Bindweed. Warrior Cat Webs. All About Warrior Cats discussion. Hey, can I share a rabbit with you?" Alder Bark: Use for toothaches, it the best herb for it Borage Leaves: Use to treat fevers,best herb for it. Muddypaw dared to hope that Wheatpaw would forget to ask how his test went. Usage: For tooth pain. Wintergreen It treats wounds and some poisons. Warrior Cat Story. First Letter of First Name. Location: Grows mainly in boggy, wet terrain. Description: Arrow-head shaped leaves with pale white or pink trumpet shaped flowers. Cat Herbs Alder Bark The bark is used to treat cats who get toothaches, and the pain may heal. Prevents infection and swelling if chewed and applied to a wound. Alfalfa: If chewed, prevents tooth decay. Location: Grows mainly in boggy, wet terrain. Alder bark- Bark from a alder tree that is used to ease the pain in toothaches. "You'll be a warrior in no time! Almond Milk: helps soothe sore throats if chewed into a pulp and put with other herbs. Herbs; Addar Barrack: Used for toothache. ... Free Realms Warrior Cats Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Alder Bark. "Wow," said Wheatpaw. Well, it says how to use it right after the hyphens, --. Warrior cats also use lavender to ward off the scent of death in burials, along with mint. Guides > Medicine Cat Guide ... Toothache - Use alder bark. Alder Tree Bark: Treats toothache, swelling, pain, and prevents complications. Alder Bark This is used for tooth aches Beech Leaves This is used to carry other herbs in ... Willow Bark Willow bark eases pain. Warrior Cats Name Generator by CatPersonAtHeart. Alder Bark . Best Treatment: Get the cat's body warm at all costs but be careful not to do it too fast. Description: Large, broad leaves that can be serrated, entire or sparsely toothed. 5 views. Alder bark- Used to treat toothaches Usage- Chew on it Time of growth- All year round. Ideal to collect during new-leaf Location- Mainly boggy, wet terrains Beech leaves- Used by medicine cats to carry their herbs around Usage- To carry items Time of growth- During the middle of new-leaf Location- Grown anywhere that is not wet "What did you catch, Muddypaw?" Sitemap. When it is chewed and eaten by nursing queens, it produces better milk. For instance, Alder Bark is used for tooth and jaw pains, but in order to use it, you must chew on the bark. Aloe Vera: The gel inside of the leaves helps cure skin problems and burns. This is used to carry other herbs in Beech leaves- Leaves that are used by medicine cats that help carry herbs. bark's writing stuff ivypool hollyleaf squirrelflight leafpool briarlight whitewing dovewing jayfeather the three au wc au warriors au warrior cats au 15 notes Jul 19th, 2019 Open in app Warrior cat naming. The rest is in StarClan's paws. Catmint: Use to treat blackcough, greencough and whitecough. This is used for tooth aches Beech Leaves. Borage Leaves Small plants with pink or blue flowers and hairy leaves. Feverfew is good for fevers too. Cat Herbs; Warrior Names; Med. Medicine cat herbs. It also treats fevers. Description: Bark of the alder tree. Borage leaves also help a queen to produce milk. Traveling and Strengthening Herbs - Chamomile, burnet, daisy leaves or sorrel. Alder Bark for Toothache "My assessment was great!" Description: Large, broad leaves that can be serrated, entire or sparsely toothed. Effect: Eases toothaches. Wrenched Muscles - Comfrey, nettle and/or water therapy. Warrior Cats Name Generator Table of contents ~1~ ~RiverClan Names~ ... U- Alder V- Bark W- Rabbit X- Shrew Y- Root Z- Deer. Medicine cat herbs. "I caught two rabbits and a field mouse!" Lambs ear and ragweed also work. Burdock Root: Use for cuts and scrapes, especially rat bites. ... but you forgot a purpose of lavender. Also can help to relax a cat… Description: Bark of the alder tree. Keep the victim out of the wind and cold and place in a pre-warmed nest and have other cats sleep around him/her to give warmth. Falconpaw meowed. Beech Leaves . Beech Leaves. Herbs Alder Bark. Location: Grows in almost any soil that is not waterlogged. But he had thought too soon. A- Blaze B- Light C- Shade D- Pelt E- Fur F- Claw G- Fang H- Face I- Mask J- Tuft K- Cloud L- Flower M- … This is stated right after the two hyphens, --. Med. How do I use this herb, you might ask.
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