We’ve seen agents write off their computers, phone and office space. You’ll want to make sure you have access to a computer full-time, a phone and the internet. Lately I've been reading a lot of awesome posts about the deals people have gotten through a travel agent. Important Dates when Planning a Disney World Vacation. Because most agencies take about half of your commission for themselves. When an agent completes a booking, most of the time they are going to be paid after the travel takes place. I make an attempt to stay in every new Disney Resort within a few weeks after it opens. As an agent, you can expect to be paid within 30 days after your guests has finished travelling. Personally, I think it is a dumb rule, but it is what it is. Travel agents selling Disney, rejoice! It’s pretty simple actually. Essentially working 24 hours 7 days a week. If the thought of trying to snag discounts as soon as they come out is overwhelming, you might want to consider using a travel agent. This alone has spend up the process of booking a Disney vacation while keeping the personal touch of a human involved. The next thing everyone says is “that would be the best job on earth!”. No matter what you choose to do, you will always be considered an independent contractor to an agency and not an employee. Most days at Mouseketrips are pretty normal. Fiance and I are getting ready to plan our disney honeymoon. What is it like to be a Disney Travel agent? They earn revenue via a commission from Disney. Typically this is done when you expect to be paid more than a certain amount each year. Thanks for sharing. One of the great things about the DTA program is that they want their agents to be involved in what they sell. It is very helpful to me to experience everything new that Disney has to offer, so I can fully help my clients as well as the agents who work for Mouseketrips. Then, if your cut of that was 60 percent, you'd receive a total of $240 for booking the trip. Then, back to email and the phone to take care of clients’ messages I received during my time away. There are a lot of authorize travel agents in the Central Florida area. Disney World travel agents are typically highly trained and Disney-focused agents that can help you plan the entirety of your vacation. So, what exactly is it like being a Disney Travel agent? Don’t be fooled by classes or online schools that offer to teach you how to be a travel agent, those are a waste of your time and money. The only problem with AAA is that you need membership in order to enjoy the discounts. Carol – Yes, we provide some leads, but our agents are also required to find some of their own leads too. Thank you. Travel agents can enjoy a 20% discount through their ASTA, IATA, or CLIA card. We are real people with families and lives. When you’re prepared for all of the above, that’s when you’ll succeed the most. Don’t put it past yourself to ask this question. It is worth every penny, I am just not effective working from home. Hello, how do you book a vacation for your own family? When people hear what it is that I do for a living, most are stunned that there is enough business for me to feed my family. Working with Disney “technology” every day. However, booking your vacation with a Disney travel agent can at times save you money. Disney travel agents make their living from a small commission paid to them by Disney for booking your vacation. Hello. Jodi – Mouseketrip is always hiring the right person. Well, they are right and they are wrong, just like any other job, there are great things about it, and some not so great things. You no longer need extensive education or experience, you can become a virtual travel … Basically, don’t bank on something. One of our promises at Mouseketrips is that we will rebook your trip if a discount is released to save you money. While agencies enroll you for free into these programs, there is a cost for your agent ID card at $120 per calendar year. Most agencies earn a standard 10 percent commission on vacations they book. You won't pay any more, but you'll have a much better vacation experience. Depending on your agency, and their status with Disney, you may or may not get discounted rooms and tickets at Disney destinations. Click here for more info 28. Such incentives add value to your vacation dollar. There isn’t anything worse that realizing that a client’s Disney Cruise was cancelled because you forgot to tell him the balance was due. First thing, I check my email to see if there are any client emergencies that have cropped up overnight (there usually are), and sort through my email from clients and prioritize it. PO Box 10,000, Lake Buena Vista, Florida 32830 I understand that I can withdraw my consent for marketing messages from Disney Destinations Travel Agency Sales at any time. Travel agents make their money by the commission they are paid from Disney – not from the client. You will find that a lot travel agents own or write for Disney blogs and websites. No. Once posted on the website, the information is then added to Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. You don’t want to be booking a clients vacation while your dog is barking or kids are hitting you with pillows (this has happened). - A friend of mine is thinking