Your dog should have a warm, well-cushioned place to sleep. While it's expected for dogs to move a little slower as they age, make sure you still discuss any changes with your veterinarian to make sure there's no underlying condition or illness to blame.Your veterinarian may also be able to prescribe medications to help keep your pet more comfortable and mobile. We have to Bring her inside each night to lay by the fire as she barks for no reason . Consult your veterinarian. Meet Elton, a Jack Russell Terrier mix, at Friends For Life in Gilbert, AZ. By Trevor Hurlbut (Flickr: noah (1 of 1)) [CC-BY-2.0 (]. You can help byremoving obstacles that make going outside or getting around your house difficult for her. Certainly most conditions can occur or manifest throughout your dog’s life. Cheeky also pee's on the back step when she wants to come in. Supervision, regular potty breaks and even doggie diapers can all help, but again it will take effort and patience to overcome this problem. Senior dogs frequently suffer from kidney disease, liver disease, heart disease and other conditions that may result in weight loss. More Laundry. Be gentle with her. Again, report excessive sluggishness or sleepiness to your veterinarian, as some illnesses can cause these signs. Even if your dog is not the subject of any disease, you still need to feed senior dog foods and supplements to your senior dog. However, it is provided for educational purposes only. How do dietary and exercise regimens need to be modified for older dogs? For example, some genetic lines of Great Danes and St Bernard's are only with us for 2 years. Our youngest of 5 sons in now 10 and cheeky has been there right through every milestone . 1  If you want a calculation, the American Veterinary Medical Association goes by the following for medium-sized dogs: 15 human years equals the first year of canine life. If your dog is the subject of kidney disease, then a diet which helps manages phosphorus, calcium, and other electrolyte levels are the best option for your dog’s health. She has earned her rest, so let sleeping dogs lie. I want my little girl to last at least another 3 years (to age 17); then I shall be ready to say good-bye. Your Senior Dog: What to Expect at 7-9 Years. We’ve got the skinny on which foods are OK to feed him. Do not attempt to correct a suspected gastrointestinal ailment by randomly changing her diet. Visit to know details on what to expect from your senior dog s checkup by Point Grey Veterinary Hospital. This veterinary medical information is based on information provided during a telephone interview with a professional, qualified, retired veterinarian. All rights reserved. Vetstreet does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Because our older dogs do not run and play as much as they used to, they need fewer calories. You may even look into a senior dog food formula. The biggest reason that most senior dogs are very hard to get adopted is that people do not want to get attached to an older dog that could die very soon. A Pug can live for 12-15 years, Mindy lived for 16 and this means that your dog will spend a large majority of their life as a senior. Help reduce her stress by keeping such changes to a minimum. Anyone else here with a senior dog? As we age, it would be ludicrous to imagine we would only go to our doctor once every seven years. Vetstreet does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please enter an address, city and/or zip code. While it may seem like a lot, such tests can provide your veterinarian with valuable information about your dog’s health. They seldom dig or chew. Naturally, ... My senior dog developed dementia and, despite symptoms, my vet also did not mention it to me as a potential cause. There are beds available that are designed especially for older dogs with orthopedic problems, and there are even pads and diapers to help with incontinence. Dr. Cathy: Some typical health issues for geriatric dogs are. The more the body moves, the better it works, the better the body works, the better the brain. Dr. Cathy: If you see a behavior change, just the slightest thing, because you know your dog better than any one, you know it is a sign of a problem. Senior dogs often have a harder time handling stress. Depending on medical history and findings of the physical exam, other tests may be recommended, such as radiographs (X-rays) or ultrasounds of her abdomen to evaluate her internal organs, or similar studies of the heart and lungs. It is not intended to replace the advice of your own veterinarian. This may come as a surprise for answering: What to Expect with an Aging Dog, but its’ true. Vetstreet. Cherished Companions says that you might be given antibiotics to battle infections. therefore, your vet will be giving you pain killers. Being welcomed into a new home is a big change for a senior dog, especially if they’re coming from a shelter. Visit your veterinarian regularly; many vets recommend twice a year for senior dogs. You’ll have to start