CLUB CONSTITUTION 1. d) Adjudicate upon any dispute or difference between members which may affect the conduct or welfare of the Club or about the interpretation of the rules, by-laws or regulations. No amendment to this Constitution will take effect unless and until it has been approved by a resolution of the USASA Clubs & Events Committee. Birth of child 1. .2. CORPORATIONS ACT 2003 COMPANY LIMITED BY GUARANTEE AND NOT HAVING A SHARE CAPITAL CONSTITUTION of NOBLE PARK FOOTBALL SOCIAL CLUB LIMITED 1. Page 5 of 9 Brookwood Park Social Club Constitution and By-Laws April l O, 2016 . PSL Constitution – Drafted by Mr. Mhlekazi Andile Siyabonga Ndhlovu 30/11/2016 Page 2 of 32 1 CHARACTER OF THE ASSOCIATION 1.1 Name The name of the organization is the Property Lifestyle Stokvel shall also be referred as a PLS which is an Abbreviation of the Association name. Amendment of Rules p8 10. APPENDIX 1. Purpose p1 2. Whenever there may exist a conflict or a contradiction between the provisions set out in the club constitution and by-laws and the district (single, sub- and multiple) constitution and by-laws, the respective district constitution and by-laws shall govern. CONSTITUTION of FYC Social Club CONTENTS GENERAL type of organisation, principal office, name, purposes, powers, liability of members, general structure Clauses 1-9 MEMBERSHIP composition and members’ meetings Clauses10-12 BOARD composition, duties of the office bearers, powers of the Board, Board meetings Clauses 13 - 18 ADMINISTRATION delegation of powers, operation of accounts, … 1. 2. 2. Gift or flowers up to $40.00 Death of any other family member 3. 9. “The Club” means Tomakin Sports & Social Club Limited [ACN 001 383 142]. The Club shall be a FAMILY Club. The name of the Company is “NOBLE PARK FOOTBALL SOCIAL CLUB LIMITED” (hereinafter referred to as “the Club”). The club bylaw would ideally be present in any club functions and could be referred to should issues arise. Gift or flowers up to $40.00 Death of spouse/partner 2. Itspurpose isasfollows: A. Toprovide amedium … Members of the executive committee will be required to carry out their duties as stated on the constitution of the Club. THE BROOKWOOD PARKSOCIAL CLUB CONSTITUTION and BY-LAWS Approved April 1996 Amended: September 20,2001,December 19,2002,February20,2003, November 15,2006,April 19,2009. The Bar Committee shall be responsible for purchasing beverages and other supplies for the Bar, ensure that a bartender is available at Social Club dinner meetings, conduct an inventory and submit a report in writing to the Board as soon as possible after … PURPOSE Section 1. Staff Social Club Constitution Version Amended by Approved by Date Amended Date Due for Review V2019.11.3 I Bradshaw Staff Social Club Committee Nov 2019 Nov 2021 . To write your own club constitution, you’ll need to meet with your club to discuss your club’s principles and and policies. Cessation of membership A person ceases to be a member of the Association if the person: (a) dies, or (b) resigns membership, or (c) is expelled from the Association, or (d) fails to pay the annual membership fee under clause 10 … The Constitution of the Education Social Club may be amended on written published notice of one week and by a majority vote at an Executive Meeting. CLUB CONSTITUTION TEMPLATE . The Constitution may be amended only at an AGM or an SGM provided the appropriate notice has been given. … Each club should carefully consider the most appropriate constitution for its particular circumstances. 3. Aims and Objectives To foster and promote the sport of amateur cricket at all levels within the community and within the sport, providing opportunities for recreation, coaching and competition. SSC Committee p1 5. Membership p1 3. Name and incorporation ... To promote sports, games, leisure and recreational pastimes and social activities between Members of the Club, to provide Club Premises and generally provide the other advantages and benefits usually associated with a Club. SOCIAL CLUB LIMITED CONSTITUTION Amended 26th OCTOBER, 2015. STANDING COMMITTEE RESPONSIBILITIES A. 2014 Page 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS Page 1. GRADS Social Club Inc. Constitution Version 2017-08-20 3 6. A Constitution should be a very simple document which aims to ensure the smooth working of a Club. Sample Student Club Constitution PREAMBLE We, the members of [New Student Club], to fully realize our purpose, do hereby adopt and establish this constitution as the guiding instrument of our Club. Not all areas will apply to your club so please adapt the bylaws to your specific needs and requirements. THEBROOKWOOD PARKSOCIALCLUB CONSTITUTION ARTICLE I: NAMEAND PURPOSE Thisorganization shallbeknown asTheBrookwood ParkSocialClub. The constitution cannot be altered without the agreement of 75% of the club for the time being. Investor Club / Stokvel Contents Page 1) Setting Up Investor Clubs/Stokvels Through etfSA Investor Plan by Mike Brown 2 2) Administration Requirements 3 3) Sample Stokvel/Investor Club Constitution 4 – 6 4) Authorisation Letter 7 5) How to Start a Stokvel by Helena Wasserman (Women24) 8 . DERBY SOCIAL CLUB CONSTITUTION JANUARY 2019 4 (c) A Special General Meeting may be called at any time at the request of the committee, or not less than one quarter of the membership. A notice explaining the place, date, time and reason shall be sent to all members three weeks beforehand. • The Club will appoint an executive committee which will include a Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer. NAME 3 2. The ‘Club’ is a section of the Ansty Sports and Social Club, Village Hall, Ansty, West Sussex. Financial Controls p5 7. Sorrento Bowling Club (Inc) Constitution 2017 (Amended April 2017) Page 6 1.2 Interpretation The Board shall be responsible for the interpretation of the Constitution and By Laws of The Club. It provides guidelines for conflict resolution and a framework for action so that your club can accomplish its goals. 