of becoming a travel agent. You can pause, stop and continue any lesson later if needs be. What kind of commission do you get paid for bookings? All of my clients are always really happy to deal with me, they get to go to Disney after all. Cancelled trips don’t pay thus agencies have to wait. College of Disney Knowledge sessions are done in Powerpoint presentation with voiceover. Travel agents don't really get all that great discounts because if your company is small most places don't offer you much. Agencies like Park Savers will send you a welcome packet after you’ve joined. It usually takes a few hours to answer all the emails, call clients and call Disney to take care of any changes, reservations or whatever. The entire training process can be done in about 24 hrs though we highly recommend taking it slow to begin with. This includes Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World Resort, Aulani, Disney Cruise Line, Adventures by Disney and their beach resorts. Good Disney travel agents are always on top of the latest discounts and will work to secure you the best deal for your money. Thankfully, these days are few and far between, we may have 10 – 12 per year at most. Your CLIA or IATA membership will come from your agency. You may need to find a local agency to work for. You’ll also be expected to know different vacation components like tickets and their options, resort hotels, lands inside the parks and names of firework shows to name a few. Thanks for subscribing! This is because Disney only pays after the guest has travelled, for obvious reasons. Offer Details: AAA Travel is an extremely reliable way to get discounts on Disney tickets. In order to do so, we have to actually change each reservation and make sure you are getting the best deal. I’ve hear of contractors paying a $200 annual fee to cover a Google Business account, the agency Errors & Omissions / Professional Liability Insurance, bonds, licenses and administrative costs such as shipping of client documents to the agent. We get a ton of applications (maybe 10 – 15 per week), and we may hire 1 person every month or two. Look for an agent who has the Disney Specialist designation and who has attended the College of Disney Knowledge. (Though Airbnb listings do come up in Hipmunk ‘s hotel search, allowing to compare vacation rentals and hotel rooms side by side.) This is the price before taxes are added. There is a lot more busy work and time required that people think. Disney knows that technology has advanced past the need of in person meetings when it comes to travel. While I wouldn’t ever classify myself as a Disney geek, I do love the Disney parks, and there are few places I would rather take my kids than on a Disney vacation. Joining an agency like Park Savers takes little to no travel skill at all. I usually work for a few hours in the late evening from home replying to emails, putting out fires and planning for the next day. Hello !!! I've been to Disney World over 70 times in … The majority of travel agents specializing in Disney started working in the industry because of their passion for Disney travel. Park Savers however, will complete the payment to you within 7 days or less which is another nice perk that they offer. Memorizing cruise ship names and the names of restaurants they offer isn’t something to just glaze over. What a Disney specialist travel agent CAN do is make sure you get the absolute best value for your money, especially if you are staying on-property. If this is something you want to do, take your time doing research on agencies, don’t even apply to an agency if you wouldn’t’ use them to book your own Disney vacation. The term “travel agent” can sound outdated at times. Here’s a list of some: Disney Travel Agent Rates on Walt Disney World® Resort Hotels (typically 50% off) 1 FREE 1 Day Park Hopper® Ticket to the Walt Disney World® Resort OR an extremely discounted 2 – 10 Day Park Hopper® Ticket (one per year) Travel Agent Rates on … Doing weeks worth of work and having the client cancel their vacation. When it comes to Disney, you can typically expect an agency to get 10% across the board with a few exceptions. Each day I also add a few fun Disney images to our Facebook page that I have to create. Disney travel agents specialize in helping people plan trips to Disney parks and resorts, as well as booking Disney cruises and international tours through Adventures by Disney. Disney Destinations Travel Agency Sales (Disney Travel News). It is very fun to help people plan their Disney vacations, I can’t complain about that, and Disney is a great product to sell. Control freaks may not be comfortable relying on somebody else to book their trip. Dani – Our training will prepare you to handle all of your clients needs before you start working with clients. Thanks to the rise of the virtual travel agency, it's easier than ever to qualify for these discounts for yourself and your family. Thanks! Most agents are paid by check though some can be paid by PayPal or Venmo. They are really, really hard to book, but I will get there. If you don’t plan to travel in a certain year, then you don’t have to get it. This is because all your training is provided at the time of joining. In a typical week, I work about 50 – 