(1996), problems in Turkish language teaching can be classified under two topics. Therefore, initially a needs analysis should be performed to these students. The time period of students using Turkish should be increased by various activities like theatre and cinema. 1University of Akdeniz the Faculty of Education ,Turkish Language Education Depertmant Antalya/Turkey. Most cited suggestions by teachers are; restructuring Turkish curriculum by taking the students with different mother tongues into consideration, publishing attractive and appropriate textbooks according to the levels of the students, improving physical and technological facilities of the schools, increasing Turkish class hours, increasing parent and student awareness for Turkish education, encouraging students to read in order to equip them with reading habits, training teachers against offenses to the students who use regional dialect and incorrect Turkish, teachers developing students’ self-expression skills and the self-confidence, increasing teachers’ sensitivity about the use of language as a role model, in-service training to teachers, and implementing alternative assessment and evaluation techniques . In the light of the results obtained in the research, following suggestions can be made for effective implementation of Turkish language teaching and to overcome the problems: 1. Constructivism and Its Implications for Curriculum Theory and Practice.Curriculum Studies.Taylor & Francis, 31(2):195-199. The researchers' personal opinions have also been included while reporting the results. İmer K (1990). Tips To Hold On To Your Mother Tongue. MEB (2005). This change in the curriculum has also brought other changes in teaching methods, tools and equipment as well as assessment and evaluation methods. Expected learning outcomes should be redesigned based on the development and readiness levels of the students. Their responses are indicated in Table 8. In the newly released Turkish curriculum the emphasis has been given on developing students’ linguistic, mental, and social skills and effective use of these skills. Teaching the Mother Tongue in a Multilingual Europe. Teachers should create a comfortable environment for the students to express themselves by making use of fine arts. I could understand what elder people had spoken.”, Student 52 has said “I could understand the conversations in the cartoons. The emphasis will be on the importance of prioritising teaching and developing mother tongue languages. The students have been asked the question of "Where have you learned Turkish?" Social language or official language is the language which is agreed upon by the society and through which citizens can communicate with each other while formal education is given. As seen in Table 9, majority of the students who have different mother tongues want to learn Turkish to use Turkish more effectively and achieve success in other subjects. Bilingual training for teachers is also a critical element for success. Their answers are indicated in Table 6. We are trying to finish all the subjects in the curriculum as students do not know Turkish enough and so we cannot find enough time for assessment and evaluation.”, Teacher 14 has stated his opinions as “Students have difficulties in expressing themselves in written. Even though many countries have a single official language, nowadays it is more difficult to claim that the official language is the only language spoken in those countries. Sever S, Kaya Z, Aslan C (2006). From the phenomenological analysis of the data, the findings showed that the teachers used strategies such as translation of target language to mother tongue, utilization of multilingual teaching, utilization of lingua-franca, improvization of instructional materials written in mother tongue, remediation of instruction, and utilization of literary piece written in mother tongue as motivation. Most encountered problems related with learning-teaching process are lack of communication between teachers  and   students    in    the classroom,   physical conditions of the schools being inadequate for education, students who do not know Turkish sufficiently, students with poor listening skills, students who transfer words from their mother tongues into Turkish, reading speed of the students being too slow, and students who do not pay attention to pauses, stresses and intonation. According to the 2003, Language Policy for Schools in Namibia, Mother Tongue (MT) is defined as a first language that is acquired at home (Republic of Namibia, 2003). Reading materials are above the levels of the students so, students have difficulties in understanding the subjects.”, Teacher 7 has stated his opinions as “Students have difficulty in understanding the metaphors and the meanings of idioms and proverbs. 6.5 Learning and teaching materials as challenges to mother-tongue education 265 6.6 Poor standardisation of a language as a barrier to mother-tongue education 268 6.7 Poor school improvement practice to promote mother-tongue education 270 6. Nevertheless, the study indicated that major attention and effort are … Some problems encountered by the teachers in implementing mother tongue - based instruction include absence of books written in mother tongue, lack of vocabulary, and lack of teacher-training. Problems and suggestions in Learning Turkish. The teachers have stated that most encountered problems in assessment and evaluation process are students getting low marks because of the ambiguities in their oral and written expressions; student errors in punctuation and spelling in the composition exams, insufficient time, some of the assessment and evaluation forms being too difficult for the students, students having difficulties in expressing themselves, and students failing in multiple-choice exams because of lack of reading comprehension. Then, common conclusions have been drawn by comparing the analyses conducted by researchers. Ankara: Language Society Publication. The most important component in identifying the problems encountered in Turkish language teaching is the teachers, as they are the ones who face the problems in the first sense and in charge of implementation of the program. Hence, it has been thought that this study might be useful for Turkish teachers and classroom teachers and contributes to the studies which have been carried on or to those which are going to be carried on in the future. 