concerning yourself with orthopedic dog beds, diapers for Pugs, joint remedies and other products that can help your … What signs alert pet parents that their dogs are becoming seniors? Look at posture and for signs of pain. Have a point of view to share? I also start work early hrs of the morn and taking care of my husband with chronic back injury and waiting for a knee replacement . Don’t be surprised if your dog starts to have accidents in the house. Which breeds have the shortest life spans? Instead, continue to play with her to stimulate her, and review routine expectations and commands. Most of us have an idea of when people are considered to be “seniors,” but what about dogs? These behavior changes in your BFF can range from minor, such as slight shifts in sleep habits, to severe issues that require medical care. She is hard to wake and sometimes wonders. Other common signs of pain include excessive panting, reluctance to move and suddenly being picky about food. All rights reserved. Powered by Brightspot. Regular veterinary visits can help determine whether those changes are no… Check out the 10 things below that you can expect from your senior dog. For example, congestive heart failure means diet and medication, just as for humans. CoQ10 and a low salt diet work as well or better than blood pressure medication in some cases of congestive heart failure. Vetstreet. About your dog going in circles, a good friend just lost her little dog, a senior, to enshyphilitis (sp) and she was going in circles all the time so … Other … Donna Cosmato (author) from USA on February 15, 2015: Thank you for sharing your experience with your senior dog mhiki. Walter J. Pilsak, Waldsassen (Publisher) under CC-BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons - Walter J. Pilsak, Waldsassen (Publisher). But now that we only have one dog I want to involve her more in our outings. Powered by Brightspot. The friendly and inquisitive LaPerm has an easy-care coat that comes in a variety of colors and patterns. We went from a 3 dog house to a 1 dog house in just little over a year so last year it wasn’t exactly feasible to involve all 3 dogs in our activities. These often have fewer calories (to prevent weight gain), higher nutrient levels and sometimes even supplements to support an aging dog. That means parts of a senior annual check are the same as for a younger dog, but other recommendations will be tailored according to your dog’s advancing years. Most people know the obvious things when it comes to “What to Expect with an Aging Dog” because, let’s face it, we can draw more than a few parallels between the way our dogs age and how we humans age. In aging, our dogs do become arthritic, which makes it hard to hunch and get all of the waste products out. Normal expectations are gray muzzles, some signs of arthritis, or dirty teeth. Which breeds have the longest life expectancy? Last year the length of walking/running/snooping distance decreased. Nonetheless, a dog in a shelter can be as young as 5 and still have trouble finding a new home. This is … Dr. Cathy: They can be a sign of either one. Hearing and eyesight may be affected and any number of chronic illnesses or health conditions could be starting to manifest, such as diabetes or cataracts. According to the East Valley Animal Hospital, expect your dog to feel pain at the extraction point for 4 -5 days after. How do you tell if your dog is suffering from a serious health problem or simply showing the signs of an age-related slowdown? Because older age diseases are not illnesses for which the dog can be vaccinated, that should not be the focus of veterinary visits. Even though your dog is getting older, he or she may still enjoy a short romp or roll. Sometimes, the changes are signs of underlying medical problems; other times, they are simply evidence of aging. I was the one that had to ask her about it. it is very difficult to overcome his death... i guess what i'm trying to say here is mostly for those of you who don't have a dog but considering getting one- don't do that if you don't think you can cope the day he will be leaving tour family... i don't think i'll ever have another dog, the sense of loss was just to much the first time.. Donna Cosmato (author) from USA on June 29, 2014: Thanks, Chatkat, for reading and commenting on this hub, especially since you mention you are a cat person rather than a dog person. They’ll enjoy walks or trips to the park, but they’d just as … Best wishes to you and your family for the future. Dental disease is certainly not the only disease that can lead to weight loss. They will need stitches, but those stitches should dissolve in 2 – 4 weeks time. Cloudy or “bluish” eyes – As they age, dog’s eyes often show a bluish transparent “haze” in the pupil area. She has a strong heart still. We love her so much but maybe the time has come to put her to gentle sleep . Old dogs aren’t obnoxious or high-maintenance, and they’re usually house-trained. Photo by Stacy In addition to their grey whiskers