60 hours. To become a Disney travel agent you first need to join an authorized agency that is registered with Disney as a seller of travel. Some days, this is a pretty quick process, some days, it may take me 5 – 7 hours just to get through my email. Most decent Disney agencies will have it set up so you would qualify for one discounted trip each year, but again, it will depend on the agency. As the owner, I am also in charge of all marketing for the company, which takes up a good chunk of time each day. I try not to work on Saturday, other than addressing urgent problems, and I try to ignore work if all possible on Sunday. If you work for a online travel company you get all the perks an agent would get plus since your company brings millions of dollars to a hotel, cruise, ect you get better discounts. Being an agency owner, I also get quite a few perks from Disney, especially when Disney has a big event. 6. An agency like Park Savers actually starts you out at 70% and then lets you go up from there. Travel agents can help you put your whole plan together. Training and booking in a quiet place where at an office or home is desirable. And when this happens, the clients becomes one for life. Disney travel agents have successfully passed the Disney College of Knowledge courses and must recertify each year. While the Enchanted Evening option can be added to any Walt Disney Travel Company/Walt Disney World Resort Hotel package, it is not available at the Swan and Dolphin Hotels, the Four Seasons Resort Orlando, Disney Springs Resort Area Hotels, Gateway Hotels or Good Neighbor Hotels. Disney World reservations open at 5:00 AM my time, so I have to be on the phone dialing and redialing just to give myself a chance of getting in to talk to a Disney cast member. And of course, I “have” to go to Disney for work. The standard industry pay on a vacation package is 10% to the agency. BTW, the Grand Floridian Villas are to die for. This is because the average package costs a client around $2,500 to $3,500 for Disneyland in Southern California and about $3,500-$4,000 at Walt Disney World. Many travel agents like to register as an LLC for the protection that it offers as well as the various tax write-offs. Most decent Disney agencies will have it set up so you would qualify for one discounted trip each year, but again, it will depend on the agency. But Disney travel agents are different. Again, we’re not offering professional advice here so talk with an expert. With websites like Expedia, Priceline and Google, there’s almost no reason to even speak with a person in this way. Personally, I have an office for our agency, but I split my time between there and home. There is booking total Disney travel, and there is buying ONLY Disney tickets. All Disney trips end up being working vacations. We will highlight one thing before getting into the details: All perks from Disney are subject to change. They set up everything from FastPass times to hotel reservations. Planning. Thank you. Disney offers something called the College of Disney Knowledge which helps train a new agent on each of the vacations they offer. HAWAIIAN - AD75 / AD50 Hawaiian Airlines Agent Discount Hawaiian Airlines, Inc. offers reduced rates to ARC/IATA travel agents with prior written approval by Hawaiian Airlines sales office. Many will offer a tier program that lets you keep more as you book more. You always want to sound and be professional when it comes to booking so having a place to go is something you’ll want to make sure you have. Enjoy our best pricing throughout the website! Depending on your agency, and their status with Disney, you may or may not get discounted rooms and tickets at Disney destinations. The biggest thing that helps any new agent is if they have been on a vacation before to one of Disney’s resorts or on a cruise. To date, they are the highest paying agency for new agents. The only resort at Walt Disney World that I have not stayed at is the new bungalows at the Polynesian. Archived. In addition, the price your travel agent quotes you should be identical to the price you'd receive if you booked with Disney directly. Yes, when you book your vacation the Disney Travel Agents prices are the same as if you booked directly through Disney. Best Restaurant for Adults in Animal Kingdom. For those who fit what we are looking for, then yes, we are hiring. Training is done online and in most cases can be started right away. I have been looking into this for awhile, and this is the most honest answer I have seen. Many just “hire” you and send you out on your own to find your way, very few agents are successful that way. Booking is done online and in real time meaning, you find your room of ticket, book it and then send in your documentation to complete it. In return they earn commissions from Disney, and … Annie – That depends. Travel Discounts. This commission does not increase the price you pay. They would be surprised if they knew exactly how many people start a Disney vacation each day (it is in the tens of thousands), the number is staggering. I try to be home by 4:00 PM, which is about when my kids get home from school. Where to start? Great discounts are released by Disney, including TV and web advertising, but they make only a few