All candidates for Graduate Certificate in Public History and Cultural Heritage must complete HIST 6001, HIST 6124, and HIST 6125. The Advanced Certificate in Public History prepares students for the collection, preservation and dissemination of information about the past to the general public. Public historians use oral history, museums and other sites of exhibition and multimedia to engage popular audiences in discussion and debate around historical issues. Students who are not enrolled in degree program or those who wish to add a shorter sequence of classes in Public History to their course of study can consider taking a Public History Certificate. The certificate is awarded upon the completion of all degree requirements, including the internship. Kennesaw State University's public history certificate program trains students to think critically about the public presentation of history and culture and helps students develop tangible skills that will enable them to pursue graduate study in a number of fields as well as professional or avocational work at historic and cultural sites. Students enrolled in the M.A. Certificate in Public History. (It takes about 10-15 mins. Students must take an additional nine credits at the graduate level in Public History and Cultural Heritage courses as approved by the Program Director. The graduate certificate in Public History prepares graduate students for a variety of positions in a range of settings. HIST 4010 Introduction to Public History (Fall semester) HIST 4030 Internship in Historical Studies (Spring semester) Submission Information. Certificate in Public History. The Certificate in Public History draws on faculty expertise and the wealth of historical resources available in the Richmond area to prepare students for professional work in the field of public history. The Certificate in Public History is a graduate-level certificate for students enrolled in other MA programs at UMass Boston, or those who already hold an MA in a related field, such as History, Anthropology, Historical Archaeology, American Studies, English, or other fields. Public History Pursue your passion and give yourself an edge on the job market by studying Public History at the University of South Carolina! CERTIFICATE COURSEWORK. The Public History Navigator is a consumer’s guide to public history programs designed to help students prepare for, select, and succeed in a graduate public history program. If you would like to create an entry for your program, please complete the online form here. The Certificate in Public History program prepares students for non-teaching careers as historians outside the academy. to complete the online form. The graduate certificate in Public History will … Begun as the Applied History Program in 1975, our Public History Program is today one of the oldest and strongest in the country. Emphasis is placed on gaining skills and knowledge necessary for public and private sector employment in the fields of historic preservation, historic site assessment, archival management, and cultural resources management. The Certificate is designed to give students a grounding in the fundamentals of the field, preparing them for employment in public history organizations. The graduate certificate in Public History must be completed within six years from the semester date that the first course is taken. and the Ph.D. programs have the opportunity of earning a Certificate in Public History over the course of their degree.
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