The Constituent Chapter shall bear the name of the City or Province of its jurisdiction. In the year 1949, an entirely new dental law was enacted by the First Congress of the Republic of the Philippines, namely Republic Act No.417, entitled “An Act to Regulate the Practice of Dentistry in the Philippines and for Other Purposes”, signed into law by the then President Elpidio Quirino on June 18,1949. Voted and adopted this 20th day of March 1998 at the principal office by all incorporators. Tooth Decay. (As amended on April 30, 2008), Sec 2 Qualifications of the Members of the Comelec, a) Must be of good moral character The Publication Fund In the event the office of the President shall become vacant due to resignation, physical disability or other causes, the Executive Vice President shall succeed into the office of the President, and only for the unexpired portion of the latter’s term. 1 Should conflict arise in the Parliamentary proceedings and conduct of meetings in the Association, the “Parliamentary Rules” by Antonio Orendain shall be the guide. a) The Council shall be the consultative body of the Association on matters involving the Code of Ethics and on other matters relative to the interests of the PDA and make recommendations to the Board of Trustees for appropriate actions. (As amended on April 30, 2008). 1 The Continuing Dental Education Program shall be the primary responsibility of the Association towards the professional development of its members keeping them abreast with universal developments in the science and practice of dentistry. 6. Sec. Sec. This Resolution shall take effect after fifteen (15) days following the full and complete publication thereof in the Official Gazette, or in any newspapers of general circulation in the Philippines. Sec. Call to order 2 Appointments made by the President enumerated in the preceding section are subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees. Dental malpractice can occur when a dental patient is harmed through the provision of sub-standard care. 15.1 The entire referral process should be properly documented and entered In case of protest, the COMELEC’s term is automatically extended to an additional forty-five days provided that any protest should be resolved within the same period. To find more information on Philippines dental clinics please check out our listings. 1) To promote and maintain good physical and mental health of the members of the PDA. 3. OFFICERS OF THE ASSOCIATION THEIR ELECTION AND TENURE, Sec. 1) To establish a strong and harmonious relationship among the dentists, dental technologists and dental laboratory proprietors. If he/she confines himself/herself to the practice of a specialty, he/she may include the following; “practice limited to . 27. (As amended on April 30, 2008), The order of business in the first half of the session unless modified for valid reason shall be: book four. 4) To encourage participation to international conferences, workshops and seminars organized and initiated by the above mentioned organizations. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! d4) Protocol Powers and Functions. 2) To impose upon non dentists as described in Article XII, Section 1. to be members of their respective professional organization and to affiliate themselves with the PDA. 1 The officers of the Association shall be the elected members of the Board of Trustees, the Treasurer, the Auditor, the elected and appointed officers of the House of Delegates; the Council of PDA Presidents, and the members of the Commission on Elections. The charter will be reinstated in the following fiscal year if the required number of members is attained. Powers and Functions of the Board, Art. d) Must be a past or incumbent president of a chapter/affiliate. Sec. 5. There shall be a Commission on Election or COMELEC, an independent body which shall regulate and conduct the election of the Association and hear election protests and whose decision shall be final. e) VP Mindanao Definition and Scope of Practice.- Committee on Code of Ethics/ Complaints and Grievance 15.3 In case of transfer patients, receiving dentist must generate his/her own record as baseline information for the treatment. (As amended on April 30, 2008), b. 06-342, Series of 2006 upon complaint of a person, natural or juridical, or motu proprio, and shall accordingly, impose the disciplinary action of the nullification or suspension of the certificate of registration and professional identification card of the registered and licensed dentist, dental hygienist or dental technologist, or the cancellation of a temporary/special permit issued to a foreign dentist, should the respondent be found guilty under Sec. (As amended on April 30, 2008), Community Outreach /Cleft Lip/Palate; Elsie Gaches, Adopt a School/Barangay. 