18 classroom teachers, 6 Turkish teachers and 60 students chosen with convenience sampling of intentional sampling methods participated in the research. Terwel J (1999). After the analysis of the teachers’ opinions about content, most encountered problems can be stated as themes and subjects being inappropriate for the levels of the students, too long texts, and grammar being ignored. Formal learning at school depends on language skills. There is no social and institutionalized bilingualism in Turkey. Thus the curriculum consists of four dimensions as learning outcomes, content, learning process, and assessment   and   evaluation  With  this  new  curriculum these four dimensions of the curriculum should be considered holistically and to determine the problems encountered in its implementation in order to deliver Turkish language teaching in line with its objectives. Also, more than half of the students want to learn Turkish to communicate with friends better, while almost half of the students to access information in Turkish. GPE supports mother tongue education as a key component of the foundation of learning. Alexandria. Student 27 has stated his opinion as "I practice Turkish every day, I read books, I watch TV, I listen to music. Content and statistical data analyses research methods were utilized in the study. It has become evident towards the end of the 20th century that it is unlikely to bring up qualified individuals by the means of a language teaching approach in which students are continuously conditioned, their behavioral changes are regarded more important than their mental skills, knowledge is transferred passively and students are unaware of what they have learnt. This study aims to determine the problems in Turkish language teaching that students who have different mother tongues encounter by the help of teacher and student opinions and to suggest solutions to these problems. While majority of the teachers participated in the research (19 people) have stated that they have problems in assessment and evaluation, 5 teachers have stated that they do not have any problems. They have lots of problems in learning Turkish in terms of language skills. Expand the reach of education. Advantages of a Mother tongue based education: 1. XII. Teacher 3 has stated his opinions as “We have problems in assessment and evaluation. Mackey, William Francis. Criterion sampling as a purposive sampling method was used to identify the schools in which the study has been implemented in qualitative study. Sakae 1-16-26 - 201 Naka Ward, Nagoya Aichi, Japan 460-0008. Teachers’ opinions about the status of the students Learning Turkish who have different mother tongues. In addition, she says that they are also strengthening the teaching of English as a first additional language. Ankara: PegemA Publication. Farkındalıkları, Görüş ve Önerileri. Ergenç İ (1994). It can be stated that more than half of the teachers face problems about content of the Turkish language teaching curriculum. Taking the teachers’ opinions into consideration is an effective way to find solutions to the problems. The problems and Challenges of Mother Tongue Education in Abkhazia Abstract This research aims to describe and analyze the existing situation of mother tongue education in de facto republic of Abkhazia. 601, 56-59. Students are unable to use the words they have learned in a sentence. Write his/her name in English on one side and your home language on … Dil Yapısının Okul Başarısındaki Rolü. Turkish language teaching should be carried out in a classroom equipped with a library that includes qualified examples of audiovisual tools for the students to dramatize an event when necessary, since it is necessary to practice language skills in order to develop them. Therefore more importance should be given to Turkish language teaching for increased success in the schools. As a regular practice the teacher is seen as a model for correct speaking in class. As a regular practice the teacher is seen as a model for correct speaking in class. However, a singular wish to teach children English at all costs, when coupled with punishment for using one’s mother tongue, is both psychologically and culturally damaging. Turkish teachers should be given in-service training about how students can be encouraged to gain the basic skills of Turkish, and about which methods are appropriate in teaching. Many researches have been conducted on investigating the problems and the reasons of these problems in learning Turkish. According to A??c? Phenomenological inquiry assumes that there is an essence or essences to shared experience (Patton, 2002). Activities are too many and mother tongue differences have been ignored.”, Teacher 11 has stated his opinions as “Language training should follow the steps  of  listening,  speaking,  and later reading and writing skills Starting teaching Turkish in the first grade with writing skills makes it difficult for children to learn Turkish..”, Teacher 20 has stated his opinions as “Although teaching with pictures is very useful for teaching vocabulary in the first grade, it does not work with the students who have different mother tongues. İkidillik - Çokdillilik. Specifically, this paper analyzed the strategies of teachers in implementing Mother Tongue-Based Instruction in a Multilingual Classroom and identified some problems that teachers encounter in implementing them. “If the teacher is still focused on completing the syllabus, on some level, regardless of what the language is, the content being transacted is still not at the level that the child can understand,” she explained.
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