rooms available for most dates. There are now a bunch of other agencies out there, just be fully aware of what it is you are applying for. Could I start off slowly, with only a few clients until I got the hang of things? What this means is that you will receive your full pay without any taxes being taken out by them. Basically anything you use to work your job and provide for your clients can typically be written off. I try to be at the office by about 7:00 AM each morning. This allows the trained agent to provide not just the basics of booking for a client, but inside information to make sure they get the most out of it. There are times where you will watch videos are visit the Disney Travel Agent website. You’ll also want to have a dedicated workspace for when you do get started. Travel agents make their living from a small commission paid by the travel supplier (in this case, Disney) for the resort hotel rooms, theme park passes and vacation packages they book. I personally recommend using a company with a good reputation for your theme park vacation planner. This is a valid question when it comes to travel in general. Do you get discount from Disney as a travel agent, or do you book through your agency and receive commission for the trip? Their program is easy to join, friendly and helpful team managers and most importantly, on-time with their payments. If it is an emergency, I get back to them immediately, within minutes of getting into the office. We may get 100+ applications to become an agent each year, and we may have 5, but we would love to see your application. Disney however, loves to release discounts. 3 – Check Local Travel Agents for Orlando Theme Park Ticket Packages to help do Universal Orlando on a Budget. Disney travel agents are paid on a commission basis, and the percentage of commission you earn depends on the travel agency you register with. The agent is compensated by this commission for the time, effort and attention she provides to the client. This is why they have built a solid platform for their travel agents to use as they book clients vacations via the phone, internet and email. In a typical day, I hear from and help about 15 – 20 existing clients, and I may hear from 5 – 10 new/potential clients. I’m Disney geek! According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, most travel agents (across the board, not just Disney ones) earn around $36,000 per year. There are so many ways to bring this number up as well with add-ons so keep that in mind. Question about Disney travel agents and discounts. Most of our agents work from home, whatever works best for you will work. I try to get the posts done each day around noon my time, 2 PM Eastern. Your email address will not be published. This process usually takes a good 30 minutes to get the up for the day. @Lindsey – That is discussed during our interview process and varies based on your sales level, time with Mouseketrips and other factors. While online travel agents do a fine job of sifting through airfare and hotel options, other cost-cutting measures like vacation rentals and Airbnb are still a rarity on most booking sites. ANY travel agency is authorized to sell you the full scale of Disney travel (including tickets as part of a package, and including any promotions or discounts), but only certain companies are authorized to sell separate Disney tickets. When a Disney travel agent books travel on behalf of his or her client, Disney pays a 10% commission to the host agency, and then the host agency forwards the agent’s share of the commission to him or her. If we have a good idea the discounts are coming out, I am at the office at 4:45 AM ready to go. Taste of EPCOT International Festival of the Holidays Now Open, Be The First To Get a Spider-Bot from Avengers Campus, Disney World Confirms Return Of Park Hopping For 2021, California Adventure Park Opens Dining and Shopping, Universal Studios Hotels—Plan the Perfect Universal Orlando Vacation, First Look at Epcot’s Guardians of the Galaxy Ride, New Disney Parks Attractions, Entertainment Coming Soon, About 50% off a Walt Disney World Resort Hotel, About 50% off a Disney Cruise Line Booking, One free 1-day Disneyland Park Hopper Ticket, One free 1-day Walt Disney World Hopper Ticket OR a deeply discounted multi-day Hopper Ticket, Discounted Adventures by Disney Itineraries, Discounted River Cruises through Adventures by Disney. While it’s fun to help others book their vacations, you deserve compensation for your time and effort. Thus being able to respond to these, even on the go, is important. Having owned a Disney travel agency for 14+ years (Mouseketrips), I think this is the question I get asked most often. This also means that when you file your taxes, you’ll need to pay and taxes you might owe, whether you’re a sole proprietor (yourself as a business) or as a business. That takes time. Close. Most of your bookings will come via email or online through websites like Facebook or Instagram. These people should be able to give you tons of information about Disney including pricing, restaurant recommendations, theme park passes, and more! An average article takes about 30 minutes to prep if someone else writes it, it may take an additional hour to write if I write