2. This is a very important document that sets out the terms of reference and rules by which the club is governed. SUBSCRIPTIONS 3 5. 8. (PROPPERTY LIFESTYLE STOKVEL) hereinafter referred to as the "Stokvel-Association". Name The Club shall be called the CWMBRAN CELTIC FOOTBALL CLUB (hereinafter referred to as “the lub”) 2. Management p1 4. “club licence” means a club licence granted under the Liquor Act. Club Constitution 1. Article II – Purpose Empire City Motorcycle Club was founded to: 1. What is written here should define the identity of the club. REGISTERED OFFICE 3 3. CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS Your club should modify and adapt the following Articles to fit its particular circumstances. CONSTITUTION OF SUNBURY FOOTBALL SOCIAL CLUB LIMITED The operations of the SFSC shall always be conducted in accordance with Federal and Victorian legislation and the rules and regulations of any and all statutory bodies governing the different fields of business operations conducted by the SFSC, including the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation. Gift $30.00 Hospitalisation of Family 5. NAME Section 1. The name of the Club shall be Buckfastleigh Rangers Social Club. Social Club members, a grant of up to $100 can be considered for rep fees. One of the main functions of the Social Club shall be to encourage and assist in the running of Buckfastleigh Rangers Football Club. Meetings p4 6. DRAFTING A CLUB CONSTITUTION This advisory booklet has been prepared in response to frequent requests received by sportscotland for advice on how groups of individuals can form a properly constituted Club. ARTICLE I Name The name of this Club shall be [New Student Club name], hereafter referred to as [NSO]. The name of this organization shall be the (new organization’s name). The way the club handles memberships, meetings, schedules, elections and other issues should be included. (This Constitution supersedes any previous Constitution and shall be subject to such amendments as may be made from time to time.) Constitution & By-Laws and policies of Lions Clubs International. Sport Club Sample Constitution Loyola University Chicago Name of Organization Date Original Constitution Ratified:(date) Dates of Amendments:(dates) ARTICLE I. Table of Contents 1. Interpretation(s) shall be binding unless at a General Meeting such interpretation(s) is over-ruled by not less than seventy five per cent (75%) of • The election of the Club executive committee will take place at the annual general meeting (AGM). schedule to this Constitution. Meeting, at which time they will form part of the Broad Oak Sports and Social Club’s constitution. Discipline p8 8. The decision of the Executive Committee shall be final and binding. A constitution is a set of rules for running a club. The objects for which the Club is … The club shall deal solely with investments on behalf of its own members and shall neither deal on behalf of nor advise any persons other than its members in relation to investments of any kind. Imagine that your club is a country and its bylaws, the constitution. “Club notice board” means a board designated as such and located in a conspicuous place within the Club premises on which notices for the information of members are posted. Incidents p8 9. “Constitution” means this Constitution. OBJECTS 3 4. Empire City Motorcycle Club is a fraternal and social organization of male motorcyclists, with its principle base in the City of New York. Inform club members of those factors that constitute unacceptable behavior on the part of the club members, and the possible consequence of said behaviors. CONSTITUTION OF THE GOODWOOD SPORTS CLUB With amendments up to and including the 2013 Annual General Meeting. (c) To provide facilities for the playing of football and other sports and games. Article I - NAME The name of this golf club shall be _____ Golf Club. Card Hospitalisation of Member 4. ARTICLE II. Amendments are only valid if supported by a two-thirds majority of those present. MEMBERSHIP 4-5 6. Cultivate brotherhood among its members by engaging in diverse motorcycling and social activities. A basic constitution is provided below, although clubs should consider Community Amateur Sports Club status (see Sport and Recreation Alliance website for details) for tax and other financial benefits. Club Constitution CLUB CONSTITUTION. CHAPTER 2 AIMS AND OBJECTIVES 5. 1. 4. Difficulty may arise when one tries to put what amounts to common sense into … 4. Club Constitution All clubs affiliated to or wishing to affiliate to the AUC must submit a Constitution, which is subject to the approval of the AUC.
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