and slower pace, the behavior of senior dogs changes as they age. Small breeds live the longest and their owners can expect their dogs to live up to 18 years. Consider putting down papers or absorbent pads for accidents. Should aging dogs continue to receive vaccinations on a regular basis? In addition to being less active, many dogs at this age begin to develop digestive issues,kidney problems and other conditions that can benefit from diet modification. In fact, she likely will be resistant to changes in her surroundings and routine. Senior dogs often have special care requirements that are different than puppies or younger dogs. Always seek your veterinarian’s advice about your pet’s health. When she doesn’t have a UTI, she can take … See Additional Information ›. Your furry friend needs some time to adjust to their new surroundings. This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. For example, carefully consider any boarding, as such a big change in her surroundings could cause unneeded stress. What suggestions do you have for caring for an aging dog. Tasha doesn’t move quickly, so she was having a hard time making it to the door from a laying down position. You should discuss with your veterinarian what her golden years are going to look like. At this stage, she likely isn’t interested in having her routine changed or in learning new tricks. Listen to the heart and lungs and evaluate for heart murmur and lung sounds. Next, we check the mouth and evaluate the teeth. The American Animal Hospital Associationrecommends that this testing include1: Complete Blood Count (CBC) Exercise helps dogs poop, not necessarily fiber. Elderly or senior dogs may have incontinence problems related to … which seem to really work. Graying muzzles are one of the signs of any aging dog. Not all dogs may show the same signs and/or they may not show up in the same order. Within 3 days I no longer had to carry her up the stairs and she could finish a whole walk without every having to be carried home. for I am doing the same thing and my left torn hip (done age 30 whilst working overseas in Sarawak, no doctors in area) is no longer painful and I can walk further than before though I still limp. Donna partners with Dr. Cathy Alinovi, a retired veterinarian, to create informative pet health articles. Romps at the dog park have been traded for leisurely strolls for short distances. 6. Knowing what to expect will keep you one step ahead of your pack: Eliminate any sources of illness. Such behavior canbe due to anxiety, or to cognitive dysfunction syndrome; a condition resembling Alzheimer's disease in humans. For example, carefully consider any boarding, as such a big change in her surroundings could cause unneeded stress. They should have fun; they should want to do their favorite things all the way until the end. Read on to find out what you can expect when adopting a senior dog. I have her on a probiotic that "cured" the "pancreatitis" the vet thought she had. She has been the most wonderful family member to us all . Are urinary/elimination changes a sign of aging or behavioral problems? Carbohydrates lead to weight gain, which is the last thing an older dog needs. In fact, she likely will be resistant to changes in her surroundings and routine. Thanks for publishing such a well organized and complete piece on a topic that commands attention! As your beloved dog enters his senior years, you should be prepared for certain changes that might occur in your dog’s health. Borax is a vital part of detoxing both our bodies. However, adopting an older dog is a noble thing to do and by adopting an older dog you can give them a great last few years of their life. I have always loved all animals but recently, living close to my son and family I have grown to love their dogs. Some dogs start to bark or growl for no apparent reason or at inappropriate times. Dr. Cathy: Our expectation is for our dogs to have great quality of life as they age. You may need to remind any children in the family that your dog is not the playful, young pet she once was. Not sure about food puzzles? What types of medical problems do vets check for during a senior checkup? Diet is not as complicated as pet food companies want us to think. © 2001-2020  Muscle atrophy – Mild loss of muscle mass, especially the hind legs, may be seen with old age. Help reduce her stress by keeping such changes to a minimum. For example, floor runners on slick surfaces can make it easier for her to walk around without fear of slipping or falling. Allow your dog access to the outdoors for potty breaks more frequently. Can anyone shed some light on this situation for me please. She may be developing physical or cognitive difficulties that make it harder for her to remember commands or even places and appropriate behavior. Your veterinarian can help you determine if such events are the result of a medical condition. You might even notice that he sleeps more or takes a bit longer to rouse or respond to commands. Mary Hyatt from Florida