Police asked the public to avoid downtown Salt Lake City in response. But she said there is “systematic racism in almost every facet of this nation,” from business opportunities, to health care and education. Protesters declined media interviews on Thursday night, citing fear of media footage being used by police to make arrests. I will go out my next shift and be professional, courteous, and look for opportunities to be kind and helpful to the public I swore to protect and serve because I chose to be a cop.”. Brent Jex, head of the Fraternal Order of Police in Utah, said there was a difference on Saturday between “protesters” and “rioters.” Because the city failed to corral the rioters and “anarchists” at the onset, the message of the protesters was lost by the actions of others, he said. Jex said the mayor’s focus, however, should have been on the officers who stood their ground while having rocks, bricks and other items thrown at them. Police announced just before 8 p.m. they would begin dispersing the group after windows at the DA’s building were allegedly broken and the streets painted red. He also condemned the “violence and lawlessness” that took place. “Now some think they can resort to anarchy without consequences,” Stenquist tweeted. On Thursday, District Attorney Sim Gill's ruling came: The officers were justified in their actions. Police said six people were arrested and an officer was injured after being struck in the head with a baseball bat. SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) – While ABC4 News was live on air during riots in Salt Lake City Saturday night they captured a police officer armed in protective gear shoving a man with a cane down onto the street. The man was trying to keep the dangerous gang of people away from his car, when they jumped him and he … There seems to be a fair-sized population of Infectedin the sewers and the tunnels, as Joel and Ellie enc… We’ve talked about the problem enough. No guard dog? SALT LAKE CITY — Stunned by last summer’s Salt Lake City rioting and worried about larger calamities such as those in Portland, Oregon, Utah police and state legislators are pushing No one was killed in the protests — but officers and civilians were injured. “The death of George Floyd was horrific and we all feel outraged, but this behavior is disgusting,” Rep. Jeff Stenquist wrote in a tweet Sunday, responding to a video of protesters overturning and vandalizing the Salt Lake police cruiser. It appears the police are preparing to push the protestors away from 500 South. In the area, at least one individual was detained by police. Stenquist, pointing to other protests happening in Minneapolis and other cities across the U.S., said “this wasn’t completely unexpected,” and the Salt Lake City protests “should not have been allowed to escalate to the point of property being destroyed and the governor needing to step in” by calling out the Utah National Guard. They do the same job I do and many for the same reason. TicketCity is a reliable place to buy tickets. But when individuals broke windows on the building, Brown said action needed to be taken. Further information about the individuals or what they were arrested for wasn’t immediately released. Night Riots will open for Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness and Atlas Genius at Friday's sold-out show at The Depot in Salt Lake City. “They implemented a strategy. Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall has declared a curfew for Salt Lake City, to last from 8 p.m. Saturday until 6 a.m. Monday morning. He praised officers for balancing the need for deescalation in their response, noting the protest could have gotten way more out of control. Police officers in riot gear responded to the protests soon after. Some painted messages on the steps and dozens of signs were left on the windows. The sudden passage of the bill left Salt Lake officials and residents feeling blindsided. Some riot gear was used on protesters, as officers swung at individuals with batons and struck others in the legs. Get the Night Riots Setlist of the concert at In The Venue, Salt Lake City, UT, USA on August 11, 2019 and other Night Riots Setlists for free on setlist.fm! A line of officers in riot-gear met the protesters there. I have absolute confidence theSalt Lake City Police Department continues to learn from every mistake, and we are always working to evolve our organization.”, Mendenhall praised the officers for doing an “incredible” and “amazing job that night of keeping the peace alongside dozens of other agencies.”, “I’ve seen these officers serve our community without hesitation, without complaint, I’ve heard the insults that have been hurled at them and the literal items and objects have have been hurled at them,” she said. But Jex said he had personally received calls from officers who had to have stitches after being pelted with rocks. The officer is fine. “Hopefully peace can be restored before people are hurt or killed.”. “I do see that there were things that could have been done earlier on in my opinion, to make sure you didn’t get to where we were.”. SALT LAKE CITY — The remains of a burned-out Salt Lake police car. Two individuals were arrested on Thursday night, Salt Lake City police said. In a joint statement signed by 40 elected prosecutors from across the nation, including Gill, prosecutors condemned George Floyd’s death, and called for reforms to police departments around the U.S. and the justice system. “Stand up and say it’s wrong and stand up and say this is what we’re going to do change it. Would you? SALT LAKE CITY — A couple hundred people marched across downtown Salt Lake City Wednesday night in the latest protest decrying the death of … Protesters chanted “let us go home” and police allowed them to walk east past the red-coated streets in front of the District Attorney’s office shortly before 9 p.m. Catch up on the top news and feaures from KSL.com, sent weekly. One officer was hit on the head with a baseball bat, being protected only by his helmet. Thursday, 09:20 pm To Salt Lake City Council Chairman Chris Wharton, the overturning and burning of a police cruiser was a “small sacrifice over physical clashes between officers and civilians,” he said. We called every police department along the Wasatch Front to provide officers to quell this. Police in riot gear being pelted with rocks, bricks and water bottles. City Creek completely boarded up in case of riots Monday night! SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) – In an act of solidarity, Salt Lake City Police Chief Mike Brown took a knee with protesters Wednesday night. SALT LAKE CITY – A male who authorities say was wielding a broomstick was shot and critically injured by Salt Lake City officers Saturday night, … Mendenhall responded to the Fraternal Order of Police letter Monday on KSL Newsradio’s “Dave and Dujanovic” show, apologizing that her message calling for complaints against police officers had been taken that way. The map also shows the phases of the Moon, and all solar and lunar eclipses. Brown said police wanted to provide an environment where protesters could exercise their First Amendment rights and were prepared to allow some vandalism. A group of protesters has started marching on 500 S. disrupting traffic in the downtown area. “Only by working actively to rid our society and systems of structural racism will we be able to meaningfully start down the path of justice for our most alienated brothers and sisters.”. Those unwilling to disperse will be arrested for rioting, he noted. “Justice, fairness, equality and truth are not mere words but are instead the ideals and promises of a free American society,” Gill said. “I wish there was a schedule and a playbook that we could all follow. A line of riot-gear officers on 500 South rushed protesters east to clear the street.
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