanos. Thanos does the same in Infinity War when he uses the Time Stone to bring back Vision. Better question is why didn't Dr. Why didn't our heroes attempt the same trick they had on Titan, using Mantis to distract Thanos until someone could yank his Gauntlet off? Why Doctor Strange's Mad Methods Make Sense in Infinity War. | The Real Reason|" Hey nerd gang welcome back. Strange use the time stone to only act on Tony and reverse the damage to … Moreover, we can assume that all the events which happened in this confrontation were a part of the only future over 14M where Thanos loses, and that might by why Strange didn't do anything about it. A: It’s because even if you save Iron Man, it will still not change the fact that Thanos will eventually win the war. Doctor Strange’s quick learning helped him master the mystic arts. Here’s why. Because Doctor Strange saw the futures. 2. It didn't remotely make sense, but in the temporo/mysticobabble explanation at the end of the Dr. Discussion in 'Mayberry Lounge' started by Jack Handy jr, Jul 9, 2018. Thanos brought back Vision and a stone that way. Only Strange knew this though. Nope, you're right. Here are the reasons from My Point of view: 1. Why Dr. Why? @bobbyalex Dr. Why didn’t he use this free time to break open the Tesseract and use the Space Stone to teleport the Asgardians away? Bro. Unlike the Apple, Thanos isn’t Stationary non living object. However many fans wondered why didn’t he use this power in the battle against Thanos? In other words, PLOT lol.

why didn t dr strange reverse time

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