on June 24, 2014: I have a Miniature Schnauzer and I' m glad to know her life expectancy is pretty good. One final thing to remember: there are many options besides conventional medicine to treat many of these conditions. Whether you adopt a puppy or a senior dog from a rescue shelter, you save a life. Wonder which dog or cat best fits your lifestyle? While it's expected for dogs to move a little slower as they age, still discuss any changes with your vet. If we catch illness early, there is a chance we can provide a better quality of life as long as possible. Reply. All rights reserved. If your dog is old or was diagnosed with a terminal disease, keep in contact with your vet or seek the aid of a hospice vet. What Do My Dog's Eyes Say About His Health? The smaller the dog, the later in life the dog becomes a senior. Benefits of Adopting a Senior Dog. If a dog reaches maturity, or even old age, without being housebroken it can be a real challenge. What to Expect at Your Vet Appointment. Her eyes look clear. By now, you’ve likely realized that your dog is slowing down. At this stage, it is normal for your dog to spend more time sleeping and to respond more slowly when roused. Her only problem is that her teeth are not good but I cannot afford the thousands to have them pulled and I also worry about the trauma it would cost her should I have them pulled. She is 7 years old and still loves her daily walks and plays fetch with her tennis ball for at least 1/2 hour every evening. Want to give your pup yummy, low-calorie treats? How often should senior dogs see their vets? Some dogs, walk and poop, some dogs leak urine. Read Walter Lasts “Borax Conspiracy” on line to find out about it. Another thing to keep in mind: when you have a senior dog, you may need to give her an extra boost to get up. Like this article? I think the extra laundry can be explained by the fact that your dog will sleep more as she ages and her bedding will soil faster. Kidney failure means diet. Dr. Cathy: Older dogs still need exercise, just not the rough, vigorous play they used to do. On the other hand, some senior dogs may have the opposite problem. What can I expect during my dog’s senior checkup? She, as I, is taking a natural diet with support for toxins, worms infections etc. The sooner you act, the better your chance of helping your dog and having more quality time together. I don't know what to do with our beautiful old girl , the thought of her getting worse is breaking our hearts- but my sanity is starting to break too. A straight linear multiplier was once used to convert people years into dog years, but that was never really accurate. Vaccines contain chemicals, dyes, and preservatives that may do more damage the longer they are used. The only caveat is to make sure you are in compliance with local laws regarding rabies. Maybe she will make it to 17 on this better health diet. Now she is finding it hard to see , hear and differentiate night to day and is barking at the sky or the wall. My dog just died after being with my family for 16 years! Just like humans, as dogs' age, they begin to move slower. Always the cat lady, I have been learning so much about dogs lately and your hub really expands upon and confirms some of the doggy data I have heard. Wow very informative reading. Some dogs will become less active with age, essentially becoming couch potatoes, and will gain weight as a result. Our senior dog may start to lose her hearing, he may have bathroom accidents, she’ll get arthritis and have difficulty standing, his breath starts to smell….all of those things we know instinctively because … You should not use this article as your sole source of information on any matter of veterinary health or attempt to self-diagnose or treat your pets as the information herein may not be appropriate for your pet. I hope she has a long and happy life as your loving companion. However, quality protein should not be replaced with grains and fillers, so called fiber. Even after they get comfortable, many dogs appreciate an open crate or special hiding spot that is “theirs.” Your newly adopted senior dog may watch you like a hawk for the first few days. Take time to discuss what you and your family would consider an acceptable quality of life and to what extent you are willing to pursue diagnostics and treatments for your dog, should such measures become necessary. More than ever, she will appreciate familiar things and a stable routine. Dr. Cathy: First, we check the dog's mental abilities by observing how he or she processes everyone in the room. See the table below for a list of the shortest-lived breeds. Read on to learn how to be helpful to your pet as it ages. They prefer to lie in the sun or curl up next to your feet. The goal with routine health care is to catch problems early for better health and quality of life. Olde… Adjustment. # 6 What to Expect with an Aging Dog Senior Dogs = More Housework. Congestive heart failure; Kidney failure; Liver failure; Cancer; Dental