The Killdeers (Charadrius vociferus) - also known as Killdeer Plovers - are medium-sized plovers with a range that spreads across the Western Hemisphere.. Killdeer spend the majority of their time on flat grassy ground, so it's not unlikely that something flushed them. The killdeer feeds primarily … That's because you are from south Georgia where a largemouth bass was also called a "trout". From bill-tip to tail-tip it measures 23 to 28 cm, and it weighs up to 100 g. It is almost the same size as a robin, but its long legs make it appear larger. killdeer is that they will call whenever they are alarmed -- possibly these "night killdeer" have been startled from their roost. This may be a reason why we commonly see Killdeer forage away from the water. It’s probably one of the most misnamed creatures. Maybe you did while moving your stuff. The Killdeer Charadrius vociferus is a member of the plover family. They say their name when they fly! Killdeer adults are dark brown above and white below, with two black bands on the breast. Dad's from Tift County and to him a killdeer was always a killdee (I thought so too until I was about 8 years old and started birdwatching a bunch--man the argument we had ). Many earlier names also referred to their noisy calls, specifically they were previously known as Chattering Plovers or Noisy Plover. I see the Killdeer almost every day here on the estuary in Campbell River, BC. They are well known for their loud, wailing kill-deeeeer cries - the origin of their common name. Since we began a two-part series on the former Killdeer Lodge, in China, in this week’s issue, why don’t we find out exactly what is a killdeer. Killdeer definition, an American plover, Charadrius vociferus, having two black bands around the upper breast. They are birds, they fly, and they don’t kill deer. Well just like chickadees, they are named… The first bird was relitively large, with a white belly, brown back, long legs, and a red spot the size of a quarter on it's breast. Adults create a distraction display intended to distract the viewer from the nest site or hidden young. The Killdeer is named the Killdeer because when scientists first heard its call it sounded like it was saying, "kill-deer". Naila It’s not like they could possibly kill a deer!! Just take a listen… By the way, a group of Killdeer is called a Season. Description. So why are they called Killdeer? See more. Both sexes are brown above and white below with a reddish brown rump. Killdeers are Plovers about 9 to 11 inches. Killdeer will commonly forage for earthworms and other invertebrates in areas that use farming practices that expose soil (Taft 2005). Ok fine. Young, recently hatched killdeer have only one dark breast band and closely resemble the semipalmated plover. We were told by the wildlife agency that it was a killdeer, a shore bird that was blown in. Killdeer are very small birds, so they obviously don’t kill deer as said in their name. I always wondered why they are called Killdeer. It is a strikingly handsome bird. But then it dawned on me while listening. Killdeer, wild bird pictures and photography, songs calls and music, bird watching and birding tips, bird identification, food, eggs nests and houses, birds of America, habitat. One unique feeding behavior Killdeer has developed is called … There are two birds that I was told are killdeers but they can't both have the same name, can they?
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