12.3 Preceptorship – the Board of Dentistry shall directly regulate the establishment and conduct of training delivered independently by an individual or group of dental professionals, having appropriate juridical personalities. (As amended on April 30, 2008), b) Auxilliary Member’s annual fee: The auxiliary member’s annual membership fee shall be determined by the Board of Trustees subject to the confirmation of the House of Delegates. XVII Sec. 1 The central office of the Philippine Dental Association, Inc. shall be in the building of the PDA located within Metro Manila. a6) Awards NUMBER OF GOVERNMENT HEALTH WORKERS, PHILIPPINES, 2008 Area Number of Government Health Workers Doctors Dentists Nurses Midwives Philippines 2838 1891 4576 17437 NCR 590 498 723 1135 CAR 89 40 131 637 I 159 105 259 1014 II 97 65 196 839 III 278 176 441 1662 IVA 238 189 472 1818 IVB 83 68 142 555 Sec. (As amended on April 30, 2008), ARTICLE XVIII General Fund – 32.5% The Association shall solicit donations, accept grants and/or assigns from any legitimate source, whether in cash or in kind. Reading and approval of the Minutes of the Previous Session e. Committee on Public Health Republic Act 2644 – Philippine Midwifery Act. f. The Affiliate Member: is a licensed dentist from a foreign country who desires to be a member of the Association provided he/she passes the eligibility requirements and acceptance procedures set forth by the Board of Trustees. 5 The Association shall have on its income the interest on accounts placed on savings and time deposits. 2 For effective administration, supervision, and control, the Philippines shall be divided into four regions, to be represented in the Board of Trustees by a Vice President each for Northern Luzon*, Southern Luzon*, Visayas and Mindanao. (As amended on April 30, 2008), c. Such presentation should be at least two months prior to campaign period. Art. Bioethics – Every dentist participating in research projects involving procedure in the oral cavity to any person/s must conform to international ethical standards taking into considerations the human rights of the subjects and duly informing them of the outcome and risks of the study. Only laws passed by the Congress of the Philippines and other preceding bodies are listed here; presidential decrees and other executive issuances which may otherwise carry the force of law are excluded. THE COMMISSION ON ELECTIONS 7) To maintain operations of the Oral Health Research Center. g) It shall hold a business meeting within two months prior to the PDA Annual Convention to elect its officers. (As amended on April 30, 2008), ARTICLE VII Professional Opinion/Testimony – The dentist shall institute corrective treatment in case of faulty management by another dentist without criticism. (As amended on April 30, 2008), IV) Committee on Constitution & By Laws and Legislation. (COMELEC) and the appointed representatives of the dental hygienists and dental technologists (As amended on April 30, 2008). WHEREAS, the Board, in consultation with stakeholders, deliberated over the provisions of the said draft, thereby enhancing, subsequently accepting, and embracing the same as part of the rules and regulations of the Board implementing R.A. No. 4419, otherwise known as “an act to regulate the practice of dentistry in the philippines, and for other purposes”, and republic act no. 1 The Association shall hold an annual convention within the month of November unless inevitable circumstances prevails, the same shall be held not more than a month earlier or later than the fiscal month upon the approval of the Board. Performance of Obligations – The dentist shall perform in good faith and with due diligence all his/her obligations arising from agreements with patients, or other persons and financing institution, or other instrumentalities, so as not to undermine the prestige of the profession. Sec. 5) To arrange an exchange program of print materials, video films and other materials which can contribute to the technical professional growth of the members of the Association. Dental Practice in the Philippines; and (f) The stipulation of penalties for &actions or violations of this Act or any other laws, rules and regulations authorized under the provisions of this Act. House of Delegates Fund – 10% Here we list down the most popular and common providers in the market today. Election of Officers The order of business of the second half of the session shall be: 1. Violation of the Code of Ethics of Dental Practice in the Philippines, iv. PENALTIES AND/OR FINES, Sec.1 Sources of Funds: Annual Membership Fees, a) Active Members annual fee: The active member’s annual membership fee shall be determined by theBoard of Trustees subject to the confirmation of the House of Delegates. SECTION 24. e) The national association of dental hygienists and dental technologists shall be represented by one delegate each with no voting rights. Section 2. ARTICLE XII ETC. (As amended on April 30, 