Although it had been announced a long time ago that she would be appearing in “The Psychologist”. Drama itu dibintangi oleh Yang Zi dan Jing Boran dan menjadi drama yang paling ditunggu saat ini di China. Yang Zi … Yang Zi and Kris Wu‘s new drama, ‘The Golden Hairpin’ (青簪行) has caused controversy among their fans since they started filming last year. The historical drama drops its first ever drama posters with main leads Yang Zi and Kris Wu on a rooftop. Chinese drama 2019: Yang Zi new drama, the first wave of kisses has been on the line, full screen is the feeling of first love. You can check out my summary and episode 1 recap of the show! Upcoming drama “The Oath of Love” (余生请多指教) has officially wrapped up filming on November 6. Yang Zi. In the new drama, Sean plays a surgeon who romances Yang Zi, the daughter of a patient. His face and frame looks very much like chinese actor Deng Lun (26). (2019) Yang Zi: Interesting Facts. This drama is "The Silent Witness". 亲爱的,热爱的 is a 2019 41-episode Chinese drama series starring Yang Zi and Li Xian. 20 Nov– Chinese actress Yang Zi (also known as Andy Yang) has recently dismissed the issues surrounding her upcoming drama, "A Story of Hairpin".. As reported on Singtao Daily, the issue sparked last week, when it was announced that she will be working alongside pop idol Kris Wu in the new series, … Yang Zi's new drama official announced the file, the 26-year-old partner, and many old drama players joined. Ten years later, they are just across the street, but in two different worlds. Actress Yang Zi, actor Li Yifeng and actress Zhao Liying attend premiere celebration of TV drama "Noble Aspirations" on July 13, 2016 in Beijing, China. It is based on the novel Stewed Squid with Honey by Mo Bao Fei Bao. The drama aired on Dragon TV and Zhejiang TV from July 9-July 31. Padahal syuting drama baru Yang Zi belum selesai. While the novel describes events that span more than a century, the TV drama … #Deng Lun Yang Zi# After a year, they finally got together in the same frame and even received an award together. "Negotiator" is a 2018 Viki Original Chinese drama directed by Liu Yizhi. Setelah syuting drama itu dimulai pada Minggu (1/11), The Psychologist langsung menduduki posisi 1 sebagai drama paling ditunggu. Syuting drama itu sendiri baru dimulai Minggu, 2 November di Hainan. Qin JunJie (25) graduated from the Central Academy of Drama in Beijing and starred in supporting roles in 'Curse of … In a recent Tencent event, it was finally revealed that Kris Wu and Yang Zi (names in the order it was mentioned) are indeed pairing up for a drama based on the novel Memoirs of the Golden Hairpin 簪中录.Retitled as Qing Zan Xing 青簪行, the story follows a female detective with a hidden secret who works a deal to pretend … Wondering if you should watch this new romantic comedy? Speaking of Yang Zi, everyone knows it. Get premium, high resolution news photos at Getty Images Ashes of Love is another drama that features actress Yang Zi! Yang Zi aka Andy Yang, is a Chinese actress.Noted for her roles in Ode to Joy (2016), Ashes of Love (2018) and Go Go Squid! But the drama had not been started until recently, when there was finally news of “The Psychologist” … Overall: The Oath of Love is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2020). He made his acting debut in the Chinese television drama The Dream of Red Mansions (2010). First, fans of both camps were concerned about top billing issue. At a recent Tencent event, it was announced that Yang Zi and Kris Wu have been cast for the historical drama based on the novel “簪中录” (Story of the Golden Hairpin) by author Ce Ce Qing Han (侧侧轻寒).. The Oath of Love cast: Sean Xiao, Yang Zi, … Read more The Oath of Love (2020) ... Coco July 17, 2019 Extras. Xie Xiaofei (Huang Zi Tao) is the reluctant heir to a lucrative business empire that spans two continents. Yang Zi's portrayal of the innocent and naive snake spirit; as well as her voice-dub for the character, received positive … Drama News: Yang Zi's new works, casting news, drama posters, and more If you're a fan of Yang Zi, there's yet another way to see her on screen. Yang Zi posted on Weibo in response to the recent controversy surrounding her upcoming drama with Kris Wu, ” The Golden Hairpin.” She revealed that there have been more and more negative comments circulating online regarding the drama and she could no longer stay silent. The drama is adapted from the novel Stewed Squid With Honey by Mo Bao Fei Bao. Am I finally getting lucky from the New Year? I look forward to the two to bring us better works~ Entertainment Updates: Yang Mi and Wallace Huo New Drama, Legend of Fuyao, Martial Universe, Handsome Sibling, Zhao Liying's First Concert, Yang Mi, Liu Yifei, and Angelababy's Photoshoot Drama News Yang Mi and Wallace Huo confirmed for upcoming drama 巨匠 (which translate into something like … Secret of the Three Kingdoms. Yang Zi. Ever since she became popular with the hit drama "Sweet … It is also officially scheduled for August 2nd. Thankfully, the series avoided the billing order drama from Yang Zi’s previous drama, “The Golden Hairpin”. Soaring in popularity after the drama The Untamed <陳情令>, Sean Xiao (肖戰) is currently filming new romantic drama The Oath of Love <餘生請多指教>.He will play a surgeon named Gu Wei, alongside leading actress Yang Zi … One hundred days before the university entrance exams, Chang Ke Ai and Yang Zi Hao made a bet in high school. Yang Zi (杨紫) and Jing Boran (井柏然) were announced as the female and male leads in the Youku drama, “The Psychologist” (女心理师), on September 10. When it was first released, I did notice it but gave it a miss because a love at first sight storyline isn't really anything new. Unexpectedly she had to give up her dreams of university to pay off a family debt. Here’s my take on Go Go Squid first impressions! 15. In 2019, Yang Zi starred in the youth-inspired romance drama “Go Go Squid!”, which gained quite a lot of attention and won the 26th Huading Award for Best … After Yang Zi finished filming “The Golden Hairpin” in the first half of this year, the news of the next drama’s shooting was delayed. Either the CP gods have heard our prayers or someone keeps yanking our chains. yang zi suffers backlash for her styling and acting in new drama September 04, 2019 C-drama , My Mowgli Boy , Yang Zi #Yang Zi CEO attire# Black suit and long haired version Yang Zi is here, hair in a swept back style along with pink lipstick super suitable for a queen like Xi ye! Her drama My Mowgli Boy with Ma Tianyu is coming to iQiyi on August 29th. This drama is the long-awaited follow-up to 2016’s “The Interpreter,” which also starred Yang Mi in a leading role. Ashes Of Love Review ... is an unexpected hit among viewers that it got my attention. It matters to the stars, as this will determine who plays the lead role. The series is adapted from author, Bi Shumin’s (毕 … The story focuses on a female detective who takes on the identity of an eunuch and helps a prince suffering from … In this trailer, not only the emotional drama between the male and female protagonists appeared, but also the drama group. As shown by the poster, Ma Tianyu's character has been raised outside of society and ends up meeting Yang Zi… Yang Zi(Andy Yang, 杨紫), born on 6 November 1992 in Beijing, is a Chinese actress and singer.

yang zi new drama

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