disease; Arthritis; Deafness; Blindness; Incontinence; How to Exercise Senior Dogs Animal chiropractic and elk velvet antler can work wonders on the arthritic dog. Some senior dogs continue to behave like puppies and, other than a white muzzle, are indistinguishable from younger dogs. Check out our collection of more than 250 videos about pet training, animal behavior, dog and cat breeds and more. Animals exhibiting signs and symptoms of distress should be seen by a veterinarian immediately. It is getting awaful tiresome as I am up most of the night calming her to sleep . It’s important to understand the difference between normal aging in your dog and warning signs of an illness. As your dog ages, take her to the veterinarian at least twice a year for a complete geriatric workup, including a thorough physical exam and blood tests. Dogs are an important part of our lives, senior dogs are special in many ways and thanks to owner awareness of quality diets, healthcare and dog safety, they are living longer. Sadie began the BARF diet around age 9. The safest option for you and your pet is to rely on the advice of your veterinarian to diagnose and recommend the best treatment options. Even if she can’t cure the underlying cause of the pain, there are many ways to make your dog more comfortable. My last part-Corgy lived until she got a rare liver cancer. If you’re reading this article, this might be your first question. Dr. Cathy Alinovi, owner of Healthy PAWsibilities veterinarian clinic, offers tips for identifying what to expect as your dog ages. It seems there is something in ‘raw’ as opposed to cooked ligaments, etc. It is not meant to substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, or formal and individualized advice from a veterinary medical professional. Go easy on your elderly dog. She suddenly slowed down, age 10, when she slipped on ice and tore or hurt something in her right shoulder. Dr. Cathy: Some typical health issues for geriatric dogs are. Although Bernese Mountain dogs typically have short lifespans, this one is 12 years old. Voted up and useful. A 10- to 12-year-old dog, depending on his size and individual variation, is roughly the equivalent of a 60- to 90-year-old person. Some dogs end up with bladder infections. In her elder years, it is harder for your dog to learn new things. I blame commercial dog food (best recommended, low cal dog food by my vet—great guy). © Year two for a dog equals about nine more years for a human. Only your veterinarian can accurately assess your dog's needs. Donna Cosmato (author) from USA on June 25, 2014: Thanks for sharing about your precious pet, mary615. Technically speaking, many of these dogs aren’t “seniors” in the veterinary sense of the term, but to many prospective adopters they are … Older dogs may find it more difficult or painful to move around. Liver failure means diet and medication. I had began feeding her beef bone and ligament/tendon broth four years a go to help her hurt/torn right front shoulder, but it did little if any good. Our new tool will narrow down more than 300 breeds for you. Now is a good time to work with your veterinarian toward providing the best quality of life possible for an aging dog. As your dog ages, her senses begin to wane, and she can become increasingly anxious about her surroundings. Then, this past summer (2014) bored with crock potting the broth, I chopped up the kilo of beef ligament/tendons I had, very fine, dried them and then began giving Sadie about 40-50gr of them a day, reconstituted in warm water- but still raw. (See table below for some examples of breeds with long life spans.). Remember one year of a dog’s life is comparable to seven years of life for humans. One of the most common behavior changes in a senior dog is a change in sleeping patterns. We've been using bone broth for ourselves but I had not thought about giving it to my Chihuahua. Powered by Brightspot. First of all, you may have specific concerns about your dog and questions you need to have answered. What Are Typical Senior Dog Behavior Changes? If anything is off, we recommend bloodwork, urinalysis, and x-rays to better identify the health problems. Here's what you can expect from your dog's veterinary exams when he is a senior. Walking is excellent exercise. On noticing your dog having troubled sleeping patterns, you need to give him hormonal supplements which will help in resetting his internal clock. Some dogs lose the ability to know they have to go to the bathroom. Another cause of behavior changes can be pain, which can make your dog more reclusive or aggressive. Obesity in a major health issue in dogs of all ages and senior dogs are no different. No one likes to admit it, but this is the twilight of your dog’s life. Recommendations as to therapeutics, diagnostics and best standards of practice in the veterinary industry and/or opinions between professionals may differ or change as technologies and information changes. She has always been our farm dog , always in the go , always in the middle of our