2008), Committee on Information (Publication and Website) (As amended on April 30, 2008). SOURCES AND CLASSIFICATION OF FUNDS (As amended on April 30, 2008), h) The House Assistant Secretary – Performs such duties and functions as may be assigned to him/her by the House Secretary; reports direct to the House Secretary. Each Specialty Society must evolve its own system of accreditation of its members subject to the approval of the Board and the Commission; provided, that specialty training, accredit training programs under the its area of specialization, assist the Board of Dentistry in monitoring the different specialty programs and preceptorship, establish its council, police its own ranks; and shall at all times safeguard the public against those who do not meet the qualifications prescribed by the system. Administrative Code of the Philippines: appointee to the Dental Board shall not be a member of the faculty of the dental school. (As amended on April 30, 2008). Regulatory Code of Dental Practice in the Philippines. Sec. To get started visit the Dental Licensure Map and select the state where you want to practice dentistry. Let copy hereof be forwarded to PDA, Inc. and other dental organizations or societies for dissemination to all concerned. He/She shall perform such other duties that shall be assigned to him/her from time to time. Section 25. President-Elect, (SGD) DR. CELESTINO N. APRIETO Chairman, to serve for one (1) year b) Must have at least 5 years of active membership in the PDA. 1. . Sec. a) Disbursements shall be supported by receipts; b) Disbursements above the maximum specified by the Board shall not be made without latter’s approval. c4) Dental Tourism Sixteenth Congress. Begun and held in Metro Manila, on Monday, the twenty-seventh day of July, two thousand fifteen. 5 The presiding officer of the Board of Trustees is the president, assisted by the secretary, who shall be the executive director. The members of the Council who shall serve in the Board of Governors shall be in accordance to a line of succession, serving for a term of one year and following the fiscal year of the PDA. 3. Discoveries Of Work – In the interest of public health, the dentist, dental hygienist, and dental technologist must make available their discoveries, inventions, or works which are useful in safeguarding or promoting health, subject to government regulatory laws. 7. 1 The appointive officers of the Association shall be the Executive Director, the Editors, the Public Relations Officer, the Protocol Officer, the Regional Coordinators and the members of the COMELEC. 5; or donation, or grants for particular programs or projects of the Association. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Oral Health Care Program – The dentist, dental hygienist, and dental technologist shall participate in programs designed for oral health education and care. The Welfare and Trust Fund ITS POWERS AND FUNCTIONS; COMPOSITION; OFFICERS AND THEIR TENURE; THEIR DUTIES AND OBLIGATIONS; THE SESSIONS OF THE HOUSE, AND DELEGATE ACCREDITATION. Each of them is under the management of a special committee of a chairman and two members, except the Publications fund which is managed by the respective publication staff of the PDA headed by the Editors of the Journal and Bulletin of the PDA. Manage the operations of the House of Delegates including the efficient performance of the duties of the HOD officers. All excess funds shall not be reverted to the general fund but will remain in its different allocation at the next fiscal year. Republic Act 3573 – Law on reporting of Communicable Diseases. 6. The DECS Memorandum No. Republic Act 1891 – Act strengthening Health and Dental services in the rural areas. 9484 for violation of this Code, or Sec. c1) Conventions There shall be a Board of Governors, drawn from the Council of PDA Presidents who shall administer or manage the affairs of the Council, composed of five (5) members, as follows: a) Chairman – who is the most senior among the chronological order (list) of PDA Past Presidents; 2 Admission to any continuing education program during the annual convention shall be limited to: Transfer of Patients – The dentist shall properly endorse his or her patient to another dentist with proper release of documents in instances such as transfer of residence or palace of work of either the patient or dentist; closure of the dental clinic; or migration of the dentist to another country, in instances wherein healthy relation between patient and dentist no longer exists, for whatever reason. 20.3 Professional Stationery – A dentist, dental hygienist, or dental technologist shall identify himself/herself as dental practitioner only in the following manner. 