it. Of course this question is a loaded one as there are some many factors that go into it including vacation type, how many guests are travelling, accomodation type, tickets, if they need airfare or transportation and anything else you can think of that a guest may utilize while gone. During this time, I also try to keep track of the social accounts, and respond to anyone who has reached out to us on any of our posts. This means offering some special discounts so agents can visit and familiarize themselves with resorts and cruises. Required fields are marked *. Special Booking Incentives – Combine with Disney Discounts to Save More! Make sure you brush up on your communication skills as well. Disney has been very nice to us in the past, allowing us to attend these events with the press, and we typically report on them on our website. Travel agents with Disney have been trained on all their vacations including theme parks, cruises, Adventures, Aulani and resorts. Travel agents can often get better deals on group bookings since negotiating with the supplier is something agencies can do. I have a dedicated office in an office building, I do not work out of my home. 3 years ago. You might as well assume your doctor or postman sits at home all day doing the same thing. If you want to be a good agent, it takes time (40+ hours a week, and a good year of hard work to get going). When clients read stuff online or ask “friends”, who always know way more than you, a dedicated Disney Travel agent. Completion of your training and your ID card is required to complete your booking of any of these perks. Just something to keep in mind as you move forward. Ouellette is one of many Disney fans-turned-travel agents. There will be guests who know exactly what they want to book when they reach out to you and there will be some who know nothing and will rely on your expertise to book them a magical vacation. While most bookings are not done over the phone, some guests do like to speak to you like this so be ready. While it may seem steep, the savings on any one of those components will easily cover (and then some) the cost of the ID. Disney often offers the best discounts if you book hotel accommodations, admission to Disney theme parks, and a dining plan together as a package deal. Curious on becoming a part of Mouseketrips. This is an industry standard but does have some flexibility. The price you are offered by your Disney travel agent will be exactly the same or better than you would get if you booked the vacation on your own. The truth couldn’t be further from the assumption. Some components like airfare may pay less than 10% or not at all. Check back in September, we will probably be hiring a few new agents then. United States - Do travel Agents get better deals for themselves? I was in Disneyland the day before its 50th anniversary, the only day the park was ever closed. Michelle – Yes, I would guess 95% or more agents work from home. They also offer deals on other Disney products like cruises and the Aulani resort in Hawaii. Some Disney Travel agents do have some premium services they do charge for, such as complete planning of your entire vacation. We require that you have been to both Walt Disney World and Disneyland at least 5 times recently, as well as on a Disney Cruise. Of course! Do you receive any savings for being a travel agent? There are so many components for the theme parks and cruises that one can get lost very easily or miss out on something important. Here’s how. To become a Disney travel agent, find the agency that’s the best fit for you, and build a strong application. We post several helpful articles on our website each week (I aim for three per week, I usually make it), and I am responsible for getting the articles written, proofread, images added and posted on the website. If it is a big discount like Free Dining, we may be on the phone with Disney for several hours once they pick up. 5) A re Disney Travel Agents Free? Well, it is Disney after all. Sign up to best of business news, informed analysis and opinions on what matters to you. The only “skill” you need to posses is a desire to book Disney vacations. United States - IATAN / Travel Agent Discounts at Disney and/or Orlando? They are an authorized agency with Disney and have been training agents for over 10 years. If you’ve ever tried to book a Disney vacation on your own without having done it before, it can be overwhelming. Each lesson has a quiz at the end and to become “certified” you’ll need to complete all the core lessons and then take a 50 question quiz to pass. Planning. click on Program and Services then Travel Agents to get agent discounts. Special booking incentives are another benefit to booking through The Magic For Less Travel that you won’t get when reserving a room or package directly through Disney. That’s totally up to you! Some vacations, like Disney Cruise Line, will earn an agent well over $300 on a single booking as most cruises run the average family $5,000 to $6,000. Do you provide leads, or are we responsible to find our own clients? Gabriela – Please be aware that Disney has put limits on US-based agencies, they cannot hire anyone that resides outside of the US.
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