family gatherings, running through the middle of our crickey games or sliding down the waterslide with the kids at Xmas time. Dr. Cathy: Sadly, the larger the breed is, the shorter the lifespan is. Judy Specht from California on September 23, 2014: Donna Cosmato (author) from USA on July 03, 2014: Hello Aaron...I'm so sorry for your loss! Exercise helps your senior pet maintain a healthy body weight, and it helps slow the degeneration of joints from arthritis. It sounds like you did the best you could with the information you had. 2001-2020  Donna Cosmato (author) from USA on June 24, 2014: Thank you, eirevet, for reading and voting on this hub on dog health! What are some of the most common health problems of senior dogs? Our veterinarian reveals why the payoff for your pet is well worth any extra work. What are some of the most common health problems of senior dogs? Even if your dog is moving a bit more slowly these days, there are lots of things the two of you can still enjoy together. You're right that one should consider a dog's longevity stats before making a decision to add him or her as a member of the family. A 13- to 15-year-old dog, depending on her size and health, is roughly equivalent to a 70- to 115-year-old person. mhikl from Calgary, Canada on February 12, 2015: My Corgi Pem turned 14, 2015 Jan 20, and though her hearing is decreasing she can hear my loud high whistles. The following is an in more in-depth description of the signs and symptoms of dying in dogs. If you have to get your dog vaccinated for rabies, do insist on three-year rabies vaccines, and ask for thimerosal-free vaccines. These examples are just a sampling to show there are more options than simply conventional medicine. Swimming in a heated pool is also an excellent way to maintain joint mobility. Waking up from naps may involve some painful stretching and limping, and that once handsome brown muzzle is now grey with age. This is a normal effect of aging, and the medical term for this is lenticular sclerosis. In her elder years, it is harder for your dog to learn new things. Additionally, your veterinarian may recommend further cardiac evaluation if there are any signs or evidence of heart problems. Don’t take it personally if she seems unresponsive. Bill Harrison under CreativeCommons license via Flickr, Dr. Cathy: Vaccinations do protect young dogs from disease; studies show the protection from vaccines last many years. Feed a high-quality dog food. Those bright eyes that were always so excited to see you return home may have dimmed or even gone blind. With these simple dental care tips, you can help keep your canine’s adorable smile shiny and healthy for life. Often they are related to the cognitive decline, pain, and other ailments common in older dogs. We have a 14 year old female bullyx named cheeky. While slowing down is not a positive sign for senior dogs, it is a sign that we need to take preventative measures. © If you notice any of the following issues, talk to … And there are many things you can do to help ensure she remains in the best health possible. May she live long and provide you with many more years of joy and companionship. Best of luck to you in using natural, nutritious foods to care for your Corgi. Hugs to you. Your veterinarian also may want to perform other screening tests, as well as examining her urine and stool. Vetstreet. Things that weren’t issues before may become so, such as separation anxiety (even to the point of being anxious at night because you’re asleep and not alert to them), visitors entering the home, interacting with new dogs, new noise phobias or simply acting more irritated or agitated than usual. Is my dog a senior? Now is a great time to check with your veterinarian about your dog’s diet. Senior dogs tend to sleep most of the time which results in making their sleeping patterns messed up. A 13- to 15-year-old dog, depending on her size and health, is roughly equivalent to a 70- to 115-year-old person. Everyday Issues for Owners of Giant Breed Dogs, How to Keep Your Senior Dog Mentally and Physically Sharp. Right now my dogs are in the prime of their life, although Taffy is going on 8 so she is on the brink of being a senior. If your senior dog is not crate trained, don’t force it now, but do place a bed in a quiet corner where he can feel safe. Dr. Cathy: Senior dogs should have a checkup every six months. Sixteen years is a long time to share with a faithful companion, and I cannot say I "know how you feel." While this information is periodically researched and updated (under the guidance of veterinary input) in the attempt to be timely and factual, no guarantee is given the information is correct, complete, and/or up-to-date. Show respect to your elders — that includes your dog, who at 13 to 15, has officially entered old age. Good insight into some of the changes in elderly dogs. 4. Fiber is actually a misnomer because the dog’s body interprets fiber as carbohydrates. 2001-2020 
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