2 There shall be a House of Delegates which shall be the legislative body of the Association. Call to order 9484, known as “ The Philippine Dental Act of 2007”); WHEREAS Sec. j) The chapter shall meet regularly and elect their officers in accordance to their By-Laws. Building and Trust Funds b. 3 The elective officers of the Association shall serve for one year. 417. 6. See to it that Filipino dentists will be a part of international network and conduct their practice under the Code of Ethics. a) A member of the Board shall hold office for a term of one year and shall continue to serve until his successor shall have been elected and duly qualified. Dental costs in the Philippines are very affordable. 4) To keep the members of the dental, dental hygiene and dental technology professions informed of such bills as may be proposed or which are currently under consideration by Congress which affected the oral health of the public, the dentists, and the practice of dentistry. Section 1. PDA ID ... subject to existing laws and regulations. Republic of the Philippines Congress of the Philippines Metro Manila. c) The Executive Vice President 1) succeeds the President when the latter’s position becomes vacant; and 2) presides over the meetings of the Board of Trustees when the President is absent; and 3) is an ex-officio member of the House of Delegates. 3) Audit of PDA Books of Accounts The dentist must discuss the treatment plan, options, and corresponding fees for the proposed treatment options. A2ii) Calamity Fund Sec. d) Monies generated during the annual convention should be reverted to the general funds within 30 days after the last day of the convention. If you’re an expat or tourist visiting the Philippines, you must have a health insurance plan. d) VP Visayas 2.) Section 8. At least 20% discount on medical & dental services including (diagnostic and laboratory fees & professional fees of attending doctors in all private hospitals & medical facilities). e) Auditor – the next in line of seniority. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. (As amended on April 30, 2008), Sec. : 5. b2) Ways and Means Required fields are marked *. a) The President shall 1) address the opening session of the House of Delegates, 2) deliver an address at the inaugural meeting of the annual session next following his election as President-Elect, 3) sit as ex-officio member of the House of Delegates, 4) preside at all the meetings of the association and the Board of Trustees, 5) act as official representative of the Association in its contacts with the governmental agencies, civic, health, business, and other professional organizations for the purpose of advancing the policies and objectives of the Association, 6) to call special meeting of the House of Delegates and/or the Board of Trustees as provided for in Sec. The funds of the Association shall be classified into GENERAL FUND, and SPECIAL AND FIDUCIARY FUND. 1) To recommend necessary amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws to the House of Delegates to keep it attuned to the needs of the time. (632) 8651-7800 DOH Call Center Telephone No: (632) 8651-7800 local 5003-5004 (632) 165-364 Mobile No (DOH Main Office): +63919-1601418 Email Address: This reservation gives due respect to the other provisions of tax and other special laws tending to provide non-taxable benefits. Duties and obligation of the Parliamentarian – acts as counsel to the Speaker and interprets constitutional provisions. e) The House Secretary – The House Secretary shall be responsible in the taking of record of the House proceedings and to furnish copies of the same the Office of the Executive Director. This applies to those benefits that may have been existing as of the effectivity of fringe benefits tax in the Philippines last January 1998, and those that may later be legislated. Its End of the Term Session shall be divided into two: adjourning from the first half to the second as time shall permit without having conflict in the schedules of the session and the lectures and/or table clinics of the continuing education program of the convention. 1) The Committee shall gather and evaluate evidence on referred cases involving illegal practice of Dentistry in the Philippines and with the aid of Counsel, file cases in court. 1) To identify and establish criteria of different end-of-the-year awards of the Association in: Regional Level – Most Outstanding Chapter/Chapter President dental, and optical clinics, health centers, nursing homes, dispensaries and laboratories; e. Public conveyance and public facilities including airport and ship terminals ... into the Philippines intended for sale to the market, starting 1 January 2004, shall be printed, in either English or Filipino, on a rotating basis o separately 4) To coordinate with the Chapter and Affiliate Presidents of the PDA to serve as the collection and remitting agent in facilitating enrollment of their members. A2iii) Mortuary Republic of the Philippines Congress of the Philippines Metro Manila. The following table lists of Philippine laws which have been mentioned in Wikipedia, or which are otherwise notable. 5. (As amended on April 30, 2008). Republic Act 2382 – Philippine Medical Act which regulates the practice of medicines in the Philippines. Sec. Fourth Dental Law: Repealed all laws to include 3538. XIII Sec. b) VP North. Canvassing of Ballots 1 The Association shall adopt an official emblem as registered with the heraldry Commission of the Republic of the Philippines. Sec. The Philippines is one country where expats find dental problems a non-issue. (As amended on April 30, 2008), c) The term of office of any member of the Board may be terminated with three (3) unjustifiable and unexcused absences in a series of six (6) consecutive regular meetings. Sixteenth Congress. 1) To acquire a Comprehensive Medical Healthcare Insurance or HMO Provider for PDA members who wishes to have a Medical Healthcare Insurance that has a complete package of health benefits with a high quality of service that could provide the hospital and medical needs affordable and available to every members of PDA, their clinic staff and their dependents. (As amended on April 30, 2008). 3) A filing fee of ten thousand pesos (P10,000.00) in cash and non refundable shall be paid to the PDA Treasurer to defray the initial cost of the protest and thereafter petitioner shall be billed not more than P50,000 of the bond. Supervision Of Work – The dentist shall supervise his/her associates and his/her auxiliaries in the performance of their duties and shall at all times assure delivery of quality standards of care. Since then, a number of laws have been passed – the landmark legislation of which was the National Health Insurance Act of 1995 (Republic Act 7875). The incoming President of the Association and the newly elected national officers of the association shall be inducted into office during the annual convention. However, the Philippines still lacked a comprehensive tax system and few limitations were placed on the government's power to levy taxes, which changed with the ratification of the modern Philippine Constitution in 1987 which specifically details the authority of the government to establish taxes. (As amended on April 30, 2008), e) Committee on Public Health 4 The Charter Certificate of Chapter Constituency; and the Charter Certificate of Affiliation, a) The House of Delegates in session or the Board of Trustees in its ad interim capacity, shall grant a Charter Certificate of Chapter Constituency to any city, and/or provincial organization of dentists with at least 20 members whose officers and members are registered members of the Philippine Dental Association. There are two types of extraction; Simple and Surgical extraction. an act to regulate the practice of dentistry, dental hygiene and dental technology in the philippines, repealing for the purpose republic act no. 1) To design and prepare programs for national, area, regional, chapter/affiliate society scientific meetings and symposia. Sec. The PDA President shall indorse to or file with the Board of Dentistry the committee’s finding for administrative action. (As amended on April 30, 2008). b) The Council shall offer its services to mediate any issues that may arise from time to time in the House of Delegates. e) The Treasurer may appoint deputies other than the Assistant Treasurer duly appointed by the Board of Trustees, but the Treasurer shall remain the responsible officer for the funds, and who shall be accountable to the Association. (As amended on April 30, 2008), Sec. 3 Term of Office Section 21. (As amended on April 30, 2008), The Commission on Elections of the PDA, hygienists and technologists shall regulate and conduct the election of the officers of the Association, receive election protests, investigate, conduct hearings and make a final decision, settle matters of election protests and whose decision shall be final. a4) Sports fundamentals and better governance. The annual constituent assembly meeting shall be held on the 2nd Tuesday of November. (As amended on April 30, 2008). Announcements in print, website, e-cards, and other electronic form of communication shall be posted within thirty (30) days from the date of opening. A Constituent Chapter of the Association may be organized in a city, or province of the Republic of the Philippines and government entities such as the AFP and PNP with no fixed geographical designation. 4 Duties and obligations of the Officers of the House of Delegates: a) The Speaker: The Speaker of the House of Delegates shall preside over the sessions of the House, sit or represent in the sessions of the Board to take cognizance of the ad-interim functions of the Board of Trustees; shall act as the parliamentarian of the Board of Trustees and to appoint the appointive officers of the House of Delegates. The name of the practice shall conform to the high esteem of the profession avoiding commercialized names, which may be inappropriate to the profession. Sec. 1) Manage the protocol requirements of the PDA functions as per the Book of Protocol. Medical, nursing, medical technology, midwifery, dental, optometry laws in the Philippines and related laws by Philippines., unknown edition, The chartership of AFP and PNP dental societies shall be reclassified as a local chapter. 1. Sec. They shall participate in volunteer programs for the delivery of oral health services in underserved and underprivileged areas. a) The Council shall meet quarterly, one during the annual convention and another during the Mid-year session of the PDA, or as often as the Chairman may determine. 4. e) To deliberate and act on the annual financial report of the Treasurer; f) To deliberate and act on the annual report of the PDA President and chairman of the Board; g) To deliberate and act on the PDA budget for the next fiscal year; h) To confirm appointments of the members of the COMELEC and representatives of the dental hygienists and dental technologists to the Board of Trustees. 2) To coordinate with all concerned, determine and recommend the time, date, place of the affair, guest list and other matters regarding its activities. Only an active member in good standing for at least three (3) consecutive years prior to the election shall be eligible for election to any office and such other qualifications for candidacy as maybe provided for within this Constitution and By-Laws . 9 The Continuing Education Committee shall strictly enforce the programs duly approved by the PDA Board of Trustees independent of the conditions set by the sponsoring entity. 5) To encourage all dental laboratories in a national scale in complying with the newly amended Presidential Decree No. 3) To institutionalize specifications of the awards. Vice President for Metro Manila, (SGD) DR. CYNTHIA U. DELA CRUZ Medical clearance must be filed with the patients dental records and must be in his/her safekeeping for at least ten (10) years. Holidays: Eleven (11) paidnational regular holidays and Nine (9) national special holidays per year as provided under Proclamation No. III of R.A. No. 1) Preparation of materials for Publication on Public Health Education and dental care such as pamphlets, films, film slides, postcards and exhibits, for the use of teachers and health education workers and for exhibition and distribution to the general public especially during the National Dental Health Week Celebration, Outreach Project, Barangay Health Seminars. (As amended on April 30, 2008), Sec.1 The Association shall provide publications to all members in good standing. In 2018, the Philippines implemented a sugar tax. Section 7. (For checks) The President or Executive Vice President and Treasurer (disbursements). 2) To recommend and secure measures for the productive safekeeping and sound investments of funds generated. 1) To gather informative materials for disemmination to the public regarding the importance of oral health. c5) NDHM c. One who is able to settle conflicting issues in accordance with the Constitution & By- Laws of the Association. The PRC announced the July 2013 Dental Hygienist Board Exam Results. a) Committee on Membership (As amended on April 30, 2008), d) Committee on Constitution, By-Laws and Legislation 2.) 7. 1) To generate other fund sources (As approved on April 30, 2008). Your email address will not be published. 6. Conduct unbecoming of any PDA officer and member, v. Violations of any provisions of the PDA Constitution and By laws (As amended on April 30, 2008), Sec. Committee on Membership Active membership fee: The Active Membership Fee covering the annual fee, shall be determined by the Board of Trustees, subject to confirmation by the House of Delegates. Sec. c. The annual convention dues shall be collected from the member of the Association registered at the convention in the amount that shall be determined by the Board of Trustees. Dental services (depending on the plan) Cash assistance (fixed amount) depending on the illness. 12.2 Continuing Professional Education Development Credits (CDEC) – – Every dentist, dental hygienist, or dental technologist shall complete a minimum of sixty (60) Continuing Education/Development Credit units every three (3) years prior to the renewal of his Professional Identification Card, provided that the nature of the CPE programs shall conform to the advance competency program stipulated by the CPE Council. GENERAL FISCAL PROVISIONS, (As amended on April 30, 2008), 1.) Sec. Roll Call The official delegates of Constituent Chapter and of Societies affiliated with the Association shall present a certificate of accreditation to their being the duly elected or appointed delegates to the House and duly signed by the President and Secretary